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Logitech G25 - general discussion
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Simulator-grade racing realism.

The Logitech® G25 Racing Wheel offers incredibly precise driving control with dual-motor force feedback, 900-degree steering and a six-speed gated shifter. Premium materials are used throughout: stainless steel paddle shifters and pedals, soft leather grip surfaces, and brushed metal wheel spoke accents. The 11-inch wheel, dual force-feedback motors and metal-framed pedal assembly provide solid road feel where you want it, and the 14 programmable buttons and sequential shifting option provide flexibility when you need it.

The limited-edition Logitech G25 Racing Wheel will be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in October. [ed. 2006]

USD 299.99

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 9, 2006--Today at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3), Logitech (SWX:LOGN)(NASDAQ:LOGI) unveiled its most advanced gaming wheel ever, the Logitech(R) G25 Racing Wheel, enabling people to bring the most lifelike racing experience into the home. But amateurs beware: The limited-edition G25 wheel's uncanny realism could lead to moments of extreme exhilaration and fear.

A member of the company's extreme-performance G-series family of peripherals for PC gamers, the Logitech G25 wheel offers advanced features which, until now, could be found only in specialized or custom-made racing simulators that sometimes cost thousands of dollars to assemble. These features include a six-speed gated shifter and clutch pedal; two high-torque force-feedback motors; an 11-inch wheel; and a full 900 degrees of rotation. The wheel, shifter and pedals are made with premium materials such as stainless steel and leather, delivering the look and feel of parts from a race car cockpit.

"We're helping people bring the race car into their home," said Ruben Mookerjee, Logitech's director of product marketing for interactive entertainment. "The G25 wheel will take expert gamers to places they've never been. It will make people forget they are in front of their PC, and it will put them in the pole position at Indianapolis, Monza or Brands Hatch race tracks."

Six-Speed Shifter and Clutch Pedal

The Logitech G25 Racing Wheel is the company's first to include a six-speed gated shifter, complete with a push-down reverse gear, offering a new level of control. Now racers can quickly shift into any gear as they decelerate going into turns and accelerate out of them -- rather than cycling through gears sequentially or hoping an automatic transmission selects the most appropriate gear. Advanced driving techniques such as heel-and-toe downshifting are made possible with the included clutch pedal.

Two-Motor Force Feedback

Logitech, which has sold more force-feedback wheels than any other company, introduced the industry's first two-motor force-feedback mechanism with the G25 wheel console, providing stronger and more precise feedback. With a second motor, the directional forces are more realistic and evenly distributed throughout the wheel -- drivers will feel everything from the banks in the road to impact with walls, structures and other cars. The two-motor system is also much quieter than other force-feedback solutions.

Sturdy Design, Premium Materials

The 11-inch wheel and the shift knob are wrapped in leather, providing comfortable grips over extended periods of intense racing. The wheel's spokes and two paddle shifters are made of stainless steel, and the pedals consist of stainless-steel faces and steel frames. The pedal platform includes rubber feet that adhere to hardwood floors and a unique carpet grip system, ensuring that the pedals won't shift or slide across the floor during a close race to the finish line. Both the shifter and steering console feature secure clamping systems and can be easily attached to a table or desktop.

900-Degree Steering, Advanced Controls

The G25 wheel turns 900 degrees lock-to-lock, much like a typical race car, allowing drivers to navigate hairpin turns with greater accuracy. And with anti-backlash gearing, there is no slack in the steering response, making any race a smooth, realistic and quiet experience. The wheel also features 12 programmable buttons -- four buttons on the wheel, and eight buttons and a directional pad on the shifter -- allowing gamers to put the most important controls where they want them.

Game and Platform Support

The Logitech G25 Racing Wheel is compatible with current racing titles, such as rFactor(TM) and Live for Speed, as well as several other PC racing titles currently in development. The wheel can also be used with any PlayStation(R)2 game that is compatible with other Logitech force-feedback wheels, including the Logitech(R) Driving Force(TM) and Logitech(R) Driving Force(TM) Pro.

For PC and PlayStation 2 games that don't support the six-speed shifting mode, racers can switch the gearbox into sequential shifting mode, which is supported by almost all driving games. A complete list of games that support force-feedback wheels, 900-degree steering, and the six-speed shifter can be found on the G25 product information page at

Pricing and Availability

The limited-edition Logitech G25 Racing Wheel will be available online at and through select retailers in the U.S. and Europe beginning in October. Its suggested retail price in the U.S. is $299.99.

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LINK DEAD ... edia?mgid=68257&vid=5 Very high resolution picture of the wheel
LINK DEAD ... edia?mgid=68258&vid=5 Very high resolution picture of the shifter

Picture of the bottom:
Videos: ... id=15475&d=1156544413 (crappy quality)
LINK DEAD Any one still have it? really good video comparing DFP and G25. (posted by Tweaker in this thread )
Pictures of the inside:
Diagrams for bolting the G25 to desk or cockpit

Ok, it's nowhere near the pricetag the multiturn BRD Speed 7 wheel has, but at that price it really should have better build quality than DFP.

I guess I should start saving...
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Damn hippie, I was coming here to post that news! :mad:

A bit pricey wheel, eh? Looks good on paper, though.
Me too. Anyway, I'm definately getting that wheel as long as the pedals/shifter don't suck.
#4 - Jakg
damn! i want it! if only i could afford it...
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#5 - axus
Looks damn good... also seems like they have looked at complaints about their previous wheels as well as what's good with them and made the best they could. I hope the same goes for the pedals. I'm getting that if its good. Don't care how much it costs (well I do, but it won't affect me getting it).
beautiful. spot on. just wanna see the pedals.
why limited edition?
Lots of people declared me crazy spending 130 EUR on a gaming wheel... What will they say when I want one that costs more than double?
Finally, a wheel at a decent price! Frankly the quality of the current mass-market wheel offerings isn't up to scratch, and the top end kit is in the four figure price bracket, and I'd rather get a real car for that. Perfectly priced for me, let's hope it's worth it. Logitech better hope it matches the hype. So far my G5 mouse is the monkeys doo-dahs...
You know, this seems like Logitech really noticed the Red MOMO's popularity. It is about time they make another performance wheel.

I don't mind that the buttons are on the shifter, the only active buttons I use on the wheel are look left and right. However things like handbrake and stuff might have to be elsewhere

But still, Act labs has a shifter, and now Logitech made something that looks pretty nice. I'd really like to test this wheel before buying it. And yeah, I wonder what the pedals look like.

It's a 900 degree wheel, and dual-force FF???

Quote :stainless steel paddle shifters and pedals

Quote from Tweaker :It's a 900 degree wheel, and dual-force FF???

Read the article and you will find answers
Yeah I read it, sounds good to me. Would like to see the pedals too, since it has a clutch pedal aswell.

To be honest, the price isn't all that bad. Back in the day, I bought my Red MOMO for a steal price of $160 USD, but the retail was $200 USD always. I thought that was a lot to spend for a wheel, but it was worth it. And usually the expensive stuff from Logitech is always worth it, I've bought some of their expensive equipment, and love it.

But think of the entire deal. A nice wheel, a nice shifter + button controls, and a 3 pedal set. That $300 pricetag isn't so bad to be honest. I just hope the build quality is like my Red MOMO.
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Quote from thisnameistaken :...depending on how smooth the wheel action is. If it's notchy like just about every other FFB wheel then I'll stick with my DFP.

one of those pages claims it will have anti backlash cogs so it might feel better than other wheels
I definetely start saving for it, some people don't care about price as long as product is worth it and it looks like it will be. I like my DFP but there are some cons, and Logitech haven't got anything better that could please more demanding people. I just hope it will also support PS3, would be shame if GT5 wouldn't work with this babe :P 100% worth the money, whats bother me is that limited edition it could be hard to get it, maybe they don't except that many people will bought it, and i think many fans of console and pc racing will be interested - its very good deal h-shifter, good wheel, clutch....
Quote from Tweaker :Yeah I read it, sounds good to me. Would like to see the pedals too, since it has a clutch pedal aswell.

To be honest, the price isn't all that bad. Back in the day, I bought my Red MOMO for a steal price of $160 USD, but the retail was $200 USD always. I thought that was a lot to spend for a wheel, but it was worth it. And usually the expensive stuff from Logitech is always worth it, I've bought some of their expensive equipment, and love it.

But think of the entire deal. A nice wheel, a nice shifter + button controls, and a 3 pedal set. That $300 pricetag isn't so bad to be honest. I just hope the build quality is like my Red MOMO.

Yup, I have a DFP and the quality is great. If I ever am going to buy this though, I want to have a spin first.
I cant wait.
looks like it only has 6 gears... problems for BF1 drivers, or will you stick to paddle shifting?
hopefully it doesn't suffer from the same pedal problems as the black momo
i dont think any modern f1 cars use an h shifter anyways
When I owned the Act Labs shifter, it wasn't even useful for the cars with short gear ratios... was slower really. The shifter would only be useful for the typical 6 speed road/race cars. For cars that have faster shifting overall, the wheel has paddles, so might as well use those .
Every sim racer's wet dream...
The part I like compared to my Red MOMO is that the wheel is actually a full circle. The red momo really restricts your hands to the 3-9 position because of the flat bottom part. The fact that this wheel is a leather 900 degree wheel and looks to be quite similar to the Red MOMO, it has me thinking of buying it Or asking for a late Birthday or early X-Mas present
Perfect Sim Racer gaming wheel!!

I was struggling whether I should get a DFP for the past several months, knowing the wheel doesn't has an extra pedal for clutch really bugs me (and I really want a clutch pedal so bad)

When I read the article about this G25 Wheel, I was blown away, not only does it has a clutch pedal, but also a very nice shifter (from the screenshot it seems like you can even switch between sequential and manual, that's awesome), it's definitely every sim racer's dream toy, can't wait for it to be released and actually read some reviews about it.

I'll be saving money from now on, if the thing is really that good as what it stated in the article, I am so getting one.
I keep pondering if I will buy this though. My red momo suits me just fine, but many things with this G25 are irresistible.

The ONLY setback is the 2 wheel buttons. I would only be able to use look left/right for those and that's it. Pit limiter and all that other stuff would have to be on the shifter But I guess that isn't that bad.

I really think 4 buttons on the front wouldn't hurt, plenty of room for it.
I buy this to have fun.

The shifter is most interesting feature
Looks like the shifter unit is not attached to the wheel which makes it possible to put it on a stool or lower side table to simulate where the shifter would be in a real car.

The gated H-shifter is perfect for NASCAR games where a 4-speed h-pattern is still the norm, and also for the 4 and 5-speed LFS road cars but sequential stick or paddles will be standard for most of the faster race cars.

I was thinking long and hard about getting a DFP but now I'll have to save up for this bad boy!

Now if the guys at Logitech are really smart, they'll make it possible for the shifter knob to be unscrewed off the handle so you can put a custom knob like an 8-ball or skull on!:headbang:
#25 - Jakg
nooooo!!!!! i really want it but i cant afford it unless i sell a kidney! oh well, bye bye kidney!