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Created in collaboration with : Drift ACE
requires version 0.7B and up
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(version 12)
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Vehicle class :
Drive side :
No driver
Drive :
All wheel drive
Power :
6 kW (8 bhp) @ 4775 rpm
Torque :
12 Nm (9 lbft) @ 4775 rpm
Total mass :
26 kg (57 lbs)
Power-weight :
232 W / kg (316 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
Electric motor
Battery capacity :
1 kWh
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1/4 Scale LFS RC Racecars
Small RC Racecars made from the bigger versions of the in-game XRT, XRGTR, FZGTR, FXR. Slightly different from my usual mod releases but thought it would be a fun concept to try and bring to life, actually fun to race in a group. regular LFS skins work on the car chassis you just have to make copys in your LFS folder and change the names Smile

Let me know what you think, thought it was a cool/funny concept.


Update 1: RC Chassis modelled, Hood pins for the LFS Car shells too! Double wishbone suspension is working on such a small car, power/aerodynamic tweaks, AWD system incorporated which is common on RC cars. Small visual and suspension tuning, helped reduced suspension damage during normal wear & tear.

Update 2: Interior modelled with lights and servo spinning with steering, steering angle and rotation lowered for a closer RC remote control feel, weight distribution closer relates to what you see on the chassis all parts are where they should be.

Update 3:
- Made Working Brake lights! Was tricky to get it working in the lfs editor, but now all chassis have brake lights!
- New Car model changes done to exterior, toned down the full race car tune and paint matched a lot of the trim bits
- Upgraded engine power curve
- Aerodynamic Downforce reduction to improve race balancing, less gas all the time. To overpowered in tighter corners, reduced the overall downforce to add a bit more technical challenge and skill when racing.
- Realistic / Custom color center lock nuts for wheels, Just like IRL rc cars. Center lock nuts keep the wheels on the car.
- increased Torque / Power, Top speed increase and more torque for low speed sliding and breaking traction loose, much like IRL.
- Suspension changes, mild tweaks all around.
- Universal skin map in the works....... COMING SOON!

Huge thanks to AceR for the chassis models and hood pins! And all the guys in the discord for supportive criticism!


RC 6.jpg  RC 3.jpg  RC 4.jpg  RC 5.jpg  RC 7.jpg  RC 7.png  RC 8.jpg 


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The chassis and hood pins were designed using sketch UP with the help of AceR aka Drift Ace. Texturing and assembly was done through the lfs editor and the bodys were scaled down to fit, then textured double-sided and flattened to give that plastic RC shell look. Antenna was made in the LFS editor.

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License type : LFS Vehicle License
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This Vehicle Mod is a fictional one.


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