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Created in collaboration with : Flame CZE, martin18 & Jake_Blasted
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(version 22)
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Vehicle class :
Saloon car
Drive side :
Can choose drive side
Engine :
2 litre inline 4 / All wheel drive
Power :
328 kW (440 bhp) @ 8035 rpm
Torque :
488 Nm (360 lbft) @ 4316 rpm
Total mass :
1115 kg (2458 lbs)
Power-weight :
294 W / kg (401 bhp/ton)
Transmission :
Sequential with ignition cut
Fuel tank size :
20 litres
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Self designed Mid engined RX car
This is a mashup from some of the great cars from the golden age of rallycross, it's a mid-engined 4wd RX car, hope you will all enjoy this car and i'm looking forward to your feedback

Engine + sounds by Martin18

Wing by Jake_Blasted

Polishing help by Flame CZE
Development discussion thread:


Schancke T16 5.jpg  Schancke T16 4.jpg  Schancke T16 2.jpg  Schancke T16 1.jpg  Schancke T16 3.jpg 


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I started from my own drawing like registered in forum post

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