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Vehicle mod: PROTOTYPE 2
Details page:

Quote :Racing Prototype Car born for endurance and multiclass races

Quote :This mod was born thinking on endurace (or mixed class races maybe?) based on a prototype category.
Currently the Prototype 2 is a WIP based on IMSA & LeMans series.

The car already had some hard work on suspencion, engine, mass, chasis, animation, etc, etc...

We made a lot of work to made something good to drive.
This is the first version of the project, so may some things will change or need to be improved for the final version.

Chassis, textures and assembly by Eugenio Sequeira (kenblock30)
Mechanics, suspesion and aerodinamic by Sebastian Santandreu ([BAR] S.S)
Animation and all data about the category searched by Andres Gentile (gtamax89)

*V2 Uploaded:
Changes and details in the inteior
Added some details on the exterior
New Default Setup
New Skin
New eng sound
Fixed some bugs
New maps and skin mask
Available for public test

Now we definitely need a new track in the game under LeMan cars for 24 hours of racing.

Great mod.
Hehe yea, some long and speddy tracks.. thx Man!
Great job with the mod! Thumbs up

I've found a few small issues:

1) Default skin template is generated from the shaded skin texture, which creates these seams between the cutouts. I'd advise to use the black and white skin texture instead, because it has got some overlaps to eliminate those seams.

2) When the headlights are on, they don't shine very bright:

3) The HANS seems to be clipping a bit when looking left/right:

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Thanks for the feedback, I'll look on this for the V3
We keep working so if you found any other issues just say us!
*V3 Uploaded
Changes and details in the inteior:
3d button panel
Fire extintor deleted
Bug in the HANS when looking right/left fixed
headlights more shining when turn on
Added a rear tow hook
Fixed Default skin
Did a mini endurance race in these cars with the some friends.
Had a blast doing so, great handling car.
Nice that you tried it! Our beta tester did a stint of 1.45 /2 hs on the car and had a great moment too Smile
Congrats on approval!
Thx Man!
It’s awesome! Shame I lack the skills to really drive it properly haha
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Quote from Sponge :It’s awesome! Shame I lack the skills to really drive it properly haha

Thx! And nice skin Sponge Smile
We appreciate the support guys
Thanks Smile It’s a temporary ‘test’ livery… will probably try and make a proper one in October Motorsport colors soon Smile
Un mod de calidad excepcional!
El set default se adapta de manera decente a cualquier tipo de pista, el manejo es divertido y se puede exprimir rápidamente el potencial absoluto de la configuración predeterminada. Las cubiertas parecen reaccionar muy bien. Mi úinco punto a ver son los frenos; tienden a bloquear fácilmente cuando se tira la distribución de frenado hacia adelante, a menos que se disminuya notablemente la fuerza. Por ahí es parte de mi manejo Wink

El modelo y la plantilla de skin tienen gran atención al detalle. Espero ver más trabajos de ustedes! Ya sea actualizaciones u otros autos! Saludos.

Thx ,man. Nice to see that you liked it! and also nice skins Smile
We are going to do an endurance race soon so hope to see you there!
modu nasıl kurcamı bilmiyorum yardım edebilcek varmı
You need S3 license to use it
Maybe it is just me but the view from the cockpit seems very limited.
The wide A-pillars block the view quite a bit.
Quote from Gutholz :Maybe it is just me but the view from the cockpit seems very limited.
The wide A-pillars block the view quite a bit.

it's not just you Big grin
Great mod, wanted to drive LMP2 after watching LeMans race. Smile
One note. Gearbox type should be defined as paddle. Right now it is set as sequential with ignition cut. In the result, when entering cockpit, LFS is trying to execute sequential.lfs script in which I have settings for sequential gearbox on my G25 wheel.
I had to temporarily rename paddle.lfs into sequential.lfs to drive this car with paddle shifting as it is in the real car.
IDK what's the cause, but there's a bit of a weird bug with the pit limiter engaged, being full throttle and upshifting from first to second causes the speed to jump up and results in a speeding penalty
Without having tested it, what I guess happens:
The pitlimiter only cuts ignition. It does not brake or disengage the clutch.

If you shift into a higher gear the clutch opens to allow the gearchange. The engine still rotates at the previous RPM. When the new gear is engaged, the clutch closes. Due its inertia the engine still rotates at the previous RPM.
If you stay full throttle during gearchange then the engine RPM might even increase because when the clutch is open there is no load on the engine.

You were going 80 km/h in first gear at a certain RPM.
Now you change to second gear and the RPM is the same - or faster.
Even if the pitlimiter cuts ignition as quick as possible the rotational energy of the engine is enough to briefly jerk the car over the speedlimit.
Hello all Smile
As you can see, a new version was uploaded.

At this moment, the mod is on WIP mode for testing.
We are working on an incompatible update to get it more optimized, detailed and with a fresh look.

After months using LFS editor, now we got some new knowledge and want to implement on our first mod!

-We changed the measurements of the tires as we discovered a conversion
error to the measurement system used by LFS.
-Modified the point of incidence, lift and aerodynamic drag (we found
better data)

-Now we´re using the same model than before but it will be updated on interior and exterior.
Long awaited update needed and its here. Handles nicely now, but can you re map the body because I had a racing skin and the default skin is gone.

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