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May Progress Report
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May Progress Report
Hello Racers,

It has been a while so we'd like to tell you what we've been doing and some plans. You may have been expecting a report about Fern Bay. But Eric had so many ideas for new ways to link up roads at South City he wasn't ready to stop. The result: more roads and variety than any of us had expected! And I've had a lot to do too. Please follow the link for more information, screenshots and a video!

May Progress Report

We hope you like the pictures and video!

- LFS Developers
Thank you for the progress report Lord Scawen

Hoping there will be some touge backroads in Kyoto Cool
Looks nice!
Wait, so fern bay as it is, will survive for some more time?

I like that.
10 yılın sonunda bir şeylere değer güncelleme görmek güzel
Gorgeous. And the video is a very sweet preview of things to come. Can't wait to drive down that carriageway!
Impressive 😁, did not expect Eric to continue SO that long 👍🏻. New configurations on the way 😇
Oh my. This is absolutely stunning. Seeing the new lighting in action is incredible too. Super. LFS
Looks gorgeous!
Do I spy a minigame? <.<

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Quote from Degats :Do I spy a minigame? <.<

If the new flyover isn't enough of a rollercoaster, Eric's got you covered...
South city at night looks stunning ! Thumbs up
Quote from Scawen :[...] But Eric had so many ideas for new ways to link up roads at South City he wasn't ready to stop. The result: more roads and variety than any of us had expected![...]

I can imagine myself putting some music in the background and forgetting life's worries while driving on that track. Smile
Looks great!
Wow honestly this is mind blowing! The park area with several altitude changes looks like a blast! It's fun to experience weight loss or compression, I guess for me it's because Lithuania's Nemūnas Ring takes this quite to an extreme.
#18 - SamH
Good to see South City Video are still going! Londoners do love their VHS, I guess! Big grin

Great looking updates. I'm looking forward to it! Wave
Now this is clearly the biggest track in LFS, justifying the name of the "City". Great job devs!
Looks very impresive Smile
oh. my. god.
Thanks all for the comments! Thumbs up

Quote from Degats :Eric couldn't help himself then? Wink

Obligatory (many are quite useless with all the new areas) :

[old-vs-new comparison shots]

Edit: I've put a * against the more useful ones

Thank you for these! Smile

Quote from kagurazakayukari :That will be one of the glory moment!

Also, translated with CHN at

Thank you for that! Smile
Looks good! Can't wait to cruise there.
New graphics look absolutely incredible, and the cruising possibilities are endless, but I will miss the old look of LFS.
Nevertheless, keep up the good work!
I think the sun needs to be more bright, on the old pictures there is more sunlight even with clouds, than new images with no clouds. I've added some brightness and contrast to the new screenshots and it is looking way better for me Smile
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May Progress Report
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