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LX4 colour issue
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LX4 colour issue
For some reason the front guard cannot be coloured the same as rear, as you can see here it's stuck as base green.
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not sure if intentional but also affects the lx6
It is intentional, you can also see in the website section of the cars that the front guards have their fixed texture.
it's a real eyesore for me, always using dark coloured skins (black) it stands out a lot. Frown
It's supposed to be a carbon fibre guard, so it can't be coloured.
Quote from Flame CZE :It's supposed to be a carbon fibre guard, so it can't be coloured.

actually it can !

rears are half texture and half skin. front is texture and i think hardcoded. this is why theres such a big difference between front and rear. paint the square black. itll darken it more and looks alot better with black skins on. the square is part of newer files and was not always on the texture files. today i think all cars have it. i recommend going black square on FXO too as that makes it look like a car with nice lines matching the rest too. fxo is very visible when changing the square.
just inside the square theres a thin ring along the edge which covers the numberplate edges.
i used screaming yellow paint to figure this out and made my numberplate edges on LX bright yellow, but not where text is. only back and edges. so even the square covers multiple areas inside the square alone.

attached 3 versions , one with yellow. one black. and one fully black. also original if you want to change back to original.
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Ahh nice, thanks for that Smile
Would be nice to set it to base colour as default though
LX fenders use The black square in LX_interior1 only modifies some trims and a few bits on the car.
Altho I'd say most if not all cars look better having that square painted black.

LX4 colour issue
(9 posts, started )