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BF1 League - Sign up & info
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BF1 League - Sign up & info

[MRc] is happy to present the 1st season of the BF1 League. To enter the League, make a post here giving your requested car number, LFS license name, your real name, your nationality and your team name (optional). Separate each field with a /, no space between the text of the field and the /.

15/Rickymania/Rick Ruschitschka/Germany/Master Race Car

Any number 2-99 is free for selection. Number 1 will be reserved for the first champion of the [MRc] BF1 League.

Signups are open now, and will close 1 day before each round. Server will be passworded and password sent to drivers 1 day before the Round. One sign-up will hold for the whole season. Sign-up list

Check the driver's guide below and ask any questions you might have.

Driver's Guide website
Driver's Guide download

Every round streamed by
#2 - Laoz
46/laoz/Simas Tautkevičius/Lithuania/GLOBALGAMING RACING
69/dario378/Dario Sudac/Croatia/Master Race Car
63/AkshayTG/Akshay/India/Foreign Racing
#5 - Bzzyq
88/Bzzyq/Wojciech Mucha/Poland/
23/Viperakecske/Gábor Gyüre/Hungary/Team S1DUS
#7 - b33lo
8/b33lo/Joonas Nieminen/Finland
25/Ayoub2016/Ayoub ELHANNOUNI/Morocco/Born To Race
2/numbertwo/Zdravko Topolnjak/Croatia/Fragmaster
99/JJD99/Joshua DeSouza/India
36/Cold_Water/Alexander Gonzalez/United States/Master Race Car
96/Eclipsed/Rony Kronpušs/Latvia/Race Green Autosports
20/Leoprydze84/Leo Fontana/France
24/texxxas/Dawid Góźdź/Poland/Team Rock Racing
77/Kaes/Krystian Sanocki/Poland/GD Team
29/Thespeed10/Cristóbal González/Chile/Born To Race
44/features_gaming/Lucas Wilson/United Kingdom/GUM Garage
28/f1 mainiac/Bozhidar Velinov/Bulgaria/World Class Lions
06/Rik97/Rik Kardol/the Netherlands/Team S1DUS
74/StepanYL/Stepan Lyazer/Russian Federation/Master race car
#21 - jkat
04/jkat/Jari Katila/Finland/World Class Lions
17/Altsu/Aleksi Lamerto/Finland/Team S1DUS
27/redbot_/Jefin Jacob/India/Race Green Autosports
12/RED/Ben Dover/UK/Born 2 Race
84/sandutzr/Dusan Maric/Serbia/Master Race Car

BF1 League - Sign up & info
(75 posts, started )