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2020 TRR. Kyoto 150 - Signup Thread
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2020 TRR. Kyoto 150 - Signup Thread
To sign up for the 1st Annual TRR. Kyoto 150 you came to the right place.

First of all check this spreadsheet for currently already signed up entries to note ask for a taken carnumber:

After you've done that, consider the event data:

Once you're sure and have also read the announcement post you are ready to sign up here using following format and to post as reply:

Full Real Name:
Desired Car Number:
Team Name (if any):

Username: Ayoub2016
Full Real Name: Ayoub ELHANNOUNI
Desired Car Number: 25
Team Name : Born To Race™
Username: F1 mainiac
Full Real Name: Bozhidar Velinov
Desired Car Number: 99
Team Name (if any): World Class Lions
Username: BorislavB
Full Real Name: Borislav Botev
Desired Car Number: 46
Team Name (if any): Fast And Crazy SimSports
#5 - rik97
Username: Rik97
Full Real Name: Rik Kardol
Desired Car Number: 06
Team Name (if any): Team S1DUS
Full Real Name: BEN.DOVER
Desired Car Number: 69
Team Name (if any): B2R
Username: yungtommyb
Full Real Name: Johannes Sarlin
Desired Car Number: 83
Team Name (if any): Teho
Username:Fast Jarda
Full Real Name: Jaroslav Dohnalík
Desired Car Number: 23
Team Name : n/a
Username: DriverLT
Full Real Name: Sigitas Šakys
Desired Car Number: 61
Team Name (if any): -
#10 - EzA
Full Real Name:Pertti Nappi
Desired Car Number:98
Team Name (if any):World Class Lions
Username: Eclipsed
Full Real Name: Rony Kronpušs
Desired Car Number: 96
Team Name: Race Green Autosports
Username: michal 1279
Full Real Name: Michal Málek
Desired Car Number: 47
Team Name: Master Race car
Full Real Name: Dave Fraser
Desired Car Number: 44
Team Name: Fragmaster
Username: renato.picanco
Full Real Name: Pedro Picanco
Desired Car Number: 01
Team Name: RP racing
Username: pantiainen
Full Real Name: Kai Puro
Desired Car Number: 4
Team Name (if any): Teho GP Motorsports
Username: rayman95
Full Real Name: Ramón Hornos
Desired Car Number: 19
Team Name : Born To Race
Username: FalconBridge
Full Real Name: Patrick Hall
Desired Car Number: 32
Team Name: Race Green Autosports
Username: k_badam
Full Real Name: Adam Brown
Desired Car Number: 16
Team Name (if any): [TC] Racing
#19 - Laoz
Username: laoz (Simgintas)
Full Real Name: Simas Tautkevičius
Desired Car Number: 43
Username: 3skimas
Full Real Name: Paulius Deksnys
Desired Car Number: 15
Full Real Name: Zdravko Topolnjak
Desired Car Number: 22
Team Name: Fragmaster
Username: berdygaming
Full Real Name: Boyan Serafimov
Desired Car Number: 24
Team Name: AirAttack
Username: Cold_Water
Full Real Name: Alexander Gonzalez
Desired Car Number:17
Team Name: Master Race Car
Username: eldarone
Full Real Name: Eldar Kadrić
Desired Car Number: 26
Team Name (if any): Master Race Car
Username: cuprum
Full Real Name: Edgars Pūliņš
Desired Car Number: 93
Team Name :

2020 TRR. Kyoto 150 - Signup Thread
(44 posts, started )