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Short Track Auto Racing League 2019 - information and sign-ups

Short Track Auto Racing League

In the year 2019 Race Green Events launches it's 3rd annual series type league besides AWS and VERL. The new league as it's name already says will be focused on rather shorter configurations of race tracks where longest laps will barely exceed 2 kilometers. The car is not 100% locked in this league - it is planned to use a powerful car with classic sports car drivetrain layout (front engine/rear wheel drive) deemed to be best suited from possible options for such racing - currently it is XR GT Turbo (XRT).

After success of the 600 meter dirt oval in AWS,this track was set to make comeback in other RGE league - one using XRT. After a lot of consideration,it was decided that the race "Dusty 300" will be a part of STARL,but will not be an official championship round due to it's difference from other planned rounds. But it will be a league's prologue round and hopefully a new annual traditional race.

Official championship will include standart configurations of Aston Cadet,Fern Bay Club and South City Sprint 1 (using layout to allow more than 16 drivers on grid and to feature proper pitlane),while in the mix will also be a custom configuration of Kyoto known as RGE Sprint 8-track and Rockingham's Handling configuration in reversed direction.

The new league will be in same time as it's winter and autumn counterparts - sunday evenings 19:30 CET / 17:30 UTC. Except prologue all races will be set with nominal distance of 150 kilometers,which can be completed in these tracks between 70-80 minutes. Prologue race will be set to 300 laps (180km) and is expected to be completed within 2 hours,where fuel pitstop might be needed,while championship races should be pitstop free. Racing on short tracks with lapcount this big will bring to series a specific challenge of requiring physical and mental stamina besides car handling skills.

Series schedule:
05.05.2019. Prologue - Dusty 300 (Westhill Dirt Oval*, 300 laps)
19.05.2019. Round 1 - Aston 150 (Aston Cadet, 81 laps)
02.06.2019. Round 2 - Kyoto 150 (Kyoto RGE Sprint 8-track*, 64 laps)
16.06.2019. Round 3 - Fern Bay 150 (Fern Bay Club, 95 laps)
30.06.2019. Round 4 - Rockingham 150 (Rockingham Handling Reversed*, 97 laps)
14.07.2019. Round 5 - South City 150 (South City Sprint 1, 74 laps)

* Layouts available as links/attachments
Each round will have a specific info post in this thread with all information of the round!
After round 4,no new sign-ups will be accepted. In last round only drivers received at least one point in standings will be allowed to participate!

17:30 UTC / 19:30 CET / 20:30 EET
- 20 minutes of qualifying
18:00 UTC / 20:00 CET / 21:00 EET - race start
* If you live outside CET or EET timezone,please always refer to UTC for correct time conversion!

Special notes on qualifying:
* In prologue round hotlap qualifying will be used,this means there will be no specific lenght of qualifying,every driver will run alone and have outlap and 2 hotlaps. Qualifying order will be determined by laptimes in server statistics insim (Airio) - the highest ranked driver will start his qualifying run last,lowest - first. Drivers without laptime in stats will line up in order after those with laptime in signups order. Race start will be approx. 10 minutes after qualifying.
* If there is no max allowed grid (40 cars),Drivers Championship top 10 drivers will be allowed to start from end of the grid if came late and missed qualification - noone else will be allowed to start without qualifying. In round 1 this top 10 will be taken from prologue's results.
* To qualify for the race drivers have to set a laptime during qualifying session within 112% of best laptime of the qualifying session. This does not affect championship's top 10 drivers as they may start the race without qualifying or with laptime outside 112% of best laptime.

STARL Drivers Champion - awarded to a driver with the most points scored through all 5 rounds,including attendance bonus points
STARL Teams Champion - awarded to a team with the most points scored through all 5 rounds (team will score finishing points from it's 2 highest finished drivers and all round bonus points)
STARL Nations Cup Winner - awarded to a nation with the most points scored through all 5 rounds (nation will score finishing points from it's 2 highest finished drivers and all round bonus points)

In all championships - in case of a tie,higher rated will be driver/team/nation with highest finishing position,if equal - it's amount,if equal - second highest position etc. If all finishing positions happen to be equal,higher rated will be selected using same system from qualifying results. If they also happen to be equal then as a tie-breaker will be used last round finishing position. In case a tied driver had a disqualification in one or more rounds,it counts as a primary rating lowering factor,when deciding tiebreak.

Drivers Championship best 5 drivers and winner of Dusty 300 will be awarded with money prizes:
1st place - 40€
2nd place - 20€
3rd place - 15€
4th place - 10€
5th place - 10€
Race win in Dusty 300 - 10€

* money prizes will be payed out only via SEPA bank transfer (available only in Europe) or via PayPal!
* money prizes will be payed out at the end of season (after final standings are posted)
* money prize will be revoked if the earner has been banned from series

Points System:
Finishing points:
1st - 15 points
2nd - 13 points
3rd - 11 points
4th - 10 points
5th - 9 points
6th - 8 points
7th - 7 points
8th - 6 points
9th - 5 points
10th - 4 points
11th - 3 points
12th - 2 points
13th-40th - 1 point

In order to receive finishing points,driver must complete full 2/3 (66.67%) of race distance with single run!

Points reducement system:
*in case there are 6 or less participants in qualifying,race distance will be halved and points system changed.
1st - 7 points
2nd - 5 points
3rd - 4 points
4th - 3 points
5th - 2 points
6th and lower - 1 point

(points for more positions available just in case of late joins)
* also here completion of 50% from reduced race distance with single run is required to score finishing points!

Round bonus points:
Qualification win - 1 point (if qualifying time is equal,both/all will receive this bonus point)
Fastest lap in race - 1 point (if laptime is equal,both/all will receive this bonus point)

Championship bonus points:
Attendance in all 5 rounds - 3 points
Attendance in 4 rounds - 2 points
Attendance in 3 rounds - 1 point
* Attendance counts if a driver has started the race

We will not make a mile long rule book that noone will read completely anyway,so we will rely on common sence of competitors to behave and follow the basic Rules of Clean Racing. There will not be an admin in server who will specifically observe drivers' behaviour during the race. If any incidents reported/protested,we will take individual approach to each of them to decide best resolution or punishment if needed.

Basic guidelines as a reminder:
> Blue flag - you may not deny/block a passing manouvre of laping car and try a repass right after it. Due to the nature of shorter tracks,traffic is expected more than in other leagues. This means drivers catching lapped cars should be patient and not demand immediate pulling aside,while drivers being caught should keep racing at normal pace and on normal line and yield at any proper lapping car's overtake manouvre. In qualification it means - stay off racing line and don't disturb drivers on hotlap.
> Shortcuts - 2 wheels on track at all times. Track is mostly marked by white lines,rumble strips or at least defined by paved surface,while also curbs count towards track. Overtaking outside track counts as illegal and will be penalized in case of protest.
> Pit exit - allthough there will be no mandatory pitstop in this league,pit exit lines will have to be respected! Everyone caught crossing pit exit lines with more than 2 wheels will receive 10 seconds penalty added to finish result.
> Chatting - it's not completely outruled,but still drivers are expected to concentrate on racing. In case of too much chatting while ignoring messages asking to cease chatting,a penalty may be given. In case of any abusive/offensive language a penalty will be given! Non competing observers may not use chat at all!
> Lags - if there are any connection issues,driver will be asked to improve (close internet using programs). If driver will be considered as dangerous due to unstable connection,he will not be allowed to participate.
> Button clutch - is forbidden! Manual clutch is allowed only in combination with H-Shifter. Everyone caught using it will be penalized for unsportsmanlike behaviour with increased penalty for every next offence.
> Hacks/cheats - if used,you will not race with us. Ever. As simple as that.

Possible penalties:
> WARNING - any minor infraction that needs to be noted without penalty. Warned driver might receive bigger penalty for other infractions.
> 10s added to finish time - minor infractions,like illegal passing,pit exit line violation,chat misconduct.
> 30s added to finish time - medium infractions like causing avoidable incident[s] without serious consequences or unsportsmanlike behaviour,illegal passing.
> 1 lap penalty - medium infractions like causing avoidable incident[s] with consequences to other drivers (like affecting damage,multiple position loss) or unsportsmanlike behaviour.
> Disqualification for 1 or more rounds - heavy infractions,multiple incidents,unsportsmanlike behaviour. After serving disqualification,driver will automatically carry a "warning" for the rest of season.
> Series exclusion (including ban for any other events run under Race Green Events control) - serious infractions like intentional/revenge wrecking,event sabotage and any other malicious act.

Signing up:
In order to compete in STARL 2019,you have to fill the registration form below,providing all needed information (in case of no team to represent,leave empty):
Quote :LFSW name:
In-game name:
Full team name:

Here's my sign-up as an example:

LFSW name: Eclipsed
In-game name: RG^Rony
Full team name: Race Green Autosports
Nation: Latvia

!Important: In case there are any changes to sign-up details,please quote your edited post in a new one with a note about changes!
To avoid very late sign-ups and their tracking,you have to sign-up at least 10 minutes before start of a round!

Miscellaneous info:
We will not use any numbers,skin requirements or official names in our league.
Sign-up tracking and all the standings will be found in STARL 2019 spreadsheet.
Signed-up drivers will receive server information and password at least 24h before round start (usually in saturday European time) via PM on this forum! Make sure you have enabled PM receiving! Server will be online without password until then.
Series will be run using the latest stable version of LFS (currently 0.6U).
All information above can be changed,if so,there will be posted a notification about it!

League server: STARL [online]

Join us,good luck in series and have fun!
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WE1X_RGE Dirt oval.lyt - 6.7 KB - 482 views
KY1X_RGE Sprint 8-track.lyt - 9.7 KB - 424 views
RO6X_Handling Rev STARL.lyt - 2.4 KB - 390 views
#2 - Sobis
LFSW name: Sobis
In-game name: LLM. Sobis
Full team name: Last Lap Motorsports
Nation: Lithuania
LFSW name: BorislavB
In-game name:fnc. B.Botev
Full team name: Fast And Crazy SimSports
Nation: Bulgaria
LFSW name: michal 1279
In-game name: [MRc] Michal
Full team name: Master Race car
Nation: Czechia
#5 - lucaf
LFSW name: lucaf
In-game name: 9397
Nation: Finland
#6 - Sobis
300 laps of dirt oval. Absolute madman! Should be super fun with traffic though
LFSW name: MandulAA
In-game name: RG^Mandula
Full team name: Race Green Autosports
Nation: Hungary
LFSW name: teppari
In-game name: [WCL] T.Soini
Full team name: World Class Lions
Nation: Finland
LFSW name: Ayoub2016
In-game name: B2r Ayoub_MaRoC
Full team name: Born To Race
Nation: Morocco
I Hope I Could Race This Time Smile
LFSW name:AzyerGames
In-game name: AS™l Azyer
Full team name: Air Support / Air Attack
Nation: United Kingdom
i'll do my signup a bit later, but here's something i did whilst practising to the first race Big grin

it felt weird to drive on a grass oval so i replaced the grass texture with dirt Big grin all credits to lynce, i merely edited contrast and brightness to make it look a bit nicer. remember to backup the default file though as that texture is everywhere in westhill so everything else looks really weird. Big grin
Attached images
2019-04-29 00-29-07.877.jpg
Attached files - 2.7 MB - 575 views
List of money prizes has been added to main post!

Still to do:
Creation of points system (will be made in the week before 1st round of championship)
LFSW name: Yamma
In-game name: [NRG] Snoopy
Full team name: Nordic Racing Group
Nation: Sweden
LFSW name: Alireza d1

In-game name:AS™| Alireza

Full team name: Air Support / Air Attack team

LFSW name: rik97
In-game name: R. Kardol
Full team name: -
Nation: The Netherlands

Good chance I can join this sunday Smile
Prologue info
Short TrackAutoRacing League

Prologue round

Sunday,5th May
17:30 UTC / 19:30 CET / 20:30 EET

This is how you start a show - put up a great challenge,gather up drivers ready to take in and enjoy the action! Track is simple - it has 4 similar left turns,2 short straights and a bit of elevation and bumps,the trick is - there is no pavement! This means everyone should equip his car with knobblys and practice the best way to slide around turns - wheels in-line style will be slow here.

Traffic will be the key word in this race - even a laptime difference of half a second means lapping cars 6 times during the 300 lap race,as good average laptime is expected just over 23 seconds whithout traffic. The race in AWS using RB4 (link to results post with race replay) proved that the track features relatively wide ideal line,so drivers should expect lapping cars or lapped cars beside quite often without losing a lot of pace. Reminder - there is no rule that forces lapped car driver to pull aside and let faster cars by,the rule says that the lapped car may not block lapping car's pass!

As usually the qualifying system is different in ovals,as here only hotlap qualifying shows truly the fastest driver while on track this short traffic might become a huge issue. Qualifying order will be determined by laptimes in server statistics insim (Airio) - the highest ranked driver will start his qualifying run last,lowest - first. Drivers without laptime in stats will line up in order after those with laptime in signups order. Race start will be approx. 10 minutes after qualifying.

Round info:
Track: Westhill RGE Dirt Oval (WE1X)
Laps: 300

Server info and password will be PM'ed saturday to all entrants,until then server remains publically accessible:
STARL [online]
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LFSW name: nikopdr
In-game name: GenR uNite
Full team name: yes motors sports
Nation: Finland
Server is now passworded and password has been sent to all entrants via PM.

If someone hasn't received it due some mistake,please give a notification!

New entries will receive PM eventually at some point during saturday/sunday.
LFSW name: k_badam
In-game name: Adam
Full team name: [TC] Racing
Nation: Scotland

Not taking part in prologue
Quote from k_badam :Nation: Scotland

Changed to United Kingdom for competitional reasons.
Quote from k_badam :Not taking part in prologue

Server password for prologue can still be available upon request.
LFSW name: spiiiky
In-game name: B2R spiky
Full team name: Born To Race
Nation: Slovakia
LFSW name: Tubescreamer
In-game name: Tubescreamer
Full team name:
LFSW name: Coleni911
In-game name: wcwcole#911
Full team name:Mcfall Motorsport
Nation:Northern irish
#24 - jkat
LFSW name: jkat
In-game name: [WCL] J.A.Katila
Full team name: World Class Lions
Nation: Finland
LFSW name: Rejekt
In-game name: B2R Rejekt
Full team name: Born To Race
Nation: Finland
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