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can confirm, cant unlock it
Quote from Scawen :Mine works fine and nothing has changed, so I can't understand why all yours have gone wrong.

My favorite response "it works for me" (i also love to use it) Wink
Maybe your IP is white listed? (idk just guessing)
Thanks. I've found a slight difference between 0.5F2 and the current versions and I've asked Victor about it.
mines the same it will not unlock(no connection to master server) and if i go to the MP server list it say's it cannot connect to the master server.

Disabled my firewall and security programs and ran as an administrator
Can you please try to unlock an old version again? I think it's fixed.
Thank you Victor. Unfortunately I do not have any more unlocks left.
I just unlocked it. Thumbs up
Quote from Vagner :Thank you Victor. Unfortunately I do not have any more unlocks left.

You do now!
Thank's !
working Thumbs up
Sorted, thanks!
Why don't you just throw it in with the next update? Or is that easier said than done?
Probably the latter. The car is fairly unrefined but it's good to have a version of the game available with older layout versions, and the ability to use them online from time to time.
The point of 0.5F2 is that the LX8 exists in this version already though, without needing to shoehorn it into a 'more stable patch'.
For those experiencing this logon issue try running LFS as an administrator.
Can confirm, still doesn't unlock (for me at least).
Running as administrator.
Thanks, we have fixed a network error so old versions should work again now.
Thanks Scawen!
Can you actually play this version "somehow" in VR ??
I don't think so, as VR support wasnt implemented until 0.6N, If i'm correct...
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :guessing that means for VR too :

It's a really old, unsupported version of Live for Speed
It was never ready for public use

however it had me thinking...
with new tires possible on all GTR´s..
this could maybe work for the LX8 ?
LookingTaped ShutDid I Say That?

Downgrade and race with XFR & UFR?
Has someone tried it recently, does the old patch still work ?
I could unlock the S2 but whenever I select a car from the S1 or S2 the 0.5F version crashes

LX8 GTR semi-official version 0.5F2
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