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LX8 GTR semi-official version 0.5F2
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Quote from three_jump :

However cockpits are another issue. There are plenty of cars in LFS that are desperatly in need of some visual updates: UFx, RB4, FXO, FZR... Those still look like 2006 when S2 was intially released. And while the demo cars got updated (yes, some others as well) the updates for those "nearly finished" cars (2009, I'm too lazy here to search the exact post from Scawen) never arrived.

Maybe for there are some technical reasons (incompatible LFS version?), I don't know. Probably. But since then we also had incompatible track updates for Blackwood, Westhill and Rockingham. I'm not sure why, but updated cockpits were just never mentioned again, which is really a shame, because that is what a customer first sees and what pulls you into a game. And compared to other games LFS is at least 10 years behind in that particular department (sadly).

I haven't given up on those updates yet, considering how stunning Blackwood / Westhill turned out to be, but an update on that front (Hello Eric!) would be very much appreciated.

tl;dr: Other cars are in desperate need of a (new) cockpit too!

Going off topic but there is some truth here. Let's take as comparison the older sim GT Legends, does anybody even remember it? It has nice graphics and especially the cockpits are impressive detailed. (even more offtopic, what I have understood GTL has at least as fanatic small community as LFS)

Nevermind I dont want this to sound a complain, I personally don't even noticed LFS cars cockpits until some1 mentioned about it. Im superhappy with LFS already and very pleased its still under development
Quote from BIzO :Scawen, what about adding that version in the archive downloads?

Yep, good idea. Done.
Quote from Scawen :Thanks everyone for the positive comments. Those of you who do follow the forum know why it was worth spending a few of hours getting this little update together. Please you've had some fun with it. That's what LFS is all about, in my opinion. Having fun. Smile

very good idea to release Smile i didnt try it yet. but i do remember it from the past. truly a beast ^_^

more of these small things would be great here and there i think.
LFS did try out alot of different stuff over the years. maybe one day you find something else on a old dusty floppy drive Smile

Quote from lucaf :I put also max anti rollbars and max positive toe in front. Now its almost drivable Big grin

throw that engine sound out there Smile what a beasty sound ^_^
Has anyone gotten this to work with a gamepad? I'm trying the xbox 360 gamepad and can't get the axis to work properly. The thumbsticks are stuck to the throttle, and the brake/throttle stay combined even when I select separate. Any recommendations?
For those who did not try it, you are missing something great Big grin !!!
After finding a way to stay on the road, it is really really nice : the accelerator make the car to turn at any speed, a real pleasure to have 2 ways to steer Thumbs up

Thank you Scawen Omg omg omg
Epic ride Flotch :o
That is just one lap each time, it does not show the numerous times where I put the car in a wall Big grin
Anyway, the handling is very nice in my opinion, the tires are not offering a correct grip (especially at low speed) and they are overheating way too fast, but that remains a very good experience in a driving simulator Thumbs up
I want to travel back in time to tell me old self to time travel forward in time for this LX8
Quote from Scawen :
It will not be developed or included in future versions

That's a very fair move.

Thx Scawen Thumbs up
If I had found out about LFS back in 2005 it would be the best car game at that time for me, I don't even know any game that would have such a physics like this back in the days.
Quote from numbazZ :If I had found out about LFS back in 2005 it would be the best car game at that time for me, I don't even know any game that would have such a physics like this back in the days.

Not necessarily. I found it in 2003. Couldn't make it past 2nd corner in Blackwood.
Rediscovered it couple of years later when I was ready for it :-)
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I can't unlock. "Unable to conect to the master server"
What I can do?
Can you connect with your normal LFS? If so then I guess this version is being blocked by your firewall.
Yes, I go back to DEMO and unlock again normaly.
I have this same error with this version.

I can connect with normal version (0.6U), and 0.5F2 version is white listed in my firewall.
We need this car in the new version. Big grin
Coincidentally, I also fancied trying the old Kyoto in 0.5F2 2 days ago and wasn't able to connect to the master server. I thought the master server had been turned off intentionally, so paid it no mind.
I've done a test and successfully unlocked.

Maybe make sure it really is 0.5F2 (bottom of entry screen) and try again now. Just in case there was any temporary problem with the master server when you tried before.
Fancied another blast with this version as it's been a while, i couldn't connected to master server unfortunately.
It doesn't unlock here too (no antivirus, no firewall):

Mine works fine and nothing has changed, so I can't understand why all yours have gone wrong.
Some DNS problems not happening in your environment ?
Doesn't it use the same DNS as the current version of LFS? Confused
Quote from Scawen :Doesn't it use the same DNS as the current version of LFS? Confused

I never played this version. It was just my most likely guess as it works for you and seemingly no one else.
Same here : no connection to the master server (my LFS 0.5F2 is already unlocked, but browsing online list is not possible).
Using win10, I have manually added LFS 0.5F2 to the list of "authorized" apps in the firewall, but same is occuring ...

LX8 GTR semi-official version 0.5F2
(122 posts, started )