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Even lower graphics settings
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Even lower graphics settings
First off, im using an old computer. An *old* computer. Its running at 3 ghz with Vista. Yes. Vista. With a NVIDIA GeForce 2something sloww onboard graphics card. Im getting *dont roast me pls* 30 fps with 12 fps drops. When it gets to 12 fps the sound really and truly screws up. Is there any even lower settings I can put LFS to increase the fps to around 50? I already have aa off and all that. Lowest graphics settings i can get. I was just curious, maybe a low end shader pack? Or an older ver. of LFS? Shrug
Lowest screen resolution you can have.
Turn off post process
Put the graphics through the floor.
In options - misc - dynamic LOD reduction - set to max. That would help,but will convert cars a bit further away into ugly boxes. Also multiplayer speedup option to yes and set around 100m - but that helps only in online mode.
Also in graphics user/dust LOD - down to minimum could help.
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Also, in the Misc options, make sure "Post processing" is disabled, it's really hard on the GPU, because it also force MSAA (anti aliasing) to 4x
Make sure your resolution is low enough, that will always help. A Geforce 2 might have been bearable 10 years ago with it's 64mb but this card is from circa 2000 so it's almost 20 years old now unfortunately. Vista will eat most of your resources as well so you might want to upgrade. Make sure your textures are compressed in the graphic tab and "use the Force" (F) if it gets too low.

As for an older version of LFS, the developers made a revision of the S1 many years ago that would suit your computer with much more ease:

There are more files like this in the download section.
why not replace it for an actual game graphics card? Should cost just a few bucks for a 2nd hand Ebay card.
He's probably on a PCI or AGP slot though so he won't find a substantial improvement on performance Frown
Hmm I doubt he is running LFS with a Geforce 2 card because that card only supports up to DX7 and he is online at [LCS] Cruise Server (=0.6R which needs DX9.0c minimum). I think he was trying to say Geforce 2XX card.

Either way, insufficient information to give proper advice.
I ran LFS on a geforce 4 MX around 2004 and I though the poor chap was on something like this!

I guess more and more people might struggle on their ageing rigs when *due* graphic overhaul comes. Perhaps an even lower LOD might be welcome for those.
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Quote from Skytrill :and I though the poor chap was on something like this!

Well.. According to the kid(s) on the internet it is comparable;

Quote from liveforspeedracer101 :Its running at 3 ghz with Vista. Yes. Vista. With a NVIDIA GeForce 2something sloww onboard graphics card.

A second hand computer with double performance compared to yours, would cost some 20-30$. Thats almost sounds like a troll, that someone installs LFS into a 15year old PC and asks here tips for making it work.

But you were asking if older version of LFS could help. The answer is YES. Because the latest LFS version has remastered Blackwood wich eats much more hw resources than the previous version. So my advice is, install previous version of LFS, or even better, install a much more older version:

Even lower graphics settings
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