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LFS 0.04K Released August 2002

One of the first demo versions of LFS (29 MB)

LFS 0.1W Released March 2003

A stable version of the 0.1 range (31 MB)

LFS 0.2F Released June 2003

The last test demo version before S1 came out (47 MB)

LFS 0.5F2 Un-released 2005 (updated for unlocking 28 April 2018)

An old version of LFS containing the LX8 which was never officially released.
Updated with the abililty to unlock this version on 28 April 2018.

More information in this forum thread: LX8 GTR semi-official version 0.5F2

LFS_S2_ALPHA_0_5F2.exe (90 MB)

LFS 0.3H7 Update (Jan. 2011) of version H6, originally released in March 2005

The final version of the S1 era, but now revised to work with the new master server and latest versions of Windows
LFS_S1H7.exe (90 MB)

Non-graphical dedicated host for S1H7 (817 KB)

Original S1H Demo file.
Because it's a fairly popular file, we offer it as a torrent : (44 MB)

LFS 0.6V3 Released November 2021

The last official version before LFS supported Vehicle Mods

LFS_S3_6V3_setup.exe (496 MB)

League races archive

This large torrent contains more than 11,000 replays from over 150 LFS racing leagues.
Sprint races, endurance races, qualification sessions, races - it's all there (well, almost everything).
Collected over time by Ziomek21 who originally published this torrent on our forums.

League races torrent (100073.7 MB)

TIP: you do not have to download the entire 100 GB. In your torrent client you can select which replays you want to watch.
Note that you may have to install older versions of LFS alongside each other in order to play old replays.