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LFS 0.04Q Released August 2002

One of the first demo versions of LFS (29 MB)

LFS 0.1W Released March 2003

A stable version of the 0.1 range (31 MB)

LFS 0.2F Released June 2003

The last test demo version before S1 came out (47 MB)

LFS 0.3H7 Update (Jan. 2011) of version H6, originally released in March 2005

The final version of the S1 era, but now revised to work with the new master server and latest versions of Windows
LFS_S1H7.exe (90 MB)

Non-graphical dedicated host for S1H7 (817 KB)

Original S1H Demo file.
Because it's a fairly popular file, we offer it as a torrent : (44 MB)