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Your first memories from LFS?
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#1 - lucaf
Your first memories from LFS?
Tell your first memories from LFS, when you was the NOOB one Big grin

I installed LFS in 2009 and begin to play it with keyboard.

The game was really really difficult, and I remember when I was first times in demo servers, I just was the other causing most troubles.

I quickly bought S1 and S2, but I never joined any event. I have some gray memories that I was driving in some full crowded south city TBO server and was noobing there being lapped very frequently (would be really fun to see some replays, I didnt save any from those times).

Even I drove thousands of lap with XFG that first year, I never went quicker than 1.34.75 in old BL1. I never learned to drive XRG, and I didnt understand how anybody can drive that car (maybe I had just crappy sets)

At some point of that year, I decided to wear all my cars with pink heart skins and choosed my nickname 9397, today I have no idea how I invented those numbers.

I played the game for about half year, the last months with Microsoft Sidewinder wheel (i dont even remember how it was), then I uninstalled the game early 2010 for rejoining back after 5 and half years.
XFG AI Racing with bounce setup crashing each other after finish line. 0.5q and p.
Random server with XRG and XFG on BL Car park, first time ever playing a racing game ONLINE! Had wheel from day one, played NFS with it before
Racing AIs in demo around 2004/2005. Being an F1 2002 junkie I ended up being disappointed by the fact that you couldn't download tracks. I think I had no idea S1 even existed. But back then buying stuff online was a barbaric concept for most people.
playing all night the first time i downloaded it on a single core amd & a whopping 128mb of dedicated memory, i upgraded to a HD 2400 pro ( 512 mb dd2 gpu ) because of lfs.
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#6 - lucaf
Quote from theirishnoob :i upgraded to a HD 2400 pro ( 512 mb dd2 gpu ) because of lfs.

I remember me playing first year with silent Geforce GT9500 and wondered why the game freezed after a while. My GPU went to 105Celsius during gaming, fixed the problem by attaching 12mm fan into the gpu heatsink.
started the demo in like 2003. got my first account in 2004. my current is i think from 2007 which was my first s2 acc ! so drove alot of laps on BLW Big grin

even when people fled from LFS after the failed release of the scirrocco. i was still driving all alone with a few guys for a couple of years untill people started to come back to LFs!

tried few other sims. but didnt like them much ,so i stick with LFS !
and still do Smile

wow thats 14 years now :O

however. the account from 2004 was made with a email from a site no longer existing so i cant get that account back i think ? :/
#8 - o000o
I dl'd the demo over christmas 2003. No registration needed, just run the game, pick a name and off you went in the xfg, xrg or xrt. I remember being impressed by the graphics and smoothness for a demo. Setting the car up was easy. Max tyre pressures, full stiffness on the springs and dampers, lowest ride height and maximum track width.

On my first night, someone said in game chat to me, "the force is strong in this one", which was encouraging, so I stuck around, until the rFactor demo came out a few months later and we all went over there for a while. LFS felt a better driving experience than rFactor, so I bought LFS.
probably racing with someone going by the name of jose-espana who sent me a BL1 FBM set which i still use today. i tried the demo in 2012 (with a keyboard, horrible) and 2007-8ish (crashing XRG in the BL parking lot), but this is the first thung i really 'member
Quote from o000o :I dl'd the demo over christmas 2003. No registration needed, just run the game, pick a name and off you went in the xfg, xrg or xrt.

and now i remember why i dont have my 2003 account Big grin

coz it was free to play back then. i remember now that you mentioned it (thx) Wink
LFS S1E (0.3E) released - Dec 15, 2003

Keyboard drifting FTW!! was easier to do than with a wheel.

That was almost 15 years ago. Can't really believe it!
For me the first memory that I have of LFS was the day I downloaded it along other racing game demos around 2005/6. It was on 0.5Q or somewhere around, and 10 year old me did stupid XFG setups and doing barrel rolls on BL2. Then, a year or two later, I downloaded LFS again and I started drifting on XRT/BL1R (back when demo users had reverse blackwood and XRT), and stayed a long time on 0.5X because I didn't liked 0.5Z (no more XRT). Big grin
End of 2003, XFG @ BL1. Got the demo from while looking for racing games that supported onboard cam. Got S1 and a wheel shortly after.

Later had to create a new account because LFS somehow didn't support the € character in my old account anymore. Brexit pre-cog? Big grin
I think it was 2003 when lfs was at s1 version. Downloaded the demo and did some driving. That was before the S2 physics update and I was not really fond of the s1 physics at the time. Around that time I still played gran prix legends a lot. Did play the demo sometimes.

Fun fact. It was time before I even had credit card so I like many other finns bought lfs by sending money to janezki who then bought lisence to us. I think my first S2 full driving experience was XRR around kyoto national with my trusty old microsoft sidewinder non-ffb wheel. And like a total dummy my first online races were in FO8 and from there I started working my way down to less powerful cars... basically stopping at the gtr cars to drive around as3 for too many laps.
also found my way here by trying to find cockpit view racing games, most fondly remember fbm@bl1 feeling like driving through a maze due to having no circuit racing experience other than from nfs underground 2. bought s2 through mr. Dremljuga of lfsestonia due to being 12 and the next years brought some good times full of new experiences and nice memories
Falken LFS server.
My first message in 2009 when I got on that server was, ''I just buyed S2'' and I remember this guy called .dot (who used to be in Falken later on I believe) saying ''Welcome buddy!''.

Best memories. I probably crashed into someone later that evening too.
Apexi DSR Demo xfg kazamaru camino Smile
Playing the S2 demo, XFG on Blackwood, having races finish 3 wide, bumper to bumper racing. I was totally hooked, and I always raced in the same server with the same people. Sometimes it was chaos, but you'd often end up with the top 10 all bumper to bumper across the line.

I loved the close racing so much, I hated starting on pole, and that attitude carried on later into the full S2 release. I would prefer public spring races, and I would deliberately join the grid at the back so I could be in the mix.

I raced so much with my crappy Playstation pad, that I've actually got long term problems with my hands because of how I had to hold the pad. I think if LFS had better control options back then I'd have no trouble with my hands.
First memory from LFS is from 2003, trying to unlock the Live for Speed. The game was included in a CD from a games magazine (Top Games I think) with the promise to get a free S1 key if you register on LFS' website.

We never got the key from LFS or from the magazine.
Played at the friends house for 5min with a keyboard, didn't like itSmile
I dont remember.
my first accounts i raced off line then when i decided to attempt to race online i had gone for the fbm, i must of looked like i was drink driving while using a keyboard as id keep swinging left to right(ssshh to those that say i still do) Big grin
I found out about LFS through one of these live TV coverages. Bought the game in 2007 and been enjoying it since.

Your first memories from LFS?
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