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Schedule Season 2016/17
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Is there any signup?
register and login on website ( )
then at right side you can see a box with serverlinks and the weekly password
qualy begins in 15 minutes
Today: GTR class at Blackwood Historic
qualifying begins in 30 minutes
ABC Cup 2.0
Second season of the ABC-Cup!
As one might remember, the ABC-Cup means racing the XFG in three different specs:

Spec A: (190 kg ballast) - red class tag
Spec B: (95 kg ballast + 6% air intake restriction) - blue class tag
Spec C: (13% air intake restriction) - green class tag
(C restriction increased by 1% compared to last season)

Drivers have to use their choosen configuration for the whole season.

Full details:

First race is Fern Bay Club reversed, 23 laps sprint race followed by 46 laps main race.
Today evening we race RAC Ya right and Fz5 Uhmm at South City Long (SO4) for 25 laps.

(Starting at 19:30, that is 4 hours from this post)
Damn I missed that one. By the way, your events in LFS Race Calendar do not match with the calendar on your web pages. As you see, lfs event calendar says yesterday you raced with MRT on Fern Bay Gold
thanks, fixed. The MRT race at Fernbay will be on 22 October.
The schedule had slightly changed after I had already entered it into LFS-calender.

Generally the calender on league website is the official one.
(Also in LFS-calender it says the XFG-Cup uses 10minute-qualification but that is just because it is not possible to enter one-lap-qualification mode which is actually used.)
Tonight we race FBM at Rockingham Historic (Ro8) for 32 laps.
Qualification begins at 19:30, that is ca 2h 45min from this post.
Thanks for this last one. Just for encouraging even more ppl joining, I keep on posting short vids from events I have joined. My race was quite a fail, I made several errors + got pushed on grass once + DT and found myself some two laps behind at the end.
cool that you're making these vids, i was looking forward to this combo, but real life took over Smile
First eight laps of the great ABC Cup 2nd round last weekend. Had nice time with some mates around me.

Again horrible quality in video... sorry :/
I missed the last race, so thanks for the video.

Next race, this sunday at CET 19:30 is at Fern Bay Gold (FE3) with the MRT.

Quote from Gutholz :I missed the last race, so thanks for the video.

Next race, this sunday at CET 19:30 is at Fern Bay Gold (FE3) with the MRT.

It's actualy 19:30 CEST, as summertime will end next weekend Wink
a test who was paying attention.

Today in 35 minutes begins the qualy for: FOX at Kyoto National (KY2) for 27 laps
Great event yesterday. I though it would be boring, but racing against different (restriction) class was a lot of fun. Looking forward to next one Wink
Quote from Spiiiky :Great event yesterday. I though it would be boring, but racing against different (restriction) class was a lot of fun.

+1, didn't bothered even to practice on that. But turned out that race was full of fun!

For curiosity I did sprint race with hybrid tyres in front, and +20 more pressure. Did't work. Main race was enjoyable and acted once again as a best learning session ever...pb on last lap.

First laps of main race (still doesn't understand why all my vids are so crappy graph quality):
Before we move on to higher speeds, today this season's shortest track and slowest car: UF1 at Aston Club for 30 lap.
Quali begins at 19:30 circa 90 minutes from this post.
Who says that LFS racing is dead? Uhmm
Great work to all working for and/or racing with Thumbs up
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Quote from Gutholz :
The schedule for new season again features a mix of the slowest and fastet cars of LFS:

Sunday 19 November 2017 UFR @ Fern Bay Black
Sunday 03 December 2017 RB4 @ South City Long reversed
Sunday 10 December 2017 FO8 @ Westhill International

For details see the "Forthcoming Events" box on calender.

Oh, today UFR@FE4, how great is that! Be there!
Quote from lucaf :Oh, today UFR@FE4, how great is that! Be there!

quali begins 90 minutes from this post at 19:30.
Racing with UFR was once again amazing, fun, crazy and unpredictable. Thanks for event!

I was far too excited to drive well. During practice I felt at home and got nice laptimes with race fuel, in race I did several mistakes every lap, struggling 16 laps out of 17. Thank god I wasn't only one messing.

Sorry for returning to track in front of you Gutholz, but you handled it...well Smile

Start of the race:
Short clip of 4th round of ABC cup at KY2. Caught massive accident at the last corners of first lap.

(was spectacular to see it from my cockpit, I just saw one car quite high in the air.., unfortunately I reacted with a "smile" even it looked like mostly horrific "fatal" crash)

Schedule Season 2016/17
(81 posts, started )