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Schedule Season 2016/17
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wrong thread?
oh damn, shame i am probably doing the CL practice race
Today at 19:30 in circa 3 hours 20 minutes from this post:
Fo8 at Kyoto GP Long

Today at 19:30 in circa 2h 30 minutes from this post:
The grande Finale with the small cars!
Mrt @ South City Sprint
(changed pitlane)
current season of S3 league is finished. (results soon)

Formel BMW Cup still has two events.
One today in ~40 minutes from this post at SouthCity Chicane
Last race next sunday, random finisher will pick track.
Another season has completed. Soon final standings etc.

Next sunday will probally be some special/more relaxed between-season events before next season is announced.
Today a bit 'improvised' racing at the usual time. See chatbox on for details on server etc.
S3 Season 4 - schedule
nice vid
Today at 19:30 CET in 2h 10min from this post:
Fz5 at Kyoto Nation rev (Ky2r) for 23 laps
21 lap FXR race on this layout starting today @ 19:30 CET (3 hours and something from now on)

Today at 19:30 CET in 3h 30min from this post:
XFG at South City Classic (SO1) for 46 laps
Today evening at 19:30 CET in 9h 30min from this post:
Fo8 at Blackwood GP for 38 laps
Today evening at the usual time: Open Server Sprint Evening. We re-visted the combos from last season, but in much shorter length.

Combo's to choose from:
FZ5 @ KY2R
FXR @ FE2Y (layout)
XRG @ RO11
FO8 @ BL1
TBO @ KY3R (FXO 4%, XRT 2% restr.)

First race will be XFG @ RO4. Winner picks another combo from the list above.
Help, for some reason im not getting a confirmation email from the website. Also, what is/are the leagues that are about to start or just started (no more than 2 races in).

My team and I are new to league racing, I have read the racing rules and important info on the forum, I just have a few questions to ask.
did you check your spam folder?
Yes i did, I talked to an admin and apparently there is a prob with the forum.
(truckloader) DELETED by truckloader
truckloader: there will be an announcement when new saison begins.
(in some weeks or so)

This sunday we have one more special race:

Car: XFG
Track: Aston Cadet
Laps: 4 x 15

With the special rule that two drivers share one car and have to do a mandatory driver-swap.
(good idea to be bit earlier on server to find teammate and practice driver swap)
I have manualy activated the account made by truckloader on the website.
We do have a problem with sending mail, so please drop a message here (or privately to me) stating the name of the created account and I will activate it manualy as well.
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The schedule for new season again features a mix of the slowest and fastet cars of LFS:

1 Sunday 10 September 2017 XFG @ Westhill National reversed
2 Sunday 17 September 2017 GTR @ Blackwood Historic
3 Sunday 01 October 2017 MRT @ Fern Bay Gold
4 Sunday 08 October 2017 FBM @ Rockingham Historic
5 Sunday 22 October 2017 BF1 @ Blackwood Historic reversed
6 Sunday 29 October 2017 FOX @ Kyoto National
7 Sunday 12 November 2017 UF1 @ Aston Club
8 Sunday 19 November 2017 UFR @ Fern Bay Black
9 Sunday 03 December 2017 RB4 @ South City Long reversed
10 Sunday 10 December 2017 FO8 @ Westhill International

For details see the "Forthcoming Events" box on calender.

Schedule Season 2016/17
(81 posts, started )