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This is the official team page for JDM Garage on LFS. We are a professional drifting team based in Australia but we will be expanding to the far reaches of the globe. On this page you will find a constantly updated list of members, events and news involving the team. Every member will receive a custom skin to use and depending on your level the admin password to the server. The team server is now Live. Go check it out! JDM Garage Australia.


Want to join? Fill in the contents below and submit it.

In-Game Username:
Previous Teams:
Current Team:
Years Drifting:

Want to join? Fill in the contents above and submit it.

More Information Soon!


[JDMG] Atrocity (Founder/Leader)

[JDMG] Dreadly (Second in Charge)

[JDMG] Power (Member)

[JDMG] LochNess (Member)


[JDMG] Fluffy (Member)

[JDMG] Undead (Member)

[JDMG] Uncleburito (Member)

[JDMG] Fa!thless (Member)


Drift Open -
can i join?
#3 - Lyen
Good on ya Denial.
can i join
you guys sure can. you wil just have to go through a recruitment process first. I am mostly on the downsydedrift server for now. come find me guys
#6 - Lyen
Username: Lyen
Country: England
Previous Teams: Impact Blue - Impact - Clutch Burners
Current Team: I do admin for BDR.
Accomplishments: Erm. Drifted on full flats?
Not sure if username is the one we log in with or in game, so ill put both, you guys will know me as Dreadly anyway.
Username: MrWubs/Dreadly
Country: Australia
Previous Teams: None
Current Team: None
Accomplishments: None
Years Drifting: About 2 weeks

Hmm doesn't look that good when you look at it like that lol, but you've seen me drift and I'll only get better.
#8 - BeNoM
YAY I'm famous Tongue
hahah Smile
Username:LAWBREAK (KE70-DX)
Previous Teams:none
Current Team:neg
Accomplishments:done a ronnie roll back in my mates daewoo
Years Drifting:59
(versiu) DELETED by versiu
Username: PopnLochnessMonster
Country: USA
Previous Teams: N/A
Current Team: N/A
Accomplishments: Drifting with 150 degrees rear tires, trying to accomplish goal of drifting until flat tires
Years Drifting: 1
Username: Monster110501

Country: USA

Previous Teams: (N/A)

Current Team: (N/A)

Accomplishments: Im Not Sure What You Mean By This But If Its What I Want To Accomplish By Joining [JDMG] Its To Join Toghether With Friends To Have Good Time. Smile

Years Drifting: Since I Have Had LFS Demo (A Year Or Two).
Monster we will get back to you when you come online next. But we will get you in for a try-out Smile
Quote from dannyworsnop111 :Monster we will get back to you when you come online next. But we will get you in for a try-out Smile

What server is it again?
Downsydeau for now till I can afford a server
Hey guys I'll be helping with recruiting from now on, if you need to contact me, a facebook message would probably be the best way. I'll try and get back to all messages ASAP and usually always within 24 hours (for those times I'm asleep and don't respond straight away)
Previous Teams:French teams
Current Team:No team for the moment
Accomplishments:already drifted to the flat tyres
Years Drifting:3years yeh
Username: Nakex
Country: Australia
Previous Teams: ODN, Aussie Drift Cruise, IDL, EUC and more
Current Team: None
Accomplishments: Playing LFS For years? Run ODN for a little bit
Years Drifting: since 2006
In-Game Username: Fa!thless (Or Ash Dillon)
Country: Australia
Previous Teams: [DUB] Team, [ADA] (Always Dicking Around) & [BB] Beltway Bandits
Current Team: [TFL] The Faithless Legion
Accomplishments: FXR Drifting - Owner of [TFL]
Years Drifting: 4 years on and off
Hey! I think this team is going to be something on it's own! Finally good fresh air! Smile

Good luck guys!
thanks man Smile means a lot. your welcome to come hang out on the server whenever
In-Game Username: jeffreymoll aka jeffrey
Country: Netherlands
Previous Teams: -
Current Team: -
Accomplishments: having fun while driving / drifting / smiles per mile
Years Drifting: 3 or 4
Hello all. As you know we are looking to be running all sorts of competitions and events on the JDM Garage server. The first being a drift open taking place in may. The second being a 7 round drift series to take place from the winter time till spring time. There will be a prize pool each event depending on the circumstances each time. I wil be updating the lfs forums with all this information and more. Sign ups will be opening soon. Stay tuned for more!

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