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TEST PATCH 0.6J2 (now J5)
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TEST PATCH 0.6J2 (now J5)




Hello Racers,

Here is a new TEST PATCH : 0.6J5

Nearby objects are now visible in the reflections on cars.
Building reflections have also been improved.
The HTC Vive VR headset is now supported through OpenVR.

To enter VR mode if you have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive :
Options... View... 3D button at the top of the screen.
Select VR headset. Select Oculus Rift or OpenVR.

This test patch IS compatible with version 0.6J
This test patch CAN play replays from version 0.6J

You cannot upload hotlaps made with this test patch because it is only a test patch, not an official patch.

Please keep a backup of your LFS.exe from 0.6J so you can easily go back if there are any problems.

Changes from 0.6J4 to 0.6J5 :

AI :

Now avoid ramming other cars when in the pit lane or lap of honour
FIX : Could go wrong when entering BL pit lane for a pit stop

Changes from 0.6J3 to 0.6J4 :

Fixes :

Render target problem in HTC Vive when changing tracks
AI driver names can no longer be blank

Misc :

Max drivers in single player increased to 24 (online max still 40)

Changes from 0.6J to 0.6J2 :

Graphics :

New reflections system and shaders for cars and buildings
Nearby objects are visible in new dynamic reflections on cars
Option to set number of dynamic reflections in main view and mirror
Misc option to enable a programmable post-processing shader

Misc :

New command /rsh to reload shaders (e.g. after editing externally)
Maximum number of controllers increased to 10 (was previously 8)

VR :

HTC Vive headset is now supported through OpenVR
Oculus Rift support now requires runtime 0.7 or later
Improved dialog sequence after any error entering VR mode

Training lesson editor :

SHIFT+T on main entry screen to access lesson editor or list editor
Layouts for lessons must be copied from layout to training folder
SHIFT+T on training screen to view and test newly added lessons

Fixes :

Alpha sorting issue on bricks at base of a South City building
Improved validity check when loading car colour settings


A FULL version of LFS 0.6J must already be installed

To install the PATCH using the SELF EXTRACTING ARCHIVE :

1) Move or save the patch into your main LFS folder
2) Double click the patch to extract it to that folder
3) When you see "Confirm File Replace" select "Yes to All"
4) Now you can start LFS in the normal way

NOTE : You can see if the patch is correctly installed when you run
the program (LFS.exe). At the bottom of the entry screen : 0.6J5


PATCH 0.6J TO 0.6J5 (SELF EXTRACTING ARCHIVE) (if you already have 0.6J) : (1.3 MB)

PATCH 0.6J TO 0.6J5 (ALTERNATIVE ZIP) (if you already have 0.6J) : (1.6 MB)
:O Wow.
It looks awesome.

One bug I noticed, check the number plate on the rear left window of this XRR:
WOW i just test it and its really amazing Thank devs!
note : i feel some times it glitch the reflect for less second
Thumbs up

(cannot do much more then this atm because; beer)

instant edit (well, almost);

19:46 StFin Oscar :D
19:46 CG™» Dave *censored*
19:46 CG™» Dave just like
19:46 CG™» Dave it gets bigger.. and smaller again
19:46 StFin Oscar :o
19:46 StFin Oscar i don't even want to drive enjoying the view
19:46 CG™» Dave every shadow is different
19:45 CG™» Dave I can look at shadows for hours now

The new shaders resemble more of matte paint than metallic or gloss
Damm i hoped for track shaders but thes reflections look nice too Smile
Not sure what you mean but eh

19:39 CG™» Dave even my so beloved haybales are better lighted LOL
19:39 Goszki =^..^=
19:38 CG™» Dave this is undergoing sun I think.. long shadows

Not only cars have different lightning.
Indeed the reflectivity when looking parallel to the normal seems to be too low. I know it's supposed to emulate the fresnel effect, but it just looks too matte.

I tried adjusting the facing_reflectivity variable in Car2.psh to 0.12 and it looks a bit better in my opinion.

Also it's a bit of a shame there is no reflection of the road surface when looking at the side of the car (see here).
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0.6G18 -started 31 Mar 2015
0.6H2 -started 20 Jun 2015
0.6J -started 15 Aug 2015
0.6J2 -start 03 Dec 2015 now.

Damn too long update! (Like 2-3 months)

Keep great work.
Nice reflections! This side of the building on SO was very dark in 0.6J, now it's even darker with 0.6J2, it's so weird, like it burned down Big grin
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2015-12-03 20-10-39.359.jpg
Shame is a big word. Progress = progress.
Quote from :Shame is a big word. Progress = progress.

I like the progress, don't get me wrong. It's more of a "pity", but I guess that can be adjusted later.
You certainly have a point that the car shadow is not visible on the road surface Smile (/from that angle).
I didn't mean the car shadow, but the lack of reflections on the side of the car.
Ok well... I am missing the car shadow on your screenshot.. Tongue
Great graphics improvement! Smile no bug noticed so far but I didn't do a test longer than 20 min.

Also it will be nice if we can set the number/distance of objects reflected, for people who have some more performance to throw, and it will be a pincal of perfection if you can achieve somthing near that :

But sadly as we know, perfection cannot be achieved so easily.

Now an proper shadows system and some basic specular/normal map system for track and we can call it a graphic overhaul! keep the good work! Petals

And maybe in the near future we will have something like that. Dead banana

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lfs dans le mouiller.png
Don't throw in BMW that much.. :love:
Here reflects the sky (box, Blackwood)
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Quote from aanrus :Here reflects the sky (box, Blackwood)

yea... because no proper shadows system yet to cast sunlight inside objects.
glare on the car
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lesson edit - more bugs
track fe2 (config > 35 and more O_o), layout bl1x + AI, (lesson type - overtaking)
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I am doing the following:
Traning->my traning->go. after ESC->back->back and after load the X track.
When the lesson with the layout.
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What the Helll, That's a seriously step, OMG new real time graphic !! That's what i always wanted!!, Great Job!
Quote from aanrus :lesson edit - more bugs

Objects don't cast shadows yet yes.. But if you can call it a bug.. No.
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TEST PATCH 0.6J2 (now J5)
(130 posts, closed, started )