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How I see LFS today
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#1 - OTone
How I see LFS today
I can play this game better than you !,
Cus it's all just a question, and game, of imagination and vision.......

Moving on keep moving on-yeah

Moving at one million miles an hour
Using my power
I sell it by the hour
I have it so I market it
You really can afford it-yeah
Really can afford it

Shooting stars never stop
Even when they reach the top

Moving on
Keep moving on

I will give you diamonds by the shower
Love your body even when it's old
Do it just as only I can do it
And never ever doing what I'm told

Keep moving on
Got to reach the top"

FYI, you'll know this band way better for this !!!!!
or this.

And your vid ? Try this .....

RIP Syd......

Thanks BBC for saving this '67 classic !

Can you get the link to the previous posts ?
(Information brought to you by 'Misspent' youth as a DJ on student radio !)

The clips will revisit the more colourful moments of Active's history, including office brawls, office sex, drunk DJs, offensive ads, phone calls from complete nutters and the brief but spectacularly unsuccessful closure of the station by then-owners Victoria Students Association, at the time controlled by stupid bastards.

Read more:

haven't fired up LFS since August
Funny, I had this on Assetto Corsa Wednesday evening... Hype seems to be gone.
How many people do you need to race against to be happy? "One" is my answer, for the record.
Nothing lasts forever...

...But if we are talking literally how I see LFS today, it is kind of cleaning the trash out with gems going with them as accidentally.

It will be filled up again. But now, the atmosphere will make it's presence.

We are going to dark side!
nobody here, nobody here, nobody here, nobody here, nobody here, nobody here, ... ATM cargame 48 conns, cannot even join race. This sux!
Quite some servers though. And majority is demo weird enough. Although there are Turkish servers which dominate the list (which I can talk to them as I speak it) I don't see how LFS is 'nobody here' You need to know that people join at different timezones. I know this as I have been playing for over a year.
#16 - kdo
Quote from OTone :

You should try to check the server list...
Quote from fatalunfair :
Quote from UnknownMaster21 :We are going to dark side!

Atleast they have cookies...

Cookies hm? No problem, but with that situation, I would take a whole cake... or a lot of cookies, an enourmous amount of cookies, like getting weight 200 pounds more? no?
Had a blast yesterday on S2, server was full for most of the evening and you had some rather good racing there!
Such a good racing that I was constantly being knocked out on 1st laps t1`s... Smile
Might be your personal experience, I rarely experience that (might be due to the fact that I'm always starting from top 5).
Yup, that's what happens when you start from the second half of the grid. But on cargame I can rarely start anywhere nearer as I'm pretty fresh on that server and have few PB's.
And after two, three ruined races I'm not in the mood to make next race anymore Big grin
Learning how to avoid contact is also a skill.. Some people have the talent to drive in somebody else its way all the time (real life experience).
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How I see LFS today
(22 posts, closed, started )