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LFS Photomode Competition Round 95: The next liveforspeed
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LFS Photomode Competition Round 95: The next liveforspeed

This rounds theme is... "The next liveforspeed (LFSS3)".

That is qoute from powerdrifter (winner of last comp):
"yo erikito thanks mate im really proud that people like my performance what i think as a new theme how people want to see LFS S3 as example graphic, drawing, reflection, weather, cars design/different styls and more to say about,because it take long time yet till S3 release and maybe it can be useful for developers/makers of LFS to see what people want to see with the release or ever on updates and next thing is S3 is a real simulition game they have rights to release a game without obligation.. "

"but the edited pic need to be a really different between the originel pic and the editor need to say why he choose the different and why rain or backfire something as that, next thing it need to be detailed.. "

I hope guys you will understand this theme! Because i really like the idea!

Round rules:

External images are allowed.

Cars: All
Tracks: All

Quote :Competition rules:
  • When you have finished your picture and want to enter it into the competition, please write 'Final Entry' in the relevant post.
  • You must provide a preview picture (no bigger than 400 x 400 pixels) as well as the High Resolution picture. (The preview picture does not have to be exactly 400 x 400 pixels - it can be smaller to maintain the correct aspect ratio [for example, 400 x 300 pixels])
  • No renders, old images or VOB MODS to be used.
  • You may incorporate external non-LFS images into your work this round.
  • You MUST NOT use any LFS screenshot material that does not belong to you. (You are not even allowed to ask others to take a picture for you etc., everything has to be done by you.)*
  • Demo users can use only use demo content.
  • During the voting, you are FORBIDDEN to get more votes in an unfair way. (Asking your team members, friends etc. to vote for you.) If I find out, your image will be removed from the voting and you will not be allowed to take part in the competition. (For how long, that is to be decided by me.)
  • All pictures MUST be uploaded to, so basically in the attachments. (Other uploading websites are not allowed to be used.) (This is because of the fact, that after some time, the other websites get shut down and pictures in hall of fame or old threads disappear and we can never get to see them again..
  • The winner of the round should explain how he made his edit. This is not a MUST rule, but it would be great for the beginners and also others to learn and see new things. (This means, giving 2-4 images of the steps, the raw screenshot etc. telling the techniques and tools used.)
  • Any entries that will be ignoring 1 or more rules listed above, will not be accepted.

* If these rules are ignored, then the person might be forbidden to take participation in the competition for some time.

Anyone is allowed to post their pictures and take participation in the competition as long as the rules are obeyed.

Competition closes on THURSDAY, 25.07.2013. at 20:00 GMT.

Have fun and good luck! Feel free to discuss the topic, images or ask questions.
Woaah! Been waiting for this a long time, and oh, the irony, I probably won't have time for it ... but will try.
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What is this guy on about...
#6 - Omar1
some of the best photoshop i've seen in my entire life
Final Entry

Right / last one is HQ

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LFS Next Gen (S3) preview.jpg
LFS Next Gen (S3).jpg
Seems like even the topic starter is NOT following the rules:
All pictures MUST be uploaded to, so basically in the attachments.
gordon666, nice !!!
Final Entry

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It's the 31st...
Quote from rockclan :It's the 31st...

Yes, i know.
I tried to contact him days back, but he is unactive for days and here...
Second thing some understand the whole idea wrong as example multiple LFS Edited pics, if you do this than choose the best one, again it need to be something really different between LFS S2 and not just overplaced car on a real life pic or use a pic from a other game thats it...

actually this photo comp is really wrong understanded...
I though actually that this idea could be something interesting for people that really has experience with Photoshop and more to make something with a meaning and really useful things for The Devs from LFS maybe?

It doesnt to be a simple and quick work, just take your time to do it and keep gonna for the details and good looking that supposed be in LFS S3.
You mean like this?
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Quote from rockclan :You mean like this?

yes, thats actually a good example not bad.

Second thing maybe its a good plan that the date of completition closes, when Erikito is back active and online.
Maybe it could be a good second chance for some, but The LFS Edited pics of Erikito and Rockclan is already finished to be vote soon for me...
Gordon666 not bad LFS Edited pic but im not sure if it could be useful for LFS S3, maybe some details as example the ground but actually your LFS Edited pic are going about heavily weather situation...
Np ,mabye this picture's is good ?
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Team chuju wrecking slower cars, there's a surprise

Quote from gordon666 :Np ,mabye this picture's is good ?

Did you read my post really well?, because you didnt understand it too ?
What i said about posting multiple LFS Edited pics on this topic?

as example multiple LFS Edited pics, if you do this than choose the best one. (just one pic not the whole gallary with pics on post that is made and edited by you)

Second thing: 2 of the 3 LFS Edited pics are early posted on this lfsforum..??
Why you dont making a LFS Edited pic specially for this Photo Comp as me?

* dont you have the motivation or sense of time and care for it to make one specially for this photo comp or?*

Because that is actually the meaning of this comps actually..

Again the pics arent bad too, but you got a lot more chooses or possability to make something different between other LFS Edited pics..

* i mean not only that LFS crashing pics that are made a lot this days and a question that could help, what do you dont like about LFS actually more than crashing cars... maybe you could improve your unlike things of LFS...

I hope you understand my right now and i hope it will help you further even with future editing of games...
I'll just leave this here...
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LFS S3.jpg
gordon666 winner....
Ey where is voting?
Erikas went inactive on LFS again, I think. That bastard.

LFS Photomode Competition Round 95: The next liveforspeed
(26 posts, started )