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Death Rally Priming
Okay, so NDR has made a DeathRally server to allow us to have some uncontrollable fun. This is a thread to try to prime the server up when we jump on it. When under 16 people you'll probably find some crazy Autocross or Carpark layout, but when it gets up higher expect some crazy action on things like Kyoto etc with 32 people.

If anyone has done this before, you know it can be loads of fun, so come join us!
Jesus hates persons who are not on Death Rally
This will probably be the only NDR server ever where you won't get penalized for causing an avoidable incident.

Of course the right is reserved to take out troublemakers.

It's like the old Bump&Jump, but a little more chaotic and more fun
And if you enjoy laughing with others, join NDR TS!
a bunch of us on now
A new simple but fast and high-flying Aston layout has been added to the server.
Noice shall try it later
New layout(s) available!
nice stuff
Aston Death Rally Layout

^Some layouts can be found there. The newer ones will be in an updated pack in the near future I assume. Got some other stuff to add to it so figured I would wait for a big update.

And sorry about the password being put on (when there is one and I'm in there, assume the password is "a"). I only had it on for layout editing, I completely forgot it was one when you said "brb". Fail on my part.

Have about 4 new layouts over the last 24 hours, hope to have a good Sunday showing.

And that layout you posted looks pretty fun!
Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away........ (onboard me, skip to 1:30 in replay if you want)
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moost be hax
Over 30 on server and 20 on TS.
I'm back, therefore we shall celebrate with a deathrally sex gore tonight.
What a boring track is there now,no wonder why server is completely deserted...
We need more people on this server. Every day that I used to come home at 3pm, it would be filled with people. Now it's always empty
Quote from ToxicKlay :We need more people on this server. Every day that I used to come home at 3pm, it would be filled with people. Now it's always empty

Invite your friends and family.

We're also sad to see the less popularity shown by the server, But we'd love to have new faces step up, that'd perhaps, get some of the usual hangarounds to come in.


Death Rally Management

Believe me, if I had a single friend that owned or played LFS, even the demo, I'd have them on the server all the time. Even just 1v1. Unfortunately I am the only person I know of that plays LFS
Whats de server name?>