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The what other music are you listening to now thread
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Quote from Racer Y :THis girl plays a traditional Korean Instrument.... she plays various covers from Adele to ZZ Top. This one though is my favorite.

Look at post #580 this thread, posted her doing "Little Wing by SRV". She looks better with her little hat on. Smile

Quote from Draggo :Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)

Timeless dubstep classic, alongside this:

i dont care what anyone says, this goes off
Hi everybody Smile

Quote from THE WIZARD DK :Denmark on lockdown :
"because life is a party"

I didn't know you liked music with words in it! I also didn't know they had Palm trees in Denmark..... Must be that global warming thing going around, huh?

If you can listen to this song without cutting yourself, then bro you got ice in your veins!
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :

I remember this song..... The first time I went to Las Vegas, this song was playing everywhere. This one and that damned song from the Titanic Movie. It's not that bad of a song if that's what you're into. But hearing it for two weeks straight? Vegas latches onto a song and plays it to death.

Here's another rot gut Country song for you.
Lee Marrow was a house legend back then.
well. i played this to death actually. so had to buy a new one, lol.
i literally killed it. forced to play it on crowd demands. (not one i would play otherwise).

but yer sure it was a musical plague that lasted for a long time and still do.
It was THAT popular? I'd a thought after they FINALLY stopped playing the original song, no one would want anything to do with listening to it. ROFL..... I remember getting free tickets to a show there. While they were playing that song some topless girl was ice skating....

The what other music are you listening to now thread
(830 posts, started )