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(Rescheduled) LFS Drag Racing Championship
Server: Realistic NASCAR Server
Time: 16:30 GMT on Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Car used: FZR (unrestricted)
Password will be PM'ed to all competitors who register.

Official Entry List

Event Overview
This event will begin with qualifying and conclude with a single elimination tournament. This bracket will be determined based on seeding determined by qualifying. Qualifying will be on au4 (8 lane drag) and will feature up to 8 competitors at a time until all competitors have gotten a chance to qualify. Competitors only get one chance to qualify.

The bracket will be actively updated throughout the event at the same link. Competitors need only to refresh the page in order to update the bracket.

This is the braket and link which we will use throughout this event: ... Championship%20Braket.pdf

Qualifying Rules
Those who false start in this qualifying attempt will automatically be seeded behind those who do not false-start. Driver who do false start will get a second chance at qualifying. This will only determine the seeding of those who false started. Those who didn't false start will remain seeded better than those who did in their initial try regardless of their times. If a competitor false starts in both attempts they will not receive a third attempt.

Head-to-Head Rules
Competitors who have a better seeding than their opponent will receive their choice of lane in each match. All finishes are subject to official replay review. The first competitor to false start will lose the match should both competitors false-start. If only one competitor false-starts the other competitor is required only to go the same distance down the track or further in order to win. Competitors who touch the white line on either side of their lane at any time during their run will automatically end their run at that point (lane violation). If both competitors do so in the same match the competitor who was furthest down track at the time that they received the lane violation will receive the match win.

In order to register for this event answer the following information prompt accurately and correctly in a reply to this thread.

Desired Number (0-99):
Driver's Full Name:
LFS World Name:
Full Team Name:

Be sure to be in attendance on the server before 16:25 GMT on race day. Hope to see you there
Desired Number (0-99): 52
Driver's Full Name: Tomáš Korený
LFS World Name: Denny12
Full Team Name: rFORCE™
Nationality: Czech Republic
Desired Number (0-99): 64
Driver's Full Name: Martin Kapal
LFS World Name: Flame CZE
Full Team Name: SAVAGE SimSports
Nationality: Czech Republic
Desired Number (0-99): 23
Driver's Full Name: Jaroslav Dohnalík
LFS World Name: Fast Jarda
Full Team Name: SAVAGE SimSports
Nationality: Czech Republic
Desired Number (0-99): 5
Driver's Full Name: Cameron Corns
LFS World Name: Cornys
Full Team Name: Realistic NASCAR
Nationality: United States
#6 - rik97
Desired Number (0-99): 06
Driver's Full Name: Rik Kardol
LFS World Name: Rik97
Full Team Name: Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme
Nationality: the Netherlands
Desired Number (0-99): 83
Driver's Full Name: Antti Terho
LFS World Name: Speed Senna
Full Team Name: Master Team Drivers Zero X-treme
Nationality: Finland

Desired Number (0-99): 88
Driver's Full Name: Patrick Hall
LFS World Name: FalconBridge
Full Team Name: Dutch Nascar Team
Nationality: Canada
Desired Number (0-99): 11
Driver's Full Name: Bozhidar Velinov
LFS World Name: F1 mainiac
Full Team Name: Team Rock Racing
Nationality: Bulgarian
Desired Number (0-99): 45
Driver's Full Name: Nemanja Pavlović
LFS World Name: Muhi_GP
Full Team Name: Serbian Racing Team
Nationality: Serbia
Uhm... in the pdf file you have a mistake . It is Bulgaria not BulgEria
Desired Number (0-99): 29
Driver's Full Name: Mathias Nielsen
LFS World Name: nielsenracer
Full Team Name: rFORCE™
Nationality: Denmark
Desired Number (0-99): 55
Driver's Full Name: Thorsten Ulrich
LFS World Name: masterboy19660815
Full Team Name: Team 6th Gear Racing
Nationality: German
Wait .. What ? mathias ?
wait what..... a crasher to drag racing holy crap!
Drag Championship Status
Desired Number (0-99): 17
Driver's Full Name: Jordan Pooley
LFS World Name: S13•Drifter
Full Team Name: - single racer
Nationality: United Kingdom
We still need AT LEAST 4 more competitors in order to fill the standard 16 man braket. The event is Thursday at 19:30 GMT for those who may be interested. We hope to see you there
this Thursday ?
I am withdrawing myself from the competition. I will however still be there to admin. We still need 6 more competitors in order to fill the full 16 driver braket. Go on, sign-up if you're interested
Actually there aren't many ppl who are interested in drag racing
Desired Number (0-99): 01
Driver's Full Name: Nikifor Đaković
LFS World Name: N I K I
Full Team Name: Team Rock Racing
Nationality: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cant make it.. Sorry..
A small family matter has poped up this morning that I have to attend to. I won't be able to hold this event today. I am calling the event off for this point in time.

I appologize for the short notice and I hope nobody called off any plans for this event. All of you will be PM'ed with this notification as well.
It always happens to me Wanted to pwn Nielsen