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US Elections 2012
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"The letter O and 16 trillion"
This could equally well be in the jokes thread but I'll post it here for the lolz.

For those of you in the US, your probably completely unaware that there are in fact other parties standing, well, you may have read my post about the Greens being arrested for disorderly behaviour for trying to point this out.

Your media certainly only believes that there are two ( one ) party standing, corporate America.

Well, at least one media outlet is prepaired to hold a televised debate for the 'minor' parties to actually express their views.

And which media outlet is it ?

RT !!!!!!!!

Pretty sad when the Russians are the only ones who are prepaired to support democracy in the US.

"RT News will be presenting this debate, after next week’s third and final debate between current US President Barack Obama and the main challenger, Mitt Romney.
Giving the American public a chance to view other candidates for the prime position, multi-award winning broadcast journalist, Larry King, will be moderating the event.

The third-party debate will be broadcast live from the Hilton Chicago, in Chicago, Illinois on October 23, with RT America and offering the event live in cooperation with its organizers, the Free and Equal Elections Foundation. For those in or near Chicago, tickets can be purchased on their website.

The event will also be broadcast live by Ora TV on YouTube and by Al Jazeera English, but will not be on the major cable TV news networks. According to the Huffington Post, C-SPAN is also currently looking into whether or not to carry the debate."
Quote from Racer X NZ :
"RT News will be presenting this debate,... broadcast live by Ora TV on YouTube and by Al Jazeera English,

ok, that is pretty funny. In a sad way. Here in this country, every party (as long as its not anti-democratic) has the right to participate in public, and have its TV spot presented right before the main TV news. Caused a bit of controversy when this fun party entered a spot featuring being drunk and vomiting in front of kids.

Atm, there are like 5 to 7 parties that have chances to get seats in next years election (tho only 6 of them are what you call established parties)
Yeah, same here that we have 10 plus party's standing, and 6 at least in parliament.

And we have a great range of loonies who give the whole process a correct sense of the ridiculous, ie The McGillicuddy Serious Party who's platform is returning NZ to a feudal economy as an example.

But that's why I'm making such an issue of the US, leaders of the 'free' world.

An even bigger joke is that the UN feels it necessary to put in election observers to 'ensure' that they have an open election.

But the US rigs its election through the count so these observers are unlikely to pick much up.

The biggest joke, the plebs in the US don't see it !

And they need the Russian media to actually give the parties that most people in the US would actually vote for if these parties were actually given an opertunity to explain what they stand for, the oppertunity to state their opinions and policies.
I suspect that that may well be why these parties are never given any exposure.
The real US rulers certainly don't want voters making an informed choice. As no one, apart from the 1 percent would ever vote for these one/two identical mainstream looneys if they actually knew what they really stood for.

But, as is made clear from our dear US members, they live in this dream world where they have a deluded notion that they live in a 'democracy'.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.
I watched it on an american network. Stop with the conspiracy and bullshit already?
they probably relay it due to the need to beep out every ****, ****, ass, shit that the candidates might let slip :rolleyes: (lets see which words are censored here on the forum ...does it censor non english stuff?) fotze ficken arschok it doesn't
Probably not, my swearing in Reo seems to get by the filters.

And it pays to get some loons in there to make the serious people look like idiots.

Just wait for the next post about how Romney has brought up the companies that provide the voting machines in crucial states that can't be audited, what did Stalin say on the subject ?

My call, Romney in a surprise win, just check on who the US's real rulers, and bank rollers of the election want to win.

Romney has yet to not lie about anything and yet the poll's say 50 percent of Americans think he's awesome.

Obama's no better, but chose a candidate who hasn't spent 2 billion $ and talks peace and not supporting Israel. ROFL, not a chance.

If it wasn't going to affect us all, I'd say what a joke, however as it does, America, WTF, clearly, unless you change the outcome, what a pack of suicidal dickheads.

( did that get through ? )
Quote from NewZealand :The government of New Zealand has quietly implemented an internet filter and is urging the leading ISPs in the country to adopt the measure, in a move that would give the authorities the power to restrict whichever websites they see fit.
The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) reportedly turned on the internet filter on February 1st without making any announcement, prompting critics to charge that the measure had been activated in stealth.

Theres a conspiracy for you Racer X.
Quote from Bmxtwins :Theres a conspiracy for you Racer X.

Well, this move is softer than the approach of the US ICE. In the past they've summarily stopped access to websites which they believe are illegal, without due process. Here is some information on one such takedown. Here is another. To think that the US government has the power to take down domains registered and hosted outside the US without any burden of proof should be worrying to everyone.

edit: sorry, got my 3 letter acronym for the responsible department wrong originally. It was the ICE, rather than the DHS.
Immigration and Custom's Enforcement?
Yes I know about ice but that is based on the belief on copyright infringment, sure they may not give any explanation but there must have been reports for them to do anything.
Quote from Bmxtwins :Immigration and Custom's Enforcement?
Yes I know about ice but that is based on the belief on copyright infringment, sure they may not give any explanation but there must have been reports for them to do anything.

Hmm, so you're calling a 'stealth' network filter possibly implemented by some NZ ISPs that may or may not be in force a "conspiracy", yet a proven strategy by the US government to seize domains from anywhere in the world without due process is totally fine? Even though several of the domain seizures eventually turn out to have been without cause and are given back after a long period of time. There is a procedure in place for dealing with copyright infringement (it's called the DMCA).

Quote :WARSAW, 24 October 2012 – Ambassador Janez Lenarčič, the Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), expressed his grave concern today over the threat of criminal prosecution of OSCE/ODIHR election observers in Texas.

Quote from amp88 :Hmm, so you're calling a 'stealth' network filter possibly implemented by some NZ ISPs that may or may not be in force a "conspiracy", yet a proven strategy by the US government to seize domains from anywhere in the world without due process is totally fine? Even though several of the domain seizures eventually turn out to have been without cause and are given back after a long period of time. There is a procedure in place for dealing with copyright infringement (it's called the DMCA).

Lol, I was just trying to tick Racer X off
Racer X doesn't get ticked off, because he doesn't listen to anyone other than himself (and the cherry-picked sources that support his insane worldview).
He's not posted since the 'New Zealand internet filter' post. It either made him explode or he's hiding in his bunker wrapped in tinfoil.
Tinfoil is considered a weapon where he lives.
my response to him got deleted (probably by one of the Devs), but no infraction for me. Third time that happened
Cool, I didn't think this had much to do with the US elections, other than indirectly but seeing as you want a reply to this.......

Obama casts TPP as Challenge to China – will Groser now walk away?
Trade Minister Tim Groser stated unequivocally in February this year that New Zealand would pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations if politicians in the United States used them as a vehicle to try to contain the rise of China.
‘If Tim Groser really meant that, he needs to walk away from the TPPA now, before New Zealand hosts the next round in Auckland in December’, said Professor Jane Kelsey, who monitors the negotiations.
‘In the past month both US presidential candidates have positioned the TPP at the centre of their strategy to neutralise China’s ascendancy in what they call the ‘Pacific’ region’, according to Professor Kelsey.
During the recent Leesburg round of TPP negotiations Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney reportedly complained that Obama has not been tough enough with China. Romney endorsed the TPP, which he described as a “dramatic geopolitical and economic bulwark against China.” ... pp-as-challenge-to-china/

Now, for those of you that recall the Megadownload case, our current Govt ( National anyway ) are America's bitch's.

The internet filter is a part of the TPPA, as America requires this as a part of signing up to the agreement.

So, people claim that NZ is implimenting this on our own. Sod Off !

This is what the " Land of the Slave's " are requiring as our part of this agreement.

Did China require anything as anal as a part of the agreement that we, ( First country in the World ) to sign an agreement with them ?

Ummmm, no.

Do we need the TPPA, as required by American Fascist interests, no.

Next bitch fest please US trolls !

DHS utilizes social media for communications, public affairs, and outreach purposes and has an official presence on many of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. To ensure DHS' use of social media for communications/outreach/dialogue with the public adheres to privacy requirements, DHS developed two Department-wide privacy impact assessments (PIAs): a PIA for Department use of social networking interactions and applications; and a PIA for Department use of unidirectional social media. If an initiative meets the PIA requirements, it is added to the Appendix of the appropriate PIA through the Social Media Privacy Threshold Analysis process. As noted in the PIAs, these initiatives are subject to Privacy Compliance Reviews (PCRs).

There's more on this topic if people really want to push..............
Quote :Next bitch fest please US trolls !

He's got a diplomacyboner
I want more on the topic.

1: No answer to the information I posted - go to abuse mode.

2: Try reading about the US requirements on the TPPA, start with what I've posted then google TPPA requirements.

Here's a really funny point about US copyright takedowns. 2 rule's seem to apply.

For those of you really slow on the uptake, Bing is Microsofts search engine. I'll draw a picture if the terminally stupid object to this. ... ks-that-remain-bing.shtml

"We just wrote about Google's very cool, new copyright transparency tool, which lets you dig into the details of all the search takedowns that Google gets. As people start to play around with the site, some interesting things are coming to light. Lots of people noticed that the number one copyright holder requesting takedowns from Google search was... Microsoft.

Now, it seems pretty reasonable to assume that if Marketly is sending a takedown to Google to get such a link taken out of its search engine, on behalf of Microsoft, that it quite likely is issuing the same kind of takedown to Microsoft's Bing (hell, you'd perhaps think that Microsoft could just pull the link without a takedown). And yet... the site, which Microsoft supposedly wants to disappear, is gone from Google, but found easily on Bing.

This would suggest that, either Marketly and Microsoft decide to leave up certain infringing content on Microsoft's own search engine while taking it down from Google... or that Microsoft certainly isn't that fast at doing removals. And yet, why don't we hear the people who always bitch about Google complaining about Microsoft?

Of course, the data is also revealing some other interesting "issues" with Microsoft's takedowns. Kurt Opsahl, for example, noticed that Microsoft sent Google a takedown, you can view here, which claims that previous takedown notices, also from Microsoft, are in fact, infringing. This one was also sent by "Marketly" and suggests that they don't do much research to make sure the sites are legitimately infringing before issuing takedowns."
I was once Microsoft's number one hater. Then along came Google. "Don't be evil"
Hopefully this report is all over the US media, after all it's not as if this would be censored in any way.

A retired NSA analyst as applied statistical analysis to voting patterns and it shows some rather interesting results.

"When these reports first came out, we went over the numbers instead of just rushing in with the story. The numbers are clear as day. The fix is in all across the country, and it is restricted to states run by Republicans. This kind of manipulation can only be done subtly: votes are not shifted more than 10%.

The reason why the fraud is so easy to spot when you examine the primaries is because the tampering was not restricted to stealing votes from one specific competitor, but from several, which increased the rate of shift as the voting population increased. The large Republican primary base becomes the scam’s undoing. The computerized manipulation algorithm leaves a fingerprint easy to identify; all such things do…and now we know what to look for.

Vote counts should never go down.
You do not go to the polls and “unvote” for one or more candidates to take votes away from them; you vote for a single candidate, your vote is added to the total they have already received, and their votes increase. Vote counts should either hold steady or go up. When vote counts go down, it indicates fraud. Full stop.
When you expand your search, looking for this pattern, investigation reveals that this vote tampering was not just restricted to Arizona.
When one examines comparisons of primaries nationwide, you will note that the same pattern is found. It is statistically improbable for this pattern to happen in even a single race. To have it happen in every primary race in states with Republican leadership? A statistical impossibility." ... ing-elections-for-romney/

I strongly recommend reading the whole report, it really is very interesting reading.
Here's the link to the original article ... ections/article20598.html

The best candidate money and fraud can buy.

US Elections 2012
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