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US Elections 2012
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Quote from flymike91 :oh nice save by the moderator to keep Obama from being pinned by his own remarks about the assassination in Libya. If he didn't know, a week after the attack, that it wasn't an amateur youtube video that caused the deaths of our diplomats, then that is the ultimate failure. Not even the fact that the ambassador knew he was in danger and was ignored, and the terrorists gained yet another victory on 9/11.

What does mean?
Quote from flymike91 :oh nice save by the moderator to keep Obama from being pinned by his own remarks about the assassination in Libya. If he didn't know, a week after the attack, that it wasn't an amateur youtube video that caused the deaths of our diplomats, then that is the ultimate failure. Not even the fact that the ambassador knew he was in danger and was ignored, and the terrorists gained yet another victory on 9/11.

Quote from CheerioDM :What does mean?

I think it means that the video was/is meaningless. Also it was never a movie, simply what is called a 'false flag'

I fully agree your media is a farce but do try to understand what's going on in the world.

Try actually reading what I've already posted on this. It may stop the rest of us being quite so rude about your gullibility.

Pomote a patsy who was rapidly promoted to the post, who knew too much, who was gay, who was set up by your state dept, not even arming the guards, odd, even in NZ your embassy guards are armed, refuse to pay any attention to warnings provided by your own patsy's in Libya.

Act surprised when he's raped and killed.
Ignore the fact that Libyian civilians took him to hospital, something their used to doing as you keep murdering them with your Al Queda terrorists.
Put out claims about your 'Special Forces" crawling though the room at least twice but being unable to find him.

And then expect the rest of us not to know whats happening.

Do try to wake up, unless of course your part of "Homeland Security", in which case I fully expect a total denial of actual real facts and a diatribe of off topic abuse.

I can't wait to see your reaction................
yes if anyone disagrees with you its abusive. Sounds like typical left-wing victim rhetoric.
And am I hearing facts or only, " you talk s&@ t "

What did I say in my last post ?

Do try a bit harder.

Or are you really only a tosser ?

Must be time for you to call in a boss to answer what I'm saying as your out of your depth.
" picture of cute cat "

And your point is ?

Either learn mike or disagree with facts, personally I prefer pitbulls, they don't let go .............

Let's see, Romney controls the voting count through Bains interest in Diebold, they both stand for Wall St, Romney has 'reducteds' money but there's a power struggle going on amongst the elite, the only real point is who starts a war with Iran first.

Why ?

Iran and China have both chosen to deal in oil using their own currency rather than the US dollar. Big no no to Wall St, and 'reducted', who are Wall St anyway.

Oh, and then there's the highly informed US voters, yeh right !

But they don't count, as if they had any sense then we wouldn't be seeing this farce, they can be discounted.

The debates are a joke as they are choreographed, it's all been decided before hand, link to follow.

Makes good tv and let's the idiots feel that they're vote, miscounted, rigged, a farce, actually means something.

They both have the same agenda and program, and neither of them give a f about Americans, shame they the ignorant masses can't see this.

Still, what's another war, millions more deaths, as long as x factor, America's next top model, jersey shore, isn't interrupted then what do they care.

Shopping and eating, preferably at the same time, one long strip mall.

The American dream, cus you have to be asleep to believe it.
Isn't it a bit myopic to rant about the state of democracy in the USA without acknowledging that it's no better in 99% of other countries in the world?

Hell, our queen is officially YOUR head of state, and your country is on the opposite side of the world. How did you end up in that situation? Not to mention that your parliament has been completely dominated by the same two parties for generations, just like our parliament and those of most other democratic nations.

Sounds like you need to sort your own shit out.
We have mmp, our right wing govt has to work with the greens and the Maori party to pass laws, works wonders.

Becoming a republic, high on our list and will happen when queenie kicks it, already been decided.

Upset about the US wanting to rule the world, you bet, so I claim the right to comment.

Do I comment the same way about other countries that don't claim the right to murder and invade any country that has resources that the US believes are theirs by right of arms, no.

I suggest they, and NATO, US patsies sort their shit out thank you.

At least our legal system is taking both our govt and the US apart over the megaupload case.

That's at least one thing we can do to bring legality back to the world.
Quote from Racer X NZ :" picture of cute cat "

It was a dog - it's clearly a dog.

Anyway, having watched "round 2" I can agree with Deko that both are so rude and neither would be getting my vote should I be living in the USA. Although having taken that test, I do agree with Obama on far more than I do Romney.

Can I just also say, there are some pretty wacky idea's out there and to be honest, there is no need to argue about it on the internet - people are always going to have differing opinions about race, religion, politics and its always fruitless to argue - what can you achieve?

I know it was posted a while ago, but Mike's comments on the "Islam situation" in Europe really did make me laugh. Where has this paranoia come from Mike? I live in Europe unlike you - and I'll be honest I've grown up in places where it seems there are more Muslims than Whites but I have never had a problem. They are respectable people and not all power hungry blood thirsty maniacs like you make out. Before you start believing the poll "results" of a study I suggest you look more into it. A 1000 sample size, yeah okay - 50 million Muslims in Europe? Can't say I am going to believe anything from that - you simply cannot generalise.

Back to the election, although it doesn't affect me directly - I do hope Mitt doesn't win. That would be bad news.
Quote from Racer X NZ :Upset about the US wanting to rule the world, you bet, so I claim the right to comment.

Empires come and empires go, don't worry about it, the USA is on the wane now anyway they'll be bit-part players in twenty years just like the UK is now.

You should be worrying about China. Plus they're a lot nearer to you and they seem to have odd notions about ownership of islands in the Pacific.
Where was Obama's grand idea last night? Where was his succinct defense of his record over the last 4 years? He has nothing to run on except more promises. My parent's health insurance costs went up $4,000 after Obamacare was passed, and the middle class tax cut Obama keeps mentioning was only the extension on Bush's tax cuts.

I was yelling at the TV when both were rambling about the percentage of oil drilled on private vs. federal land, when Romney had an ace in the hole with yet another company inflated with $132,000,000 taxpayer dollars that went bankrupt due to Obama's predilection for gambling with taxpayer money on "green" manufacturing for customers that have never existed.
Quote from flymike91 :He has nothing to run on except more promises.

What more does he need to compete with a tax-dodging Mormon psychopath?

Romney, honestly, the very idea that anyone in the USA would vote for him is what makes the rest of the world think you're all mental.
The record stands.
23 million jobless
47 million being fed by working taxpayers
deficit has doubled
Foreign policy of apologizing and seeming humble has emboldened our enemies around the world. Can't even protect members of his own administration.

People will vote for Romney because we can't afford four more years. I will vote for Romney because I would like to be rewarded for my work. I would like to help my family's small business grow into a big business without worrying how much we'll be punished if we make over $250,000. If the employers in the US don't support Obama and cannot hire under his policies, how does he think he will create jobs? Oh, right, hire thousands of unionized government workers to grow the bureaucracy and expand his voter base.
Yes, I am sorry you are so rude.
What, seriously is the difference between either of them ?

And, in the farce that is 'democracy' anyone catch up with this beauty ?

Police arrested Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein and her running mate, Cheri Honkala, after they tried to enter the site of tonight’s presidential debate at the Hofstra University.

That's strange, I did think that they were on the ballot ?
After all, in the land of 'free elections' it's hard enough for them to get there.

"we're now own 45 different ballots in the United States. We had to fight very hard to get on those 45 ballots, to give you an example: in Pennsylvania Democrats required 2,000 signatures, Republicans required 2,000 signatures and we had to get 40,000 signatures to get on the ballot."

So this is an open election ?
Tinpot third world countries do better than this, but as the greens point out,

"We really have a one party system in this country and that’s why I’m running on the Green Party ticket for vice-president. It is incredibly important because we need to catch up with the rest of the world where they have several different political parties. In this country we really only have one and that’s the Republicrats which is basically Democrats and Republicans who just basically represents corporate America and, you know, the majority of people in this country are suffering as a result of policies that are coming out of both Democrats and Republicans.
The US calls itself a democracy... for example in Russia there are seven parties. In the US there are supposedly two parties and their policies are... for the majority only bad or worse. Why is it that there are no other parties able to enter the political arena in the US?
Because all the guidelines, rules and laws are setup by the Democrats and Republicans themselves. They control the debate process here, they control who gets on the ballots, they control everything. And so, of course because the main thing that they want to do is to stay in control and represent corporate America, they don’t want anybody else to be a part of this process. And so we have a very serious democracy problem in this country and we really need the help of international media to call attention to the fact that we don’t really have a democracy." ... -arrested-at-debate-site/

And this seems to be the closest the US media have come to reporting it,

Nassau County, N.Y. police say Jill Stein, the Green presidential nominee, and Cheri Honkala, the vice-presidential nominee, were charged with disorderly conduct as they tried to enter the debate site at Hofstra University.

The Green Party says in a statement that Stein and Honkala were walking with supporters toward the Hofstra campus Tuesday afternoon when they were met by uniformed police officers. Stein and Honkala then held an impromptu press conference in which Stein called the debate a "mockery of democracy. ... -011030548--election.html

Well, in the US wanting a fair election is clearly disorderly behaviour !
If you can't determine the differences between them, you're not trying. Stop being willfully obstinate, you retard.
Quote from DeadWolfBones :If you can't determine the differences between them, you're not trying. Stop being willfully obstinate, you retard.

well hes not alone
jim lehrer seems to have the same difficulties figuring out the differences between the 2 candidates
Your right in respect to your real rulers !

Thus, the actual policy differences between Obama and Romney — over aid, security, timetables and budget — pale in comparison to their different outlooks on what America’s leadership role should be in the world. Obama wants his policies to soothe, to cajole, to help him make friends. Romney wants to make a stand, to convey a message of strength. Although both candidates are internationalists, and both say they want America to lead the world, the kinds of leadership they are talking about sound quite different. Obama keeps arguing that his soft-spoken approach has enabled him to gain allies, and even reluctant rivals, on board in his quest to isolate Iran. Romney keeps arguing that isolation is a means to an end — stopping Iran from nuclear armament — which the Obama administration has not achieved. ... the_foreign_policy_debate

But then take a look at who said that.

And it really is over slight degree's of difference to the rest of us, remember Romney wants war with Iran now, Obama wants war with Iran after the election, but with a slight chance of avoiding it, hence the upset in the above quote.

Let's return, however to the American election, as I do believe this is the 'American' election, not the Israeli election. I realise it may be hard to tell the difference.

Quote from DeadWolfBones :If you can't determine the differences between them, you're not trying. Stop being willfully obstinate, you retard. ... s-just-like-barack-obama/ ... but-ignorded-by-the-media ... ties_between_obama_romney

Possibly I'm not the only one..........

They are both corporate America.
They both are only interested in 1% of the population.
They both believe America has the right to murder anyone ( including US citizens ) on their say so.

Read ( ROFL ! ) the above to get a better idea what I'm talking about.
Read ( PMSL ! ) the Greens comments before they got arrested for daring to be in public while your stage managed debate was happening, and still Romney blew it !!!!!!!

Mind you, any one who's stupid enough to believe anything he say, in itself an impossibility as he's constantly changing what he says he supports, when he's not lying about everything else, really deserves what they'll get.

Personally, I believe most of you are so programmed that your unable to see the obvious - Red pill or Blue pill ?

Try this.... "A basic purpose of the spectacle was to create the illusion of fundamental policy differences between the two candidates and their parties, when there are none. The political differences between the Democrats and Republicans reflect secondary tactical differences within the ruling oligarchy."

"Two representatives of the corporate-financial elite that rules America spent nearly two hours trying to sell themselves as partisans of the common man in a thoroughly stage-managed production. It was painful to watch and a struggle to stay awake.
As has become the norm in American politics, it was a “debate” without any discussion or substance, a tired and empty ritual designed to conceal the truth and chloroform the public.
Every aspect of the event was orchestrated and vetted. The so-called “town hall” setting had nothing to do with a real give-and-take with ordinary people. The 82 people sitting on the stage with Obama and Romney had been chosen by Gallup, the polling firm, from so-called “undecided voters” residing in the Hempstead, Long Island area, where the debate was held.
Following a rehearsal the morning of the event, these 82 hand-picked voters submitted their questions to the moderator, Candy Crowley of CNN, who then decided the questions to be asked by choosing which of the 82 would get to speak. The microphones of the questioners were automatically shut off as soon as their questions had been asked.
Both candidates ritualistically invoked the American “middle class,” which has largely disappeared, as millions have been thrown into the ranks of a working class whose existence neither candidate acknowledged. They repeatedly declared their commitment to improving the lot of the “middle class,” while concealing the plans being worked out between the Democrats and Republicans for after the election to drastically cut basic social programs upon which tens of millions of people depend." ... e-managed-charade/5308659

Red Pill

How to make a difference

For those individuals with friends that insist on how different Obama and Romney are from each other, politely remind them “The greatest differences between Obama and Romney have simply been created by the Mainstream Media itself to give voters an “Illusion of choice” this November. If that alone is still not enough to sway the friends,, so-workers, and teammates away from the brainwashing propaganda broadcast daily by the mainstream media sources, then back up these claims with these 40 pieces of evidence and questions regarding Obama and Romney. ... but-ignorded-by-the-media
Sadly they both do.

Wait's for abuse from Rep/Dem party people saying how different they are -
They are very different.
Democrats & Republicans the same?
Of course they are! They're crooks!
But I really don't understand Racer X's concern. He should REALLY be worried about how his own government acts. If our government tried to pull off some of the nanny state garbage his did, there'd be blood in the streets.
And yet he seems totally oblivious to this.
As far as our Political B.S. in the USofA goes...
It's a scary prospect of having a single party in control of Both Houses and the Executive branch, no matter which group of idiots it is.
And as far as Romney goes...This clown is a piece of work - ain't he?
All those lies about trickle down economics...
I got tired of being trickled down on economically.
Oh I managed to get by with previous republican administrations pushing that crap, Only it was due to illegitimate means. That nasty little war on drugs they created not only makes them money, but if you're desperate enough, so can you.
Then there's Obama. He just doesn't seem to realize that the American Psyche is much too individualistic for any of the typical liberal democrat ideals to work. Kinda lie trying to make a person use their other hand to do stuff.
And I think that really sums up the problems with this Presidential election. We have two candidates that are incredibly out of touch with the people as a whole.

US Elections 2012
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