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Awesome !
Awesome work! Downloading and applying. ;3
Looks cool

Just a tip for further update

Give to the kerbs a bit of "deep", they look too plain compared to the vanilla lfs ones.
Looks neat, I will check them out later, thanks.
Looks very nice.
Didn't tried it in LFS, just browsed thought files. Armcos looks nice.
Tracks are nice, but I would like to see higher resolution tracks, since most of track textures I currently using are 4096x4096 p.
#8 - Lynce
Fantastic job.

Much encouragement for more projects from you.

i like it, nice work
Just to add a bit more

Can you make a ver with no so "strong colors"?, the rest of the work is fantastic.
Yeah only thing is that the curbs could use some more weathering.
This looks like the HiRes pack from the old LFSDB, nice work!

Anyways, is there a possibility to have a bit more... contrasted look to the textures, like in the Red-Projects pack 2006? I'd appreciate for the effort.

I'll be using these
that westhill one is GOOD.. tnx for sharing.
o yeah,very nice
tnx man,this is new lfs
go go go
i'm gonna say in our language.

Perfeito trabalho, com certeza irei usar
i noticed in your pack, you forgot to remove the LOGOALPHA.DDS ( That the file that change the tyre sidewall brands ) so anyone be carefull becuase also change de tyres sidewalls
^^^ Just change it to Chromo_Plain (the blank one), as it doesn't leave that annoying darker streak along the sidewalls... Unless that's another DDS file doing that to me. xD
This work is just awesome!
Thanks for sharing
Thank You Very Much, This should be added officially to LFS, it feels more realistic.

LFS has stepped to new season with you and other great add-oners!!

Wow nice work!
Very nice work !!!!

(48 posts, started )