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The Official 10h of Kyoto by 6th
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The Official 10h of Kyoto by 6th
Hello LFS Community,

I can proudly announce the first, really big event by Team 6th Gear Racing.
We've spend a lot of hours of planning, also in asking you, the Community here.

We will drive this Competition with two classes. The GT2 class, cars with around 370HP which includes the FZ2, XR2 and FX2. On this Track they will reach Topspeeds around 260 km/h.
The other class, really loved by a lot of people, is the Baby GT-R class, which includes the UFB and XFB. These cars do have a very high apex speed and are really easy to drive. They has around 90 HP and they're reaching Topspeeds around 160-170 km/h.


For more Info's and how to Join visit this.

Skin Thread
Sign-Up List

Kind Regards,
Thorsten Ulrich
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Read the thread please + the INFOS
btw Wasn't I gonna be SC ?
Are you going to be able all 10h be there?
Just seriously what is that guys... Why you even make a poll for track and cars, when you choose it by urself. From car poll:
GT2 - 13 votes
GT3 - 3 votes
Baby GT-R - 15 votes.
And you choose GT3??

Track poll:
KY3 is definitely the winner, and you choose some open config, that it's not even sure some people will have the decent computers to drive?! And I'm not sure, if you know, but open configs. are hated by 90% of LFS
Hmm, im thinking same with krkriv. Talking about OT tracks, if we are gonna to use Baby classes, OT track might not be the best choice.

For example cars are slow and short track isnt big problem, passing is easy. (if people obeys blue flag)
It it's open configs you can forget it. I was under the impression it was AS4 / as4r..
Krkriv is right the track has to be KY3 and the classes GT2 and Baby GT-R
I actually think, the difference between GT2 and Baby GT-R is way too much, but hey, the community decided, so I#ll change it

Track got changed to KY3
Classes got changed to GT2 & Baby GT-R
This will be on spdo database.
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Quote :Track got changed to KY3

Maybe you should read better, King
he posted 12 mins later so
From the ammount of grid I assume there will be 2 servers used?
I can be here
@Promo: No, one server should be OK. I want to have a lot of cars on one server
Another question (can't find the info in the spreadsheet) - what's the max driver amount per car?
It's in there --> Max 4 drivers per car
ky3 with ufb and xfb lol? you only got to brake 3 times during the lap and besides from that you drive with full trothle all the time
ky3 is overdone with enduro
got chosen by voting, I would prefer another track
Also guys, I'm not thinking that 10h event during the night in Europe will bring u a lot of crowd. Better think of rescheduling ur starting time. Better to start at noon, and end at night
I enjoyed driving through night at the 16h race that could be fun actually
If some1 falls asleep .... That will be fun
Can I drive it alone?

The Official 10h of Kyoto by 6th
(204 posts, started )