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16 hours, talk thead, race comments
Team 348 xfr eXtrem Racing

Hi, so kurze info wie es zuzeit läuft.

läuft soweit ganz gut bei uns, sind jetzt im stint 3.

rennbericht ausführlich bei uns im forum: ... &topic=355&page=1

euer eX.R Team

good race on server 2,

stints 1-2 very good, place 5 in the ngt class.

sorry my english is not good
Anyone have a replay from 1st and 2nd stints?
there will be a replay of the whole race afterwards
Quote from GuRu_PL :Anyone have a replay from 1st and 2nd stints?

Which server you need? I have 1st and 2nd stint from 2nd server.
CAR 199 of server 2, sort your freaking overtaking out!!!!!! you guys hit me 2 times and make me go off track 1 time to lose over 6 seconds! :gnasher:
Excuse from 288 Schlieker to 306 Leu (server 1)

Tried the best to not crash you while overtaking and the opposite happened
Hi, I just got disconnected from server two and now appear to be banned.
Username youliftyoulose.

Help if you can.

Quote from andRo. :Which server you need? I have 1st and 2nd stint from 2nd server.

Hmm i need from grid 1 (1st server) but u can upload your replay i would like to watch it too
Team 207 isnt tracked anymore on the tracker... Saying "OUT" while driving many laps now in the meantime
just a mistake in the teams.yaml, will be fixed soon, just keep going

I know German, but what dangerous overtaking?
for example if you nearly bump a NGT while lapping it he did it twice on the same NGT

nothing to worry about, just to make sure he concentrates a bit more on lapping
OK mentioned it to the driver.
#15 - troy
He shoved me off the track for the second time already cargame, he really needs to start watching for slower drivers otherwise this will end in tears sooner or later.
LFS remote server 1 died.
It's back (maybe automatically)
sorry form 191 to 307 UFR (53 lap?) oval entrance
Cant be bothered to file a complaint since it doesnt change anything, but i wanna confirm what was mentioned by xtraction: 199 Race4fun has been very reckless in its lapping maneuvers, especially 10 minutes ago when he completely rammed his way through my teammate without even showing the slightest intention to avoid him.

@Organizers: as allways, great event!
Congratz to the winners!
Had to drive fast to hold 2nd
Fun race, and grats to all the winners!
Pretty fun event!
Grats to all the winners and finishers.

Also grats to TEM, Karl especially, who did most of the race. Great race for us!

Thanks for the event, organizing, streaming etc.
Great event everyone. Turn-out might have been slightly disappointing, but it was still great fun. Thanks again to the organisers for all the work.

Just one suggestion for next time though. Pick a shorter track next time. This one was so long, that there was very little interaction between the classes. After all, the speed difference between the fastest and the slowest classes isn't that big if you compare to most real life endurance events, so you can definitely afford to pick something tighter and smaller.

Grats to the winners, especially TDRT and Concept.
Grats from Team 6th for the Winner of GT1, GT2 and the nGT class. Well done guys!
Was absolutely nice event, we had some bad luck during the night with some untrained drivers, bad lapimes, I failed to stand up early enough again.
But we got it want we want: Finishing the race
Also thanks to eVO for the brilliant setup. Without the setup we would loose our tires after 45 mins

Thanks to RM for this event
Congrats to the winners, stunning race!

We didn't finish as we had expected but it was great fun and we enjoyed it.

Great stream and commentary, too