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Great job Sleepless Racing
Congratulations to the podium.
Thanks for the event. It's every year a highlight.
Congratulation to all who have finished the race.

Now we all need some sleep
Quote from Egon-est :Great job Sleepless Racing

Ha! Someone taking his team name litterally for sure
I just have to say that I have such a big, stupid grin on my face right now. Mostly because I would have never dreamed that my new team with 4 drivers all in their first 16 Hour race, would finish on the class podium, but also because of just the epic in which I have just participated.

Thank you to all the participants especially the GT1 and GT2 cars in server #1. The lapping was very seamless and we had very few issues with GT1/2 passing us. Thank you to the organizers, the tracker worked great, the servers (well server 1 at least, i did not spend time in server 2) were rock solid for 16 hours. I am on the other side of the Atlantic and did not see a single instant of lag. The stream was great (disappointed that I did not get to see the end, I was not one of the lucky 50), what I saw was very enjoyable.

I have been online sim racing for 12 years with various sims, but have always ran in back-door leagues with only 8-12 cars. To be a part of this event: 2 servers, 37 teams, who knows how many drivers from however many different countries, live scoring, live broadcast coverage...just blows my mind...bring on RM 16H 2012.
yaaaaaay \o/
As allways the event was fantastic and everyone involved deserves big thanks. We had lots to fight for and propably achieved our best endurance result so far. can't wait to see the final results and can't wait for the next event, hopefully on an aston open config
Congratulation to all and thanks for the event....

I apologize for the hit, wasn't and isn't in my intention to ruin the other player's race.
Grats to all and thx for the event!
Grats CR. my team all fell asleep, and joku decided to not finish :grumpy:
Congrats to the winners, and basically everyone who finished.

Also thanks to the organisation for yet another brilliant 16 hour race.

Sadly I had to pull back my entry because of to less drivers.

Better luck next time!
Thank you socmaster88, SRR Marty, carlson74, commandermas for the race
In fact it was more like toffer2006, socmaster88 and commandermas, but we are happy that everything went great and hope, that you had an exciting race.

Even if we didn't have as many people as the last years, i think this year was the best. In my optinion the stream was really really good and the servers and the tracker worked well.

Thank you for participating in our race
Quote from xtraction :... and joku decided to not finish :grumpy:

haha, his first endu? sure sounds like it from ze attitude ^__^
Thanks to all the admins and other drivers. Had a great time.
Excellent organization and fast answers to all actions on the track and beyond. Very good job of my colleagues in GT2 and not so good in NGT but ended at last.
In gt2 were fighting for the 2nd and 3rd place throughout the race, but an unfortunate maneuver prevented us from finishing in those positions, 4th at the end, it was not so bad. Thank you all for this great endurance test, see you next year!
#41 - RLeb
Just looking at the tracker...

A special pat on the back to jimmi87 (NGT #311) who raced the entire 16 hours by himself! All 232 laps!

Pretty crazy stuff!
Quote from RLeb :Just looking at the tracker...

A special pat on the back to jimmi87 (NGT #311) who raced the entire 16 hours by himself! All 232 laps!

Pretty crazy stuff!

They changed driver physically :P
Thanks to all drivers and admins. Atmosphere on the track was awesome. I wish there is more events like this. Gotta say good words about stream too. Despite from 50 watchers limit and sort of low quality picture it was intresting to follow race. Looking foward to see it as replay

If talking about TEM's race, then we managed to finish, which was my objective in this weekend. Reaching the chequered flag wasen't easy though. Problems started quite early for us. In 3 hours mark our guest driver A.Bertoni told us that he can't race due personal reasons. This left us in quite nasty situation where we had only one driver till the morning when other drivers planed to wake up. So basically yes, I was only one who was left. I didn't knew how much time I have to drive, so after each stint I was hoping that someone will show up and take over our car. I planed myself to drive till end of the race though. I think I could managed even to do this. Luckily Yann managed to show himself up and took car over for last 2 stints.

Result isn't something remarkeble afterall. I don't think we should be unhappy becose of that. We proved that no matter what we can have clear run without any big problems, no matter how much we had practice or what kind of problems we have.
Quote from Hahmo :They changed driver physically :P

Ohh didnt know its "legal", I was also driving with M. Garbolewski (Asnl) - #121 on one pc at my house but we created two different folders with "my" lfs and second one with his licence :P

Anyway was great race, fun to drive and race with you guys. Today morning after the race I was totally exhausted after more that 24h of non sleeping We are looking forward to the next year 16h race!
Quote from Fuse5 :haha, his first endu? sure sounds like it from ze attitude ^__^

And who are you again?
First of all a big THANK YOU to all the organizers. The race was great and the organization dealt with any issues quickly. I only wihsed there were more cars in each server but it is what it is.

As for our race it leaves us with a bittersweet taste. Happy that we managed to finish strong, happy to have shared with all the codrivers this great experience and happy with our final position. Not so happy because I think we could have finished a little higher but a few strategical errors and a few too many offs left us too far to mount a final attack. Nevertheless happy with the result.

I also want to publicly thank Full Benzina Racers, an awesome team who agreed to partner with GRiP Sim Racing for this event. Without their help this would have been impossible.

Thanks again and we'll see all of you next year.
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gratz to all who has finished the race and to the winners. we had to stop the race after 10 hours cause we had too many technical problems but next year it will be better
@Type Racing
You have done an remarkable Job! As we were chasing you (i was driving for, we were statisfied about you doing Stint after Stint straight on your own.

The Race for Cargame was one of many troubles too, but we still managed to finish and had a lot of fun. Thanks for all Drivers who took part and the Admins who gave us all these great Event!
Quote from Joku123 :And who are you again?

which proves the point

in other news
big thanks to the administration! the race might have less flair than it did in 2008 but its still a great event that i personally look forward to every year ^__^
Congratulation to all who have finished the race , it was an excellent organization again. Special thanks to Tamer Yapar , Joe Holmes , Tommy and RM admins.

16 hours, talk thead, race comments
(55 posts, started )