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Round 6: Driver Briefing
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Round 6: Driver Briefing
Attention all:

Here is the driver's briefing for the previous Round +1, the x Hours of if you don't know the track name you shouldn't be driving.

Circuit: Kyoto Grand Prix Long with Boothy Chicane (KY3B)
Server Name: NDR.GTAL 2011
Server Password: Team Managers or official representatives should have PW in their inbox. If you do not have it contact me and I'll get it to you.
Duration: 6 hours
Server Arrival Deadline Time and Date: 14:50 UTC Saturday 5 March 2011
Race Start Time and Date: 15:00 UTC Saturday 5 March 2011 2011

1. Weather Conditions: Based on the weather forecast for Kyoto, Japan, there will be No Wind.

2. Race Start and Safety Car Procedure: The Safety Car will be stacked on top of the grid. It will pull away when the lights go green. DO NOT MOVE UNTIL THE CAR AHEAD HAS PULLED AWAY. Circulate the course in order, keeping 5-8 car lengths between you and the car ahead. The leader needs to stay about 10 car lengths back from the SC. SC will travel at a top speed of approximately 150 kph / 93 mph. It may travel slower on the first lap of a deployment and/or at Race Control Discretion.

On the START ONLY that the field should form into double-file after the final chicane, then maintaining approximately (+/- 10 kph) pitlane speed down the entire main straight until the green flag. Pole sitter will be asked which side of course he wishes to start on, everything else will fall in accordingly. All cars, once caught into rows, should maintain approximately pitlane speed. No car is required to be on the pitlimiter. Drivers are to wait for the green flag before overtaking.

After the SC pulls away on restarts, the leader controls the pace and may accelerate when he choses, provided he does not overtake the SC before it crosses the first safety car line. THERE IS NO OVERTAKING BEFORE THE START/FINISH LINE.

3. Communications: Each team must have a team representative in our IRC channel, #ndr at for the duration of the race. Failure to have a representative in IRC when contact is needed will result in a DT, as well as the prescribed points penalty. We will also be available in the NDR TeamSpeak server: IP: Port: 10005

4. Driver Naming: Drivers should format their names before entering the server, creating a new driver profile and ensuring their profile is void of binds for the event. Names shall be formatted as per the sporting code, which is summarized as: The number shall remain in either grey or white. We will not nit-pick on spacing in the name, but we do require a space between number and name. Example formatting (no coloring in this, assume in-game that it is all grey): 00 J. Palmer

5. Tracker: Tracker will be available and running on Please point out any errors you note to us during the race. We will post the input on Friday evening after qualifying for confirmation.

6. Miscellany:Do NOT under any circumstances Shift+P or Shift+S during the race without authorization from Race Control. If you are beached or upside down, please use the $SC bind to alert us if we have not already called the yellow. We will tell you to spectate shortly thereafter.

After finishing the race, please slow below racing speeds after turn 1 and proceed around into pit lane. Select any open garage stall and pull in.

Please post any procedural questions in this thread.

Good luck, and see you Saturday.
Please visit The Tracker and inform us if your information displayed for your team is correct or incorrect.
#18 Auto Motive Godz Ok
#19 is ok
#5 - Hahmo

:| seems to be fine
#13 tdrt OK
35 looks good
#8 - Kova.
#38 FSR Team ok
#28 and #39 are ok.
#07 is ok
#29 is OK.
#23 is OK
#22 jajajajajajajaja ok
Is that round 5? 3 hours of South City Long? me dont think so
I think the track names changes automatically when the tracker connects to the server...
am i blind or you, but in deko's post it's driver briefing round 5 blablalba?
LOL you're right mate...I thought you mean the tracker....
A simple mistake with copy+paste i would think ...
#20 ok
#36 Zoom ok
#10 all good.
#05 is OK.
#06 is fine
Quote from VTiRacing :am i blind or you, but in deko's post it's driver briefing round 5 blablalba?


Round 6: Driver Briefing
(28 posts, started )