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iTCC 2011: Signups

Welcome to the 2011 iCON Touring Car Championship Season!

If you would like to accept the challenge that this series provides, please follow the following instructions to enter the series:

Signup Form

You may either signup through a Google Document Form or by posting in this thread - every signup in either method will be into the same driver roster.

Google Document Form: ... XaWhxbjNhYWFfWGc6MQ#gid=0

Provide the following:

LFS Licence Name
Real Name
Preferred Car Number (0, 2-199 inclusive; 1 is reserved for the defending series champion; Top 10 returning from last season have priority number choice)
Team Name (Leave blank if Privateer/Independent; No limit to number of drivers to a single team, but only top two per race will score for that team)

Entry Requirements

Drivers who HAVE NOT Participated in a previous round (at least a Reserve Shootout) must submit a hotlap using the iTCC car (FXR with 32% Intake Restriction), on ONE of the following courses, within 103% of the listed laptime:

TRK - 100% - 103%
BL1 - 1:11.75 - 1:13:90
FE3 - 1:17.98 - 1:20.30

Drivers who HAVE participated in a previous round (at least a Reserve Shootout) are not required to submit this, but will be notified if we desire this to be submitted.

The administration reserve the right to refuse entry to any driver for any reason.

Rules and Regulations

By submitting a signup, you acknowledge that you will abide by the Series Regulations and NDR Sporting Code, and have a general familiarity with important points (eg, non-exhaustive: Race Procedures: Safety Car, Red Flags, Qualifying).

List of all current signups (ones uploaded manually may be added at a delay to the Google Form ones) ... l=en&authkey=CIvghOgM
LFS Licence Name: Deutschland2007
Real Name: Dominik Engel
Preferred Car Number: 34
Team Name: Sonicrealms Racing
Attached files
Deutschland2007_BL1_FXR_11288.spr - 61 KB - 272 views
LFS Licence Name: VTiRacing
Real Name: Reno Kööts
Preferred Car Number: 28
Team Name: spdoRacing

SPR will be added soon.
did it threw the google doc, should be oke i think
LFS Licence Name: RenvoN
Real Name: Lucas Araújo
Preferred Car Number: 81
Team Name:
Attached files
renvon_BL1_FXR_11385.spr - 53.8 KB - 241 views
LFS Licence Name: Wilko868
Real Name: Chris Wilkinson
Preferred Car Number: 5
Team Name: Sonicrealms Racing

Why not eh?
LFS Licence Name: andRo.
Real Name: Andris Pavars
Preferred Car Number: 16
Team Name:

P.S. If any team needs a driver, you can PM me. I can help some team if needed. I'm not fast compare to all these aliens here, but I'll try my best.
Attached files
andRo._BL1_FXR.spr - 174.8 KB - 259 views
LFS Licence Name: suzuki94
Real Name: Mathias Wentjärvi
Preferred Car Number: 21
Team Name: DRUNK Team
Attached files
suzuki94_BL1_FX3_11266.spr - 57.6 KB - 244 views
#9 - Seb66
LFS Licence Name: Seb66
Real Name: Sebastian Hutchinson
Preferred Car Number: 66
Team Name: Sonicrealms Racing
Quote from Wilko868 :LFS Licence Name: Wilko868
Real Name: Chris Wilkinson
Preferred Car Number: 5
Team Name: Sonicrealms Racing

Why not eh?

But you said... "no."

LFS Licence Name: Arox123
Real Name: Jarl Teien
Preferred Car Number: 6
Team Name: Trollin' down the hilll
Attached files
arox123_BL1_FXR_11375.spr - 53.2 KB - 224 views
LFS Licence Name: JackDaMaster
Real Name: Jack Sedgwick
Preferred Car Number: 23
Team Name: FLP/r

SPR below
Attached files
1^c19.59.spr - 92.3 KB - 224 views
If you have read the OP fully you'll know that a hotlap is not required for those who have taken part in a race day before
Google Doc'd it.
LFS Licence Name: manneF1
Real Name: Oskari Rinne
Preferred Car Number: 32
Team Name: Tiger Express Motorsports
Attached files
FE3_FX3 itcc lap.spr - 175.9 KB - 243 views
LFS Licence Name: blobo
Real Name: Pasi Juvani
Preferred Car Number: 111
Team Name:Concept Racing
Attached files
BLOBO_FE3_FXR_11926.spr - 118.9 KB - 246 views
LFS Licence Name: torpp1s
Real Name: Joni Törmälä
Preferred Car Number: 12
Team Name: Sonicrealms Racing
Attached files
torpp1s_BL1_FXR_11243.spr - 49.9 KB - 250 views
Quote from torpp1s :LFS Licence Name: torpp1s
Real Name: Joni Törmälä
Preferred Car Number: 57
Team Name: Sonicrealms Racing

spr soon

57 is already taken
LFS Licence Name: MaunoKasa
Real Name: Jarno Lehikoinen
Preferred Car Number: 11
Team Name: My3id Gaming
Attached files
FE3-ITCC-Maunokasa.spr - 75.7 KB - 234 views
LFS Licence Name: vourliotis
Real Name: Chris Vourliotis
Preferred Car Number: 76
Team Name: No team
Attached files
FE3_32%_11856.spr - 62.4 KB - 200 views
LFS Licence Name: Nestoras7
Real Name: Nestoras Kiosoglou
Preferred Car Number: 82
Team Name:
Attached files
Nestoras7_FE3_FXR32%_11859.spr - 66.7 KB - 207 views
LFS Licence Name: nathan246
Real Name: Nathan Lamothe
Preferred Car Number: 17
Team Name: Last Lap Motorsports
LFS Licence Name: Tur8o
Real Name: Ryan Cullen
Preferred Car Number: 13
Team Name: Auto Motive Godz
Attached files
Tur8o_BL1_FXR_113080.spr - 58.6 KB - 196 views
LFS Licence Name: Bmxtins
Real Name: Ray Kings
Preferred Car Number: 25
Team Name: Last Lap Motorsports

LFS Licence Name: Senninha25
Real Name: Rui Pinto
Preferred Car Number: 125
Team Name: Last Lap Motorsports

LFS Licence Name: Chris Kasch
Real Name: Chris Kasch
Preferred Car Number: 92
Team Name: Last Lap Motorsports

SPR's to be posted

iTCC 2011: Signups
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