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Round 4: Race Discussion
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I have to say it, server is damn bad, lags etc. you name it it has it all every round.
Cars are jumping on the track sometimes, like 1 meter or so, which means you can't drive close at all nor overtake.

Disastrous round as the previous was.

Where is the server? 500servers or where is it? Which country. To UK I have like so my connection is quite OK
who ruined the chicane btw, with the poles n shit
Absolutely no comment about some people, who just don't realise they're lapped and continue crashing me meh :|
yes i have to say that the server was bit laggy this time
sometimes close racing was way too dangerous because you never knew when a car in front of you was lagging and where he was going then

anyways, weird race somehow. further review these days
No server lag for me tbh ... Was a great race for Genuine & a lucky one also! We did the best we could and we nailed it! Thanks for the great racing guys, big respect to all of you. One of the best races for me ever, was great fun!!!!
what can i say, we were unlucky once AGAIN i did the best i could at my first two stints and we were 3 before the red flag, after that on the last houre when our tires began to work good, sc offcourse. After that the tires were like ice and only position 7 whitout server lag it could have been an easy 4 place
Im sorry RAPTOR-GAMING that ruined your race on last lap, last straight. I blocked you but it wasnt meant to go so far, sry Alex and Raptor
That was a quite eventful race, but this is already usual in NDR events.

Had a nice first stint with the battle against Gehammar until the bad lag of the server suddenly sent me into the wall while driving side by side with him. Then handed the car over to my team-mate Ariday on 4th position. He was driving a good stint. Shortly after I've taken the car over again, the SC came out which rather played in our hands although we had to start from 8th again at the restart of the race. Before the last SC came out I was on 4th again directly behind Lombardi, but I don't know whether a move on him would have been this smart - considering the last rounds from him and Mike's warning on our Vent server. :P When Lombardi made an over-ambitious move on Hagner, we were back in 2nd position. But race was too short for getting close on Heijerman. However, we can be happy with our 2nd place.

Congratulations to Genuine Racing for the well deserved win and Smoking Team!
I want to say sorry TDRT , yes it will not change anything.
First of all: Gratulation to Genuine, Core and Smoking Team.
We had a great race until 7 minutes before race end on a second position just behind the race leader and winner of round 4, Genuine Racing.

Quote from Lombardi :I want to say sorry TDRT , yes it will not change anything.

You can save your empty phrases.
Hagner has my full support. He lost his temper after the race because of you and we have to accept the penalty for this. Here my appologizes to the organisation of the GTAL, won´t happen again, I´m sure.
Lombardi, I hope you see, that the cause was you. TDRT is not all angels, and make mistakes as well, but not in about every race.
All info underneath is public forums material. Let´s sum it up - hopefully an eye opener and that you might want to consider to change your race style.
Or do you want to continue like this ?

GTAL 2011 Round 4
Quote from dekojester :Car 31, Post-Race DT Conversion (13s) - Causing an avoidable incident.

Quote from dekojester :In addition, driver Vince Lombardi placed on probation for rest of season - specifically, next avoidable incident caused by this driver will result in an immediate disqualification, at the very minimum. Driver Hagner: DQ from Round 4 (all laps discounted), two-month NDR-wide exclusion, effective from race date - Intentional wrecking, reckless driving.Results in 44-lap deduction from Car 13.

Quote from Feuerdrache : Before the last SC came out I was on 4th again directly behind Lombardi, but I don't know whether a move on him would have been this smart - considering the last rounds from him and Mike's warning on our Vent server. :P

GTAL 2011 Round 3
Quote from GreyBull [CHA] :Just a small message I'd like to share, after I watched some parts of the replay:

Quote from GreyBull [CHA] :I, on behalf of Tiger Express Motorsports, would like to apologise to all teams and admins for the absolutely disgraceful pieces of driving shown by Tamer Yapar and Vince Lombardi yesterday. We will accept sanctions, if any.We will also make everything possible to not make this happen again in the future.

“I know drunk also did some bad moves cause the hole race was a big frustration, but Lombardi and Yapar did some really crazy things on the track.”

“Gotta say Lombardi was an absolute arse again. Some shocking "defending" especially when laps behind. 95% of the time he's good and clean, but twice I saw him making errors in the FE2 chicane, people getting alongside and him just running them into the grass.” (closed threads, can´t quote them)

GTAL 2011 Round 2
Quote from CSF :It must be said TEM were on a final warning at the end of the race for some of their ridiculous blue flag behavior when the leaders were coming through, however Miro, I don't believe that was Lims.

Quote from torpp1s :It was Lombardi.

GTAL 2010 Round 1
Quote from tmehlinger :
After negotiating the chicane, the 12 car (driven by V. Lombardi) exits the hairpin with the 17 car immediately behind. They cross the line in that order, at which point Lombardi does a dance on an off the throttle and brake pedals, result in slight contact and nearly putting himself on his lid. He corrects, keeping it on its wheels (admittedly, it was pretty impressive), then, after being instructed to drive slowly back to pit lane, proceeds to finish the lap at race pace. He skips the pit entrance, driving full-speed up the front stretch, narrowly missing the two cars getting organized for the podium picture.There's no excuse for that kind of behavior. He:
1. drove dangerously into T1 after the race had ended
2. willfully disobeyed instructions to drive slowly back to pit lane
3. drove dangerously past cars he knew to be stopped on the racing surface
4. narrowly missed spectacularly disrupting post-race proceedings

Quote from Lombardi :Yes , i have read and learned. Thank you for this useful assessment.

New Dimension Racing Events > LFSCART 2010

“For the incident on Lap 20, with Car 40, in the middle sector, Vince Lombardi, the driver of Car 40 at the time, is excluded from Round 1, and given a one-round exclusion for failure to attempt to stop car leading to an incident. Car 40 spun onto grass, and only held the clutch pedal down for about 200 meters, and came back onto the track into oncoming traffic.”

International FWD CrapBoxes League > Season1
Quote :=TypeRacing;1270406]About a braking on straight : I really fed up becose you braked into me in every lap. Every fu***ng lap. And I can see now : you didn't get the message what I gave you with braking...

Improvement Suggestions 2006
Quote from duke_toaster :Oh yes ... less Vince Lombardi mentality on public servers.

Gongrats to Genuine and Core! Thanks to the admins and racers participating the race at saturday

Truly an amazing race and we would never even dreamed of this kind of an outcome, atleast after my collision with Runas (sorry for that, didn't notice you early enough), which pushed us all the way back to the 28th position at the second lap after the green flag. Had tons of fun in the track at the first hour after that and some truly nice battles for positions with many drivers. One that i remember well, was going side-by-side with cargame for almost the whole last sector

Pauri started his stint strongly by cutting the pitline when exiting the pits
After the DT, he was at 11th position and drove a decent drive, despite the two spins and a few grass excursions that cost us couple of positions and some time.

The 3rd hour went very nicely and we were sitting in the 5th position before the SC deployment. We managed to maintain the 5th position in the restart and soon after that Lombardi crashed TDRT out from the second position and we got up to 3rd position momentarily. Lombardi managed to overtake us at the mainstraight soon after that and we crossed the finish line in 4th position at the next lap.

We feel bad for TDRT, they have helped us very much throughout the season and then a very good race from them gets trashed 7 minutes before the finish. Hopefully you guys are back at the front in South City

+1 for Rudi's post

Thank you all and let's see you guys at south city.
I want to say something very short

1- ''You can save your empty'' gossip
2- I dont agree to any blame and comments about me. (except 09 I. Todorović about Round 3)
3- V. Lombardi's honesty and prides of have endless my faith.

the end.
Yeah, the truth hurts, I am sorry.

The post above is everything but empty gossip.

That's enough already, I don't want to fight, opinions are opinions. Right or wrong.

See you at South City, hopefully another exciting race
I don't like AS in general, regardless of having a lot of work to do, I decided that I'm gonna make a set for AS6R as we had to start without Bavorak who's usually getting the setup somewhere and I'm just fine-tuning etc. if needed.

So I spent some real time in making the setup, maybe we took a little worse one than the previous version was for the race but still a good fast set.
Was hoping to enjoy the race and do some nice times with that super-grip setup

I have to apologize to M. Runas from Deadline Racing, yes I could have lift off and try to slow down, but I didn't expect that the FZ would have grip problems with it's wide tires so I was flat-out (keyboard gas/brake) and at the end of corner you slowed down so much that I hit you & it turned you around. Sorry.

Crash #1: Terzic I think was laggy, FZ was tailgating him, ready to overtake, Terzic lagged, FZ began to overtake, FZ was doing fine, BOOM, FZ was sideways as it would have hit Terzic, FZ doing spins on track, hitting left wall, coming back on track, spins, and slowly drives at the end to the left wall again. There comes my car over the horizon, I just see some car on the right in a spin or something, so I take left side of road ie stay in racing line, some cars pass IMHO, and now I have better view and I'm much much closer, FZ starts to go to left NOT braking which would be NICE if you crash BRAKE! so the car moves to my line, I hit full brakes and go more to the left almost on grass, no way I can go around, It does a full front collision, FZ flying out of bounds my car stopped on the spot! Other cars pass me on track in 230kph, little damage on front suspension, the rest was body damage, car probably wasn't touching ground in corners but wasn't as fast as it could be. (In real world = dead, 230kph->0kph).
Please if you do spin, crash, use FULL BRAKES

Then I try to recover to the track,when cars are passing me at top speed ~230kph. Recovered to the back of field.

Crash #2: 19 Cargame + 29 APR, 19 Cargame drafts me on s/f straight after I overtook it in the last corner, 29 APR drafts 19 Cargame, 19 is not that fast to safely overtake on straight, 19 fails to block 29, so we approach 3 side by side into T1, 19 and 25 makes contact because there is not enough room (racing incident :/, IMHO 19 drives too much right pushing me too much inside, but could be coz of the contact maybe), full brakes, pushed way inside on grass, got back on track at the apex, I'm trying to stabilize the car so I can set a direction, but it just goes from side to side, flying out of track to the sand + wall, hit the wall and jump over the sand trap back on track to the racing line, so I floor the gas to get away as cars are flying into T1 behind me. Car heavily damaged from the impact with wall. Had to do a one whole lap to get to pits to repair the car, changed tires but forgot that LFS doesn't set fuel as final amount of fuel in tank but rather as how much to add to tank, so I end-up with ~90% of fuel in tank Ain't that easy to set F11, F12 on keyboard+mouse, gotta solve that somehow. + My F11 mouse macro died when the race started, so I couldn't adjust a thing without letting of the steering wheel (mouse).

Repaired, tank full of gas, thought I'm gonna do full stint but SC wasn't coming at all, switched as we planed Lala got the wheel, no fuel added, still +15% over needed fuel. After some time Lala got disconnected, he rejoined back, but more time was lost, server restart, Lala drives the last hour.

See you at KY3B The last good round of GTAL, can't drive SO, and 12h of BL sucks, dunno who voted for that, damn short, damn boring and goddamn long 12h on a supershort track, what a fail :thumbsdow
Well I would say next time you see a yellow flag as you come over a crest and then a car spun ahead, take avoiding action more quickly.

And with the 3 wide incident, you obviously didn't know APR were there, however, you either should've looked left or worked out that since they were no longer in your mirror that it had gone 3 wide - watch it from T1 and you can see you move across towards Cargame more than they move towards you...

As for fuel at pitstops - you can adjust the fuel whilst it's changing tyres
New Dimension Racing Events // GTAL 2011 (Season 2) - Round 4

3 Hours of Aston Grand Touring Reverse (AS6R)


Hello and a warm welcome. We also wish you guys a happy new year, if we haven't seen you in a while. Currently we are reporting from the cold and windy Aston Grand Touring Reverse Circuit, which is situated near by Birmingham, in the middle east of England. Its the 4th round of the 2010/11 GTAL season and we are expecting a normal race today, since we had a spectacular race on Fern Bay a couple of weeks ago, with many cars flipping in the feared Green Chicane, broken suspension damage, cars on top of the roof, and about 15 safety cars. Now that we are here on a standard racetrack, with more widely gravel, asphalt or any other safety zones in the exit of the turns, we expect some nice 3 hours of pure racing, pushing and bumpdrafting.


The Qualifying was held on 9th and 14th January. The FXR used to be a bit slower here on this track, as we expected them to be way out of the top 10 results, but surprisingly the alien of GraVt Racing Gehammar showed that the FXR is still able to attack the XRR's and FZR's here. After both qualifying sessions he was on position 4, behind the maybe closest top 3 qualification result ever, leaded by Falkenhain from RAPTOR Racing, Riegler from CoRe Racing and Heijerman from Genuine Racing, all 3 driving the FZR within 1 thousandth of a second, 2:41:11 and 2:41:12. The fastest XRR at this point was Friskopps by Team Identity burning a 2:41.27 to the ground. didn't take part on the first session, as they were driving their first 24 hour race by Blackbyte Bootcamps on the same day, finsihing there on position 6. They wanted to sleep the rest of the week to jump back into the drivers seat fit enough. Because of the holidays during christmas and new years eve wasn't practicing all day long as they did for Fern Bay, but they knew Aston Historic Reverse was a bit similiar to Aston Grand Touring Reverse, so they tried to focus on 24 hour race first and then they'll do all the fine adjustment later that week right after the event. On last race in Fern Bay after some guys were spinning in turn 14 and going, driver P. Krüger couldnt avoid turning and was unlucky blocking with no purpose Gentles on Circuit driver M. Booth "Jabba" Boothy, leading to a 10 places grid penalty for this round 4. With not much expectations for the race and rather having a good hotlap setup for the qualy, P. Krüger drove a 2:43:2 and set his car on position 18, adding the 10 places grid penalty they started from 26th position, because other drivers in front set no time or got a penalty during qualy as well.


On Saturday 15th January the wind was still a very light breeze and many clouds above the sky were hanging down. This will effect the speed on the long passages after turn 3, or the backstraight after turn 14 and the cold temperatures at the moment will also keep the tyres a bit cooler. The cars moved out of the pits and some were testing and adjusting some last changes on the car to prepare for the race. P. Krüger was the starting driver for and got a completely new setup from his teammate J. Meerten, which has been tested just a few times by him. So he got a new challenge here, going to see how long the tyres will hold this time, hopefully a complete stint or bit longer. The little testing and driving around the circuit also showed that Krüger got problems with the front brakes, locking a bit when braking hard into the slow turns of the circuit, especially after sector 2, turn 16 to 18. This will effect the tyres burning them to 120 degress and above and also causes loosing rubber a lot. But we never know, things can change during the race and maybe some safety car or any other action will play in their hands again as they had, maybe too much, luck in the last race, followed by some stupid manouver, flipping the car in the very last minutes of the race when they had a top 5 position for sure.

The start went on almost without any crashes, just some guys in the back going wide into turn 1, missing the right braking point and driving through the grass on the left exit of turn 2 and going. managed to avoid collisions until that point P. Krüger was on place 25, with the superfast E-Teams Villa in his XRR closing the gap and passing right after the backstraight in sector 2. Krüger tries to close the door but fails and accidently hits the XRR of Villa on the right side of his car, forcing Krüger to the gravel on the left side before turn 16, loosing grip and almost touches the wall there. He lost some positions when rejoining the track and keeps on going. Some cars in front had been very slow on the track, giving the chance to claim positions back again. After 15 minutes AMG driver R. Cullen hits the curbs way to hard in turn 2 and flips the car to the grass on the left side, landing right on top of the roof. This was surely leading to the first safety car situation in the race, just right after the field was sorted in its way and everybody had seen who's either got the right pace to keep fighting or defending for positions. The restart went well so far, but some guys in the midfield where having connection problems which caused the server to lag a bit. Close racing wasn't safe at this point because some cars where moving from the left to the right, appearing and disappearing all the time. At this point Runas from Deadline Racing went for position 16, battleing with Krüger 2-3 laps. The FXR was way slower on the fast parts of the track, but had the chance to close up again in the slow corners. Krüger had heavy problems locking the front with heavy breaking and understeering in the hairpin section. The tyres have been very thin at this point, also the safety car didnt really help to cool the tyres down and safe them for the rest of the stint. With more than 30 minutes to go for the rest of the stint Krüger was on position 21 and keeps fighting with those thin hot tyres. Massive crash between Krüger, Cerny of mpower and Dohnalík of Angel Power Racing ! When Cerny passes Krüger on the last hairpin they went down 3 wide into turn 1, Dohnalík giving Krüger a little hint from the side, he couldnt steer nowhere from that point, just was a passenger of his own car, when Cerny tries to find a better line into turn 1 at this point, he touched Krüger on the left, with no chance to avoid any of them. All 3 went into the gravel in turn 1. It was a normal racing incident, but most bad luck had Cerny, who completly distroyed his car with heavy suspension and chassies damage. He got 1 lap to go into the pits while Krüger and Dohnalík could go on with just some chassies damage. in the front. The first stint was almost over and as Krüger was going for the pit on position 17 he got front left tyre puncture in turn 18, luckily not much corners left to pit, refuel, change the tyres and repairing damage.

The second stint went on very good as Krüger was driving hotlap by hotlap, but still 2 seconds slower than the top 10 teams in front. But Krüger manages to save the tyres a bit more this time and was able to push the hell out of the car, with the aim to claim a top 15 position. After changeovers and everybody pitted Krüger was back on position 21. GraVt driver Björklund was leading the race in front of Schein and Harvey. 5 cars out of top 8 position where driving FXR now, which was very surprising, because usually the FXR is a bit slower here on this track. Schein went for Björklunds slipstream when they were going for the last hairpin, he was having more grip in the exit of the corner, closing up the gap and overtook him in turn 1, Björklund going wide there, giving Harvey a chance too to overtake, Björklund on position 3 now after we've seen a very great battle of them between turn 1 and 6. Krüger was overtaking Demec on the backstraight in turn 5 and 6, somehow found a good chance to get through here, and now is on position 17 after closing the gap to him now almost half a stint. But still with front locking problems he went for the hairpins and the tyres got even thiner after pushing a lot. He knew nothing will help here just saving tyres now and driving slower laptimes. So Krüger was driving 2:25's laptimes and braking early for the turns to keep the tyres alive somehow to the very last minutes of the stint. J. Meerten was ready for his stint because Krüger was telling them via radio to prepare for the worst, because he never knew when the tyres will puncture and they need to do a changeover. And right in that moment entering fast right turn 8 and slower turn 9 the front left tyre was gone, Krüger had no control of his car and drove right into the wall on the left here. Trying to drive fast but safely back to the pits as everything couldnt have been worse it went even more worse when the right front tyre also popped. Now its up to Krüger to drive the car back to the pits somehow and try keep avoiding any collision when leading cars behind him were closing up to lap him. In the corners he went way to fast there, try using the handbrake turning in the hairpins, but couldnt avoid steering into the grass. He manages to drive half a lap without any grip on the front tyres back to the pits and gives the car to his teammate Jos Meerten who needs to drive some fast laps now, trying to claim top 20 position again after they've lost many positions by that incident.

Jos Meerten didnt even had the chance to find a right racing pace into his stint because after just some minutes of driving the server kept on lagging and causing problems for some teams when battleing for positions, many of them were lagging as already told above. The server crashes and it was a right decision by the racing control to wave the red flag, so everybody was driving safely back to the start finish straight, leaving the server and restarting it. After 20 minutes of waiting and setting up the grid again the last hour of the race went on and Jos Meerten had the chance to change the tyre pressure a bit, giving the advantage to bring the car back home on a good position without any puncture again. At the restart Racing Team was on position 21, Hagner of TDRT leading the field in front of Heijerman and Anttonen on position 3. As Hagner made a mistake in turn 2 going wide for the grass here, Heijerman got their slipstream on the backstraight and overtook him, going for the lead, with more than 40 minutes left of the race. Jos Meerten was driving half a second slower than Krüger from the beginning of his stint just to save the tyres and kept in mind better finishing somwhere in top 25 position now than having a puncture again and finishing at the very end of the field. Keeping that in mind Krüger was watching the Remote and Tracker telling his teammate try to keep pushing a bit because the cars in front arent quicker though. With 18 minutes to go Sonicrealms Racing driver Törmälä jumped upside down in turn 2 aswell, landing on the right innerside of the corner, no matter how he managed that, but safety car went out for the second time this race, in comparison to round 3 on Fern Bay luckily 13 times less here. Safety car was out for 5 minutes and the rest of the race will be great to see who'll take or keep the lead, with only 10 minutes left, might be able to drive 3 or 4 laps here but not that much opportunity to overtake or defend his position. Heijerman in his FZR still leading behind the safety car now, followed by Hagner and Lombardi in both their FXR's. On the restart Heijerman had a good start after the hairpin giving Hagner no chance to reach his slipstream, but with Heijermans stone cold tyres he was way slower in the corners, Hagner had the chance to reach his back in exit of turn 3 and tries overtaking here but Heijerman keeps his lead so far right down the backstraight when Hagner was going to overtake Heijerman. Right in that moment Lombardi did an ambitious manouver, touches Hagners car on the left rear bumper spinning and pushing him to the wall, once again ruined someones race as he did a couple of times in the earlier rounds and other league events too. With 2 more laps to go Hagner felt back to position 13, fastest FXR so far driven by Gehammar was position 9 and Meerten managed to keep the tyres alive very good, having the car on position 18 at least a good placement after all the mess with the tyres and crashes in the first stint, we may just claimed 8 positions, but still had a good race here though with close racing, good overtaking actions and quite a good pace after not practicing much for this round. Genuine Racing takes the victory in front of CoRe Racing and Smoking Team on position 3 who started from position 07th. In the inlap TDRT's driver Hagner was revenge wrecking Lombardi, may he was in anger about that harsh move he did battleing for top 3, but still was no need to do this at this point, leading into a penalty and disqualification in round 4.


After Racing Team didnt practice much for this round they feel quite satisfied with this result as they claimed 8 positions by having great overtakings on the track, also tried to keep defending their position but some faster cars coming from behind they couldnt avoid to get overtaken. We've just seen 2 safety cars, it was a complete mirror to round 3 with 15 safety cars, but still need to keep in mind that this is an amateur league, we've seen great racing here with some good drivers but also some guys never did endurance races so far and may cause some incidents. And no matter if this is an amateur league or masters of endurance with more experienced drivers and aliens driving faster laps as possible, there'll always be moments leading to crashes, pushing someone to the gravel or flipping the car upside down in crappy chicanes. For the next round we expect more incidents, because we are driving 3 hours of South City Long Reversed, its a tyre killer, especially for the front left tyre, and the FXR got an opportunity and power to show their best against the usually faster XRR and FZR. The walls will be kissed there a couple of times and maybe some will fly around the track when battleing too hard here. But we'll see and keep focusing for the next round which will be on 19th february 2011.

Thanks to the guys doing a great job with the stream again, it was very entertaining and some overtakings wouldnt have been so exciting without your commentating. Also thank you for reading, i'm still crap at this shit, but keep enjoying typing this, looking the replays or the stream while doing so and keep searching for some words in the dictionary when having problems with the spelling or finding the right words. Some may think i can use google translate, but if you write down the text in german and try to translate it in english with google translate you'll probably just read some japanese shit because it all turns out into crappy english with no grammar or right spelling at all.

(c) P. Krüger (M. Romboy /
Quote from reason0809 :Deep Drive Racing on position 3 who started from position 12.

In fact Smocking Team inherited of 3rd, as Deep Drive got penalised for that move, and fell back to 10th
Quote from GreyBull [CHA] :In fact Smocking Team inherited of 3rd, as Deep Drive got penalised for that move, and fell back to 10th

thanks for clearing out i just changed that
(Litro) DELETED by Litro
For the record, the server DID NOT CRASH. It experienced an inability to accept connections, ergo, a failure.

What I can best tell happened was, during connections for last hour takeovers, someone started connecting, but failed, but the server / their LFS didn't fully acknowledge it.

The standard "New guest failed to connect" sequence in the serverlog.log is/was:

A new guest is connecting
New guest but wrong state
New guest failed to connect

The last one, however, was lacking the "New guest failed to connect" leading me to believe that someone did fail to connect, but didn't completely do so, getting stuck in space.

So technically, it was a server failure, not a server crash. A server crash would be everyone, or most everyone getting dumped out at the same time.
Tbh its thanks to me moaning that got the server checked out

I genuinely thought it was only us until about 5 others started complaining so it was like ahhh all good (Y)
Quote from dekojester :For the record, the server DID NOT CRASH. It experienced an inability to accept connections, ergo, a failure.

What an argument! Like "No, Johnny did not rob the bank, he had a fiver" Or "No, Timo doesn't need to get laid, he has had sex once." Or "No, the US did not attack Iraq for the oil, they have their own!"
Quote from zippytheone :Tbh its thanks to me moaning that got the server checked out

Someone would have complained eventually or we would have gone "Uhhhhhhh why can't anyone connect ? Oh shi-"
Quote from reason0809 :Krüger was overtaking Demec on the backstraight in turn 5 and 6, somehow found a good chance to get through here, and now is on position 17 after closing the gap to him now almost half a stint.

Not that hard with a damaged engine mate, we lost 10 kph on the straights. Thanks to me

HURRRRRRRRRRRR no next time!

Even though SO isn't my favourite track...
#75 - CSF
Silly David. When will you learn an engine isn't a cartoon and you can't rape it...

Round 4: Race Discussion
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