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Team 6th Gear Racing
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Team 6th Gear Racing
Hello and Welcome to Team 6th | Gear Racing

We're a small team, located in Europe. We actually don't have big financial options, but we're trying to do the
best out of the situation. We're quite funny but also concentrated on races. - how it actaully should be.

Our team is growing and growing!

masterboy19660815 - Thorsten "Chrono" Ulrich - Team Leader, Facebook Group Admin

Our Servers:

Contact us:

Kind Regards,
Thorsten Ulrich / Chrono
Quote from Masterboy19660815 :
This team is made out of 2 old -TRR- members who are sick of all scandals in and around -TRR-.

We´re three persons at the moment:

Thorsten Ulrich / Chrono / German / Founder-Owner-Admin / old TRR member
Kevin Peeters / Bjoerk / Belgium / Owner-Admin / old TRR member
Kevin Küpper / Sonsaku / German / Admin

Team is getting broken? -TRR- I mean

anyway GL
ehm, we just left the team because of several things which happened

Thank you
Recruitements are open!
We´re searching drivers!
We´re proud to say 'Welcome' to Timo "Tipsu" Heinonen. He´s a 15 years old Finnish boy, who´s pretty fast in the FOX and FO8. He will drive in our own Autocross Kart-Cup and also in the 'Legends of F1 League'.
Welcome Timo!
Grats! GL
Sadly we have to say 'Goodbye' to Highroad. He left because he don´t feel competitive at the moment.

Best wishes from the Team 6th Gear Racing!
And Good Luck in the Future!
#8 - Niggo
Quote from Masterboy19660815 :Sadly we have to say 'Goodbye' to Highroad. He left because he don´t feel competitive at the moment.

Best wishes from the Team 6th Gear Racing!
And Good Luck in the Future!

oh no

sad to see you leave, HR, mate, but it doesnt mean we break up contact
I wont break contact... Dont worry... ill be still avalible =)
Had lots of fun!
We need maybe 1-2 new drivers for our team, especially for endurance races like the 16h race.
a bit offtopic but

I just noticed in your avatar, nice team logo
Thank you master, but Bjoerk made it in the beginning of the 6th Era
We´re happy to say 'Welcome' to our first Russian Member.
Welcome TehPaws. We´re happy to have you in our team, and we hope to have a successful season with you!

Aku Jokelainen joined us today!
We wish you a great time!
Another driver joined us: Rotax - Welcome in Team 6th Gear Racing!
#16 - Emyn
Good luck guys!
Quote from Masterboy19660815 :We´re happy to say 'Welcome' to our first American Member.



And i didn't know 6th had so many people, that;s cool. :P
wah, again a fail by me :P
I´m sorry :P
6th | is doing VERY well Chrono, keep it up!
I´m really proud to say Welcome to Jaime Langeweg - known as Dori-To and Remy Houben!
We´re really proud to say Welcome!
I think I speak for Dori-to aswell to say thanks for the warm welcome!
Already had a small taste of what it's like on your server and I've had a very positive impression!
Hopefully we can be a good part in making this team grow even bigger, I'm sure it will!
I´m proud to say Welcome to maSonn. A Quick Scottish Guy will drive with us in several leagues and on Public servers!
Welcome maSonn!
Guess I'll have to edit my sig now.
Dear LFS Community,
14th November 2010, Team 6th Gear Racing borns.
K. Peeters and I´m decided, after a really nice season in Team Rock Racing to do their own things. We started a Team, we wanted something different, colours, skins etc. and having some nice racing fun, on a higher level than in TRR. We started to make easy skins, just for public Racing.
Around 1st December I met a young German boy named K. Küpper ( Sonsaku ) on a GTR Server who wanted to join us. I accepted him, because he is a very fast guy, especially on GTR´s. Then between Christmas and New Year, we drove the OWRL MRT Cup, which was our first real racing event, outside TRR. We´ve done it kinda good, team standing: 6th Place in overall.
Then, somehow K. Küpper and K. Peeters went inactive for a long time, and I was the onliest driver for our Team. I was driving for myself, no leagues, no cups, just public racing, and I played with the thought of cancel this and go back to TRR, due lack of interest for our Team. Also finding new drivers was almost impossible for me.
I decided to move to GTR2 a bit, LFS got boring for me.
In early March, N. Wrage ( Camaro ) called me in Skype and asked, if he could join us. N. Wrage was also a driver in TRR , moved with us out of TRR. He decided to join a cruise Team named "TT". After it I didn´t hear anything from him a long time.
He joined us, so I moved again to LFS. Started again to make more skins, easy one´s but that was ok for that time.
Then B. Bradara joined us, a good friend from me, also in "reallife". He wasn´t that active in racing, more in cruising, so he left us a few weeks again. O. Koopmann Joined us also at that time also a young boy, out of my city, a slow driver, but with a huge knwledge of planning events good. like he has shown us at our CarBall WC. He´s not driving but planning, how I said.
Then I started the Autocross Kart-Cup which was a big goal for me and the team. Big Starting grids in first 2 Rounds, but then it got less and less.
At the end, Ramon Blauwhoff wons it. Before the Cup a young guy, named N. Demec joined us, wanted to help us in racing in leagues. Due he was long time just a cruiser, he couldn´t get his old speed back he left us in middle of September. At the beginning of September, we got our first Finnish driver! It´s name is T. Heinonen, when he joined us he was 15, so even younger than me ( almost 16 ). He is very fast on almost every car, a guy, who is able to learn fast. Then, in the middle of September I wanted to join the 16hrs of Kyoto. Problem was: 2 needed drivers were inactive. I tried always to get them known about it, K . Küpper, who wanted to drive GTR leagues before he went inactive, joined us 3 immediately after I asked him.
Only K. Peeters, wasn´t sure, if he´s able to drive this, because he lost the interest in LFS. Then the 16h race came, with Peeters onboard. Was an amazing event and first time I saw that our drivers are proud of the team. We had a lot of fun during race in TS3 conversations, laughed a lot and made some jokes, how I wanted when I started the team. After the 16h race, we got more & more drivers, first A. Jokelainen, another fast finnish guys, M. Gode, a very fast German pilot, with real Karting experience, then finally our first Dutch members, J. Langeweg, known as „Dorito“ and R. Houben.
Our last driver joined us a few days ago, a Scottish racer named C. Mason. Yeah, that was our first year

I really want to thank you guys for supporting us in the last year, was an amzing time with you guys!
I also want to say two new things, which I want to change for the next year:
N. Wrage will get admin status!

T. Heinonen will get admin status!

Goodbye and and see you on track,

Thorsten Ulrich / Chrono

Team 6th Gear Racing
(71 posts, started )