The online racing simulator
The PRISM Development Team
This has the list of the current PRISM development team, past developers and contributing developers.

Current Active Developers
  • ScottLy - PHP and Insim versions Maintainer
Past / Inactive Developers
  • Dygear - Co-Founder & Core Dev., Packets, Plugin, State, Admin & Timer(s) Modules.
  • Victor - Core Dev., Hosts, Interactive, Config, Section, HTTP, PHPParser & Telnet Modules.
  • T3charmy - Core Dev., Packets, Web Front End & Modules.
  • PoVo - Core Dev. & Packets.
  • ripnet - Co-Founder & Core Dev. (Superseded by Interactive Module.)
  • morpha - Co-Founder & Core Dev. Old Sockets Module. (Superseded by Host Module.)
  • GeForz - Packets & Buttons Module
Contributing DevelopersSpecial ThanksWant to become apart of the PRISM Development Team?
It's simple, start a fork of the PRISM current branch on github. Pick up a unassigned task (Best way to become a dev), or and add anything that you think is needed. Then send us a pull request and we'll review your code. If you submit enough good patches you'll be voted on by the current development team (Absolute Majority Rule) and if your voted in then your a PRISM dev.