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G27 LEDs mod [renamed]
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Quote from MadCatX :Do you have OutGauge enabled in LFS? Is the G27Leds app set to receive OutGauge packets on correct address and port? Is force feedback disabled in LFS?

works perfectly. Thank you for your help! : DD
is there an update for 0.6?
There were no breakages in the OutGauge interface so no update should be needed...
Hey guys,
I dont know if youre still watching this thread but i did somew googling on the issue and even though i have no programming skills whatsoever this might interest you.
They had the same problem for rfactor and what they had to do was change the force feedback setting to a negative number. Now i dont know if that is possible in lfs. But if so can someone with some basic programming skills atleast have a look at it?
For all I know the rF plugin uses a hacked dinput8.dll to work around DInput limitations, setting FF strength or whatever to a negative number would do squat. (unless it's abusing some bug in DInput that is).
Anyway, thanks for your interest, could you post a link to the info you found?
By a lucky fluke I stumpled upon a template of a proxy dinput8.dll which made me experimenting again. I have no way of testing if this is actually working, all I know is that it's being loaded and used by LFS and that it's receiving correct packets from OutGauge.

It will need a helluva lot of fixing and tweaking, now I just want to know if this approach has any chance to work.
To try it out set OutGauge the "usual" way, port 30000, IP, copy the dinput8.dll to your LFS directory and launch LFS. You should hear a short beep upon LFS' startup confirming that the proxy DLL is being used and OutGauge interface has been set up. Get on track, first LEDs should light up at 3000 RPM and you should hit the redline just before 7000.

It should not interfere with force feedback this time.

(Kudos to whoever wrote the dinput8 template -

EDIT: File removed, newer version available.
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Apologies in advance for being a nub; what are the steps that need to be carried out to test this?

i) In LFS's cfg change outgauge port and IP.
ii) Move the dll file into main LFS folder.

That's it? Or am I missing something? (i.e. launch the .exe that was posted earlier...?)

Doing just the first two crashes LFS when launching (didn't hear a beep). Of course, that's expected if I'm not doing something important!
Quote :

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: LFS.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4dfb4e32
Fault Module Name: DINPUT8.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4ed7a73b
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00001b62
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 64ea
Additional Information 2: cce9f653dd0f8eec446de52154d2f82d
Additional Information 3: 0bee
Additional Information 4: 0e4e3afeafe33d5b5e10f079f54df6c2

I compiled the dinput8.dll with MSVS 2010, so you might need MSVS 2010 x86 redist0. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that when I uploaded the hack.

The design of this thing is half-hazard anyway so there might be some weird bugs I haven't discovered.
And yes, you were doing it correctly. BTW, does it crash with your G27 disconnected?
It's crashing for me(only when G27 is plugged in)
Now that's a clue... rather unexpected, but at least a clue I suppose you tried to install the MSVS redists, right?

Launches LFS without issue when the wheel is disconnected.

Plugged it in. Didn't crash.

Althought Controller was selected as Wheel in Options > Controls the G27 was not recognized. Switched to Mouse, LFS beeped and the G27 was recognized - although pedals were set to combined (most of my settings/previous wheel button binds seemed to be lost).

First LED lighted up at 3000. Red ones light up around 5750.

Wheel turn limited to 180 (450ish in-game). 450-ish in profiler. Changing the value in LFS does not make a difference.

No ffb (set yes, and tried at various values)

Alt+tab back into LFS will make it crash again. "Failed to bind socket. G27 LED wont be available".
Installed the Visual C++ thingy. It still crashes on start up if the G27 is plugged in.

Now even when I launch without the G27 and plug it in later and try to change controllers to mouse and back, it crashes.

Earlier [before installing the Visual C++ thingy] repeatedly launched LFS without G27, joined track, plugged in G27, change controllers and drove around.
I'm done for the day, but I think I was able to figure out why it crashed. I managed to mend this on my machine, so you're free to try it out. Do not attempt to Alt+Tab from LFS, there something wrong with releasing the device, the same problem also causes LFS to hang on exit, but I'll deal with this later on when I know this has a chance to work out.
Be sure the OutGauge is configured properly and if you have any trouble, try rebooting your machine. Fixed DLL is attached to the previous post.

I'm sorry for putting you through such a hassle, but there's noone around who could lend me a G27...

It works - no crashes etc. except as you said it hangs on exit.

No ffb. (When you said "It should not interfere with force feedback this time." do you expect ffb to work?)

No hassle, happy to help!
When I try to run it, it gives me an error, something like "could not create socket, g27 leds won't work" and LFS crashes.
Im a tech noob, but I can help test it as I have a g27.
Quote from Flame CZE :When I try to run it, it gives me an error, something like "could not create socket, g27 leds won't work" and LFS crashes.

are you sure outgauge port is 30000?

Ok, my story now:

Leds are working.
No feedback.
Game can't exit(black screen and process stays active, have to CTRL+ALT+DEL)

Not compatible with other DX "plugins"(it didn't work when i was using the DirectX overlay plugin of TeamSpeak3)
A little update. To simplify things for the time being I ditched OutGauge and the modded dll now reads the RPM directly from the memory. This approach has a few setbacks, the worst being that it WILL NOT work at all if you have any other 3rd party dll mod installed (ENBseries etc.)

The hang on exit or Alt+Tab should be fixed. All debugging info is being written to g27dbg file, FFB is next on my TODO list.

EDIT: File removed, newer version released
It looks like I was finally able to get around the obnoxious no FFB problem. I attached two version of the mod, the NOFFB version uses an old method which is known to light up the LEDs at the expense of messing up FFB, the second one is what I'd like to test.
Could you please try out both versions and report back how they behave? A g27dbg.txt file is created and it doesn't get overwritten so please, don't delete it and, if possible, send it along with your report.

Thanks a lot...

EDIT: Files removed, read on to get the recent version...
1st one (No FFB)
Works fine, but hangs on alt+tab or if LFS loose focus (didn't check if it hangs on exit).

2nd one
Works fine, with ffb(!), but again hangs on alt+tab (or if LFS looses focus). Does NOT hang on exit.

Grats on getting it to work!

Edit: Nothing beeped this time!
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now it just needs to stop crashing, I NEED THIS!!!

THANK YOU for doing this!!
The crash when LFS looses focus should be resolved. LEDs are now fully configurable in g27cfg.cfg file. See the README for details.¨

EDIT: Files moved to the first post.
I didn't try it yet, but do you know if it's possible to use it simultaneously to CSR (Engine Sounds tool, uses OutGauge)


Works fine for me!

No crashes, can set the desired rpm for each car easily, and works online.

The ffb is a bit odd when you join track - a quick lock to lock turn and its all good (not sure if its related to the program, but I usually dont have to do it).

The LEDs are on even when LFS is closed. No biggie, but I thought I mention it.

Many thanks for this, much appreciated!

G27 LEDs mod [renamed]
(329 posts, started )