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Editing DDS Files
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#51 - Gunn
hi guys, i have "re-test" many image editors like photoshop CS3 (trial), PSP XI (trial), the gimp, etc ... all with the dds plugin installed, and in all softs i hadn't what i would exactly

finaly, i have retest paint.NET (last version 3.10beta2) with dds support in standard, layers, effects, transparency, etc ... and for me its all i need

visible transparency in the soft and it keep the alpha layer after saving the file, not like some others softs ...

take a look

PS : u need to install .NET framework 2.0, but now we need it for many useful softs....
#53 - nwug
im new to computers and i was wondering how to load a dds file to lfs i loaded one and i still see the defalut im trying to load a new wheel for xrt

thanks guys

I have some problems with saving dds files.

I use Photoshop and the NVIDIA plugin. (
DDS Utilities
Adobe Photoshop Normal Maps and DDS Authoring Plug-ins.


(original) Tyre logo dds file:

Save options:

Pic in LFS:

The file I want to save is a 'original' file what normally works fine. But when i try to 'save' it again it won't work.

Pls help me


srry for bad english x)
You need to save with an alpha layer, not without it. The alpha layer allows for transparency, so the tire's colour will go through the whitespace on the decals.
You need to save it at least as DXT3, because - like it says in the options - there is no alpha channel saved with DXT1, that means no transparency...
Ok thnx

It works now
what dds file is used for the pit speed limit sign?
Quote from Zachary Zoomy :about the plugin in the first post. does it work on photoshop elements 4.0? and I see all the files are in a .exe format. is it posible for somone to upload all the files in the .exe to the fourm so i can put them into my mac version of photoshop. please

Sorry for the bump

But is there any dds converter for Photoshop for mac or as Zoomy said, is there anyone that has the files?
I've been reworking the textures using DDSconverer2 but some files won't convert, well they convery but no changes have been made to the textures, so I'm going to try the nvidia tools.
Sorry if for this noob question but... Can the other drivers view my dds files?
Quote from Gunn :
So you want to edit LFS files that are in DDS format? Several textures in LFS are in DDS format including lights, interiors, track signage, seats, steering wheels and several other game and car components. To customise some textures in LFS You will need to edit the appropriate DDS file. DDS files can be handled by Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop after installing the DDS plugin which can be found here. Although these files are hosted by Nvidia, they are not GPU-specific, so you can use them with any brand card. You don't need all of the files shown on that site. You can download a DDS viewer which can enable thumbnails in windows explorer or my computer and view them easily. There are various viewers available and all seem to work well enough. Grab the plugin if you want to edit DDS with one of the programs mentioned above.

The DDS files can be found in your LFS/data/dds folder. There are a few things to be aware of before you begin:

*Once you have changed the DDS file all of the cars of that type will show that file, the texture is used universally. For example, if you customised the interior of the XF GTi, then all XF GTi's in your sim will have the customised interior. Unlike your car skin, these files are used on every car of that type.

*Be wary of texture size. Yes I know, you've got a fast PC and it can do anything except make your bed, but still be wary of texture size. The default textures in LFS work very well, replacing a 30KB texture with a 300KB texture will use more resources. It is very easy to overdo it so be sensible and back up your files first.

*When you save your customised file you will probably be presented with some complicated save options. Just try the default settings, in other words: don't worry too much about all the bells and whistles. If the option to generate mip maps is not selected then select it first but it should be on by default in most cases.

*There is a plugin that you will need and it works for Adobe PhotoshopJasc.. (recently purchased by Corel) Paint Shop Pro only. Both of these programs use the same plugin file. There is a 3DS MAX plugin too, but MAX users check your version first to see if the plugin is even required.

Please note that DDS files use an alpha layer in many cases. If you don't know what that means I suggest you consult your software's documentation and try experimenting with the DDS format files.

Remember to save your files back into DDS format!

Finally, this is about all I know of DDS. It's also about all I know about Photoshop and Paint Sho Pro so if you post questions here that go beyond the scope of the info I have posted then someone else will have to provide the answers. You can find out much much more about DDS at this excellent site, just use their search box.

Paint.Net is alot easyer than all this plugin stuff
Yes Pain.NET (which is free) now supports DDS without needing plugins, but the tutorial was written in 2005 after all.
I use Photoshop 9 CS2 with that nVidia DDS plug-in, works like a charm. It instantly shows a preview when browsing through the DDS files. It can't possible be easier. And btw, Photoshop is just THE tool anyway

Converting stuff all the time can't be good, not my thing anyway.
I've used both Paint.NET and Photoshop w/ plugins and Photoshop is far better, it has more options and the result file sizes are much smaller to. But not everyone can "afford" photoshop Also it's not that hard to download a plugin.
OK. I'm confused.

I've edited the file (and backed up my old one)

My new one is in the lfs/data/dds folder, but, when I load up LFS, it still comes up with the old (default) one

I have no idea how this is possible.

I've just downloaded a seperate file, and this doesn't work either.

Yes, it is in lfs/data/lfs.
Yes, it is a dds file.
Yes, it is the right dimensions.
Yes, I have restarted LFS.

Any thoughts? - help is much appreciated
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Confirmed after downloading Full patch Z. The DDS files you point out are not used in version Z anymore. They are redundant.

Those files are now in the PIC folder named:

(note they aren't DDS's no more either)
Quote from JasonJ :edit3:
Confirmed after downloading Full patch Z. The DDS files you point out are not used in version Z anymore. They are redundant.

Those files are now in the PIC folder named:

(note they aren't DDS's no more either)

Aaaah yes indeed. I remember now that they got changed

Thanks for that
Can you edit the keep left keep right sign's and stuff???
yep, I even know someone who put pictures of cats on them.

Most of the downloadable files on and in the Miscellaneous Addons section are edited DDS files changing the scenery and textures.
can it be done with gimp 2.6?
im pretty sure you can open dds with that but if not just use or photoshop, you can edit just about everything
Just a little tip for anyone who wants to use alpha transparancy in the PSP dds plugin, go into image options on the plugins screen and check the Pre modulate color box, and then select DXT3 8bpp explicit alpha.

So thats

-Check Pre modulate color in image options in the plugin
-Select DXT3 8bpp explicit alpha in format

This will give you the best quality and in most cases will completely prevent artifacting in the finnished DDS file.

Whenever you export DDS files always click Preview first and look for artifacts, this includes little boxes around the edges of transparancy areas and lines or jaged edges that arn't supposed to be there.

For any texture that doesn't have transparancy you don't need to use DXT3, just use DXT1 with no alpha.

Editing DDS Files
(117 posts, started )