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Editing DDS Files
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I've tried to use the dds converter 2.1 but when i convert the psd files back to dds they are really low res. Does any one else got this problem and/or know how to fix this i would be verry happy if you could share some knowledge with me so i can get rid of this problem a.s.a.p.

Sorry for my crappy grammar
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Using Paint.Net while editing
Well, I got bored and I edited my backlights on XR cars, I installed Paint.Net and I pasted our team logo to overwrite our backlights. Well, maybe it looks a little stupid, but for sure, you can use Paint.Net to make just little fun or little fixes on your lights, or seats or whatever you could imagine.

(Yes, Paint.Net has DDS Support with NetFrameWork 2.0)
Hi again. Does anyone know if there is an dds support tool for Photoshop cs3?
I do not know of any plugins, but i can tell you the way i do it.

I found something called DDSView, which is a bit like the windows picture and fax viewer, but it allows you to copy, paste and save in many formats, DDS being one of them. It also allows you to browse dds files one by one (useful if you are looking for something in your data/dds folder and can't remember what its called.) It has loads of other stuff it can do that i don't use as well, oh, and its free! i got it from here.

Make whatever you want to make in photoshop or whichever program you use. (make sure it is the right size in pixels that is needed for LFS, 1024x1024, 2048x2048, etc.

I personally flatten the image next, but i don't know if this is necessary or not, i just do it out of habit.

Open up DDSView.

Click on the paste icon (or press ctrl+V)

Click on save (or press s) Select the DirectDrawSurface (experimanetal) (*dds) option.

I leave the format option set to DXTC1 option as thats what it was set to as default, but again, i don't know if it has to be set to that, as there are a few options to choose from.

Choose your filename, and save it. Job done!
Thx! Works superb
how can i change my team's glove .xcf (gimp) file to .dds
Quote from logitekg25 :how can i change my team's glove .xcf (gimp) file to .dds

Save it as PNG. Now, you have 2 options:

1-Convert it to dds
2-Paste it in dds folder, and change the extension to .dds
that will work?

very simple, thanks

EDIT: in windows seven the name just changes to instead of changing the i scrolled up, and found a gimp plugin for converting, but i have no idea why it wont install.....
Enable the option to show file extensions of known formats.

I'm in Win7 also, and used a PNG as ''
how do i enable that?
thank you very much
How can I convert a DDS to PNG?

I can't use Photoshop's plugin and DDS Converter 2 don't let me click the 'convert' button

PS: Obviously, I can always ask someone to do it for me, but I'd rather prefer to be able to do it by myself.
um. If you have Photoshop, import the .dds, save as .png. easy.

DDS Converter also imports from .dds, and converts to .png. That`s it`s job
Did you read any of the words I said?
Of course. You said you can`t use photoshop`s plugin, but that doesn`t mean you don`t have photoshop. The converter works perfectly fine too for what you want, but there may be something about your system stopping it.

If you don`t have photoshop, and DDS Converter doesn`t work, I`m sure GIMP has a .dds importer available that would do the job. I haven`t tried it myself, but may be able to import .dds (and obviously export to .png), and the ATi Compressonator tool should be able to do it too (I think it also has a batch processor in it to make mass conversions quicker, but it`s been a while).

Extremely tired this evening, so posts may not be as happy sounding as usual
Glad to help. Far too tired last night to think straight, but we got there in the end

Shame nV aren`t interested in recompiling that plugin. I`m glad I`m still working in 32-bit, since I just couldn`t live without it.
Quote from Whiskey :Thats the plugin that doens't work. nVidia don't feel like re-compiling it for 64bits

@unseen: the AMD Compressonator works perfect

*New* NVIDIA Plug-ins (ver. 8.5) for Adobe Photoshop
Woohoo. Finally
If this works I'll edit this post

EDIT (as promised):

I love you for giving us such great news!!!

No more AMD compresonator, no more needs to deal with several programs to do 1 image.
Could someone tell me what are the file names for Blackwood, Fern Bay and Kyoto Ring track textures?
Any idea how to make the .dds of the mudguards from lx4/6 transparent?

I know someon did it some years back with the skins of the cars adding semi transparent channels or smth like that

Any tip is welcome, i'm using photoshop and the plug in from Nvidia.
For cars body it was creating a transparent dds skin and putting it in dds folder with the same name as your jpg skin.

You could try to do the same with Interior_1 or 2 images, but don't think it would work though

Editing DDS Files
(117 posts, started )