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Warm-up/parade lap?
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Warm-up/parade lap?
I think I've heard it mentioned before in another thread but...

it would really add to the realism of the game if there was an option for a warm-up/parade lap (since practically every racing series has one). It should be implemented so that we can have rolling starts (not just for ovals), and it would definatley help with putting heat into the tires.

The only possible problem with this is that, it would be difficult to implement a system to stop overtaking on the lap (maybe a warning system similar to travelling in the wrong direction), and to make sure everyone is lined up on the grid properly (perhaps illuminate each individuals starting position for reference, and anyone in front of theirs will start in the pits).
#2 - filur
Pretty easy to implement using InSim, but i'd also like to see it as a real feature.

Nice idea, but a few points
1. Manually driving a warm up will never work
2. Try playing GTR to see the havoc you still get on the "warm ups"

If anything, I'd say point 2 is worse than the LFS T1 syndrome.
#4 - Vain
It's quite complex to find out wether someone slammed the brakes because someone rang the door or wether the one behind that guy just overtook him before the race-phase.
That means we aways need human supervisors, just like in real life. So this is a pure league-racing-thing.

Rolling starts would be great. I was in a demo comp a while back which used them and it was great for reducing T1 madness. It'd be especially useful on the Oval of Death, although for public servers it'd be nice for it to be computer-controlled (yes, like the Daytona machines) until the start line. I think this is probably in the suggestions log already though...
#6 - Goop
nice idea.

I also find that in organized leagues, there just isn't enough time to get mentally prepared and into race-mode when it comes to standing starts. That is, you pit out, you have the restart counter, and BANG! you're racing.

I'd like the option of having a short countdown similar to GTL etc. I think it would help focus a racer, prepare them for T1, their spot on the grid, and exactly what's/who's around him.

Warm-up/parade lap?
(6 posts, started )