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Can someone send me a invitation?
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i REALLY hope it gets restocked
Quote from obsolum :So did you get your iPod? And has anyone else actually got something out of this yet? I still have my invitation lying around but I haven't bothered creating an account yet as this still seems a bit fishy to me.

Got the e-mail on November 15th.

Quote :
Dear Lockerz Member:

We are writing to tell you that the 4GB Shuffle - Black that you redeemed during the Lockerz PTZ Place redemption was shipped on 11/11/2020 (if you already received your prize, please ignore this email).

Your prize is being sent to:


Your tracking number is ***. If you live in a private home you do not have to be home to receive your shipment.

Thanks for redeeming at Lockerz. Enjoy your prize!


The Lockerz Crew

Yeah, I know, the date *looks* weird, they corrected it with another e-mail instantly.

UPS tracking results for now:
After doing some searching and reading on different sites and fora I regret signing up with this shady site I won't be touching it anymore (even though the damage has probably already been done by signing up)
Would you care to enlighten us as to exactly what sort of shady practices are going on, or did you just make it up because you can't be bothered logging in every day?
Yeah, I'd like to know how it has harmed you.. I got a call from courier service that my iPod is being delivered to me today.
Oh I don't know what shady practices are going exactly, perhaps "shady" wasn't the right word I guess (hope?) the worst that can happen is they sell your data (name and e-mail addy) to advertisers who then bombard you with spam mail. Which isn't the end of the world, to be sure. And if you get a free iPod or an Xbox out of it then it might even have been worth it

That's all I'm gonna say on the subject, though, I don't want to start a flamewar or be a scaremongerer. You all have access to internet, you can all do your own reading and then make up your own minds. I made mine up based on the stuff I read, you're all free to do the same
I expect they probably do pass on your details to third parties, but I've not noticed any extra spam since I signed up (I have loads of email addresses I switch between when I'm worried something might spam me). The whole point of it seems to be that the daily questions are market research, so I expect they make some cash from another company when they feed them the answers.

The only complaints I've managed to find about Lockerz on the web have been about people trying to get their referral counts up, and that's not the fault of the company
Quote from Dajmin :The only complaints I've managed to find about Lockerz on the web have been about people trying to get their referral counts up, and that's not the fault of the company


on another forum i used to visit, they would get spammed 25+ times daily by people who were looking to hand out invites for referral points. they got so fed up that they emailed lockerz to complain. they still see the odd spam, but not as much as that initial wave.

googling for lockerz also shows the same thing, endless pages of forums, wikis, and blogs offering referral accounts.

scam or not, this kind of referral garbage has to stop.
Where do I play games on this lockerz site? I can only answer stupid daily questions......
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Could I get an invite please? Sounds interesting.

Cool beans, thanks M.V.

This site is brilliant. I'm gonna save up for a PS3, hopefully I'll get one!
If it works, it's a great idea. Even if it was spamming the hell out of a mailbox, if the giveaways are genuine then it's a pretty good deal. I'm saving up for something I wouldn't normally buy, so I was thinking a rhythm game, but I'm not sure whether to go with Guitar Hero or Rock Band. That's a debate for another day
Quote from MadCat360 :I'm gonna save up for a PS3, hopefully I'll get one!

Stole my idea

Anyways, im like ... really really depressed already about the bugs. Ive made 2 accounts already (2nd for testing purposes). PTZ stay on 0, but as i got a automated feedback from lockerz (via email) it sayd that all the ptz are still on theyr databse, so it should be just a site bug. I really hope its only on site <.<
For some reason I can't play that flash game again. How do I get to it?
It's a one time thing to give you a headstart.
More games will come out later.
Anyone else want an invite?
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Doh. Someone beat me to it.
I'm sharing lockerz invites aswell,if you want one then PM to me please or write it to here.I prefer PM though.
Lockerz invite
Im inviting, send me email on pm and ill invite you
Yeah, I'll take PMs for invites too. I have 19 left

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