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Post your scary moments thread!!
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Post your scary moments thread!!
Havent seen one of these threads here on LFSforum so i thought i would make one!

As the title suggests really, post your scary moments.

I have a couple of memorable ones, mainly from when i was younger.

Messing around on BMX's with a few mates as a lad and having lots of fun jumping kerbs and stuff, until i got going as fast i could, pulled a wheelie, and then, epic fail, turns out the nuts were loose and.....bye bye front wheel!

As funny as it sounds now, trying to slow down while wheelieing along a tarmac road at the age of about 10, knowing that any accidental wobble would cause the bike to come crashing down, into the road and me losing my face wasn't that good.

I managed to slow down enough to just jump off and let the bike get mashed, whilst i did that comedy long strided flailing of legs thing that happens when you hit the ground going faster than you can actually run, before falling into a heap.

Then there was the fishing rod incident, on that same (straightened by my dad!) chrome BMX with black 'mag' wheels.

In my laziness after going fishing, i decided that it would be a good idea to leave the rod all set up and just tie it along the length of the frame with it sticking out of the front of the bike.

This worked fine, until i had to negotiate a corner.....

It was a very narrow little gravel track with long grass and some weeds and nettles either side, and, as i had forgotten, little concrete posts along one edge that come up about 3 feet off the ground every few yards.

The rod hit one as i went around the first slight bend, which flung the bike into a ridiculously high pole vault, sent me over the handle bars into the stinging nettles, broke the rod and bent the bike, again.

Then there was my moped......

I was given a totally trashed 3 speed auto granny moped things when i was about 13 which had loads of bits missing like the exhaust manifold, lights, engine covers, most of the wiring loom, fuel lines were damaged and leaky etc. and it never started, ever. It was f--ked really, but it was free, and a little project for me.

I had it for about 2 years by this point and despite me working on it most evenings after school and managing to re-wire it well enough to actually get a spark when you kicked it over it would never run, it just wouldnt bring the fuel through from the tank to the carburettor. No matter what i did, it just didnt work.

Turns out that the a few days before had somehow jammed the throttle fully open, and over these few days, for the first time ever, the carb had filled with fuel

I hopped on it, kicked it over just for a laugh while saying to myself 'oh yeah, this is pointless as usual'

It started, and ran, at full revs, at about 8 million decibels,(no exhaust remember) scaring the hell out of me, and i jumped so much i knocked it off the stand while diving off it and running for cover because of the stupidly loud noise of it. It fell over,ran out of petrol and stopped.

When my dad got home he laughed because i refused to go near it, let alone ride it. It was my turn to laugh later though, when my dad went for a ride round the garden on it and the throttle jammed again, so after it started to wheelie he dropped it, and there it sat spinning in circles on its side until it cut out.

It never ran again.

I do have another one involving an unexploded bomb, which didnt stay unexploded, but it really is a bit traumatic, despite nobody being hurt.
Scary moment? I nearly got ****ing ran over by a train. Beat that.
Oddly enough, none of my bicycle or motorcycle crashes have been particularly scary, and I've had quite a few of both. I guess I'm just 'ard like that. I tend to find the close calls scarier than actually crashing.
cant beat any of that, but i do have a dirtbiking one. first time riding a two stroke 50, down from a four stroke 90, jumpde it off of a tiny bump, backflip landing on my back. then recently my brand new YZ-85 jumping it about 20-25 feet high with about 7 feet distance (owww ) landed on a rock and i bailed and my bike bounced, handle bars bent and thats it .
I almost got struck by lightning down in Florida. Could have died, too.
scariest moment eh?

My scariest moment would be when my boat motor came off after a hard turn, I owned a short boat with a 6hp Murcury. Someone "borrowed" the motor and didn't tighten the mounts correctly. Since you actualy have to sit at the back to drive the boat I was right there with the damn thing when it decided to come off.

I pulled out of a hard turn and the momentum caused the motor to litteraly swing upside down around the mounts, ripping the control handel out of my hand. The motor actualy spun around on its top end on the lip of the boat and the prop swung right past my face as I turned around to see why the control pulled out of my hand.

I had the nose cone of the prop almost touch my nose!

I was both completely freaked out and baffled at how it happend. I didn't even have the reaction speed to catch the fuel line which was unraveling hollywood style at my feet. I was in shock, I sat in the motorless boat for a while before I finaly called someone over to tow me back to the dock.

I realy could have died.

Now I always check the mounts on the motor, and a year after the Mercury went down, we had a local diver pull it up for a cheap price.

I took the spark plugs out, drained it, cleaned the sludge out of the motor cap and put it all back together. I didn't even clean the carburator.

Three pulls and the blasted thing started . Murcury motors are crazy little devils, they take just about anything, even a year under water doesn't stop them from working.
I knocked my head in slippery floor and I was going to die, because so much blood
Last night a mate came about a metre of hitting an on-coming car while chucking it sideways out of a round about.

Back end went into their lane.

Quote from Klutch :Last night a mate came about a metre of hitting an on-coming car while chucking it sideways out of a round about.

Back end went into their lane.


... and stupid.
Quote from UnknownMaster21 :I knocked my head in slippery floor and I was going to die, because so much blood

:slap: It was not scary tho...
I suppose it would have to be when I was on holiday in Amsterdam in summer last year. We came out of our hotel in the morning, and were walking round the block to the flower stall to buy some flowers for some friends we were going to visit on that day.

All of a sudden, some Amsterdam chav drug dealers (most likely) run out just up the road, shoot a man about 14 times, and kill him. . Although it must have been 70000 times scarier for the person being shot.

@ S14 - How did you ever manage to put yourself in the position of nearly being run over by a train?
two of mine involve water.

i used to surf, longboards and surf skis

the ski i used the most had a waist belt which you looped it through a locking cam action to hold it, so it was a case of flipping it across to release it (i could never eskimo roll!)

i bought another ski which was much more high performance, and tons easier to wipe out on.
this had the plastic two pronged clip which you get on bum bags and rucksacks (hope you know what i mean) and you had to squeeze to two sides to release it.

so there i am out surfing on my own.........not the best idea......on the new ski and i wipe out. i didnt get a good lungfull, and im waiting for the washing machine cycle to finish and then go to release the waist belt.......................except im trying to undo the old cam action belt.
its black, ive got no air in my lungs and i cant understand why im not getting the belt undone.
im sure im still here because i didnt panic........diver training i guess, i just told myself to relax and feel along the belt and hey presto, i got it undone.
i got out of the water and had a long sit down......that was the last session i had that day!

the other one wasnt quiite as bad.
i was on a 20 metre dive with the guy who ran the diving club.
being much younger and a bit of a prat id forgotten to pack my demand valve.
his wife had hers, and being pregnant wasnt diving so it used that.
we were down for about 10 minutes when i started getting mouthfuls of seawater each time i breathed...............disturbing to say the least!

i gave my buddy the "problem" signal, then after about 4 mouthfuls it stopped, and i was just getting air again.

i signalled to him to surface and had a good puke!

told him what happened to which he replied, "oh shit, i thought id gotten that fixed!"

what a noob!

again, i put it down to the training that im here.

basically, if i had panicked either time i reckon i would have been right in the sh*t!!!
I thought it was a good idea to draft behind a garbage truck with a bicycle. Turns out it's not. The bugger hit the brakes. I managed to turn enough so I didn't hit it head on but I locked up my rear brake and my back wheel caught the rear tyre of the truck and I went flying off the bike. I quickly got up, took the bike and ran away. I was kind of embarassed and didn't want to explain myself to the driver.
got hit by a car last year, that was bloody scary - wasn't going amazingly fast but it was fast enough to fling me onto the bonnet then onto the road, I walked away unscathed but it didn't half shake me up
#17 - 5haz
One of mine has got to be driving round Lakeside shopping centre with my sister, we were just going round and round, she kept asking me directions and not listening to them, cutting people up, changing lanes at random, I've never been so scared in a car in my life, and I've been flung round race tracks to the point of vomiting many times. Aanyway, shes a much better driver now.

And then theres the time we went round the Gallows Corner Roundabout near my house with me grandad driving, there's about 100 lanes, 3 stupidly busy roads and no traffic lights, we just about survived.

And then last year testing the Ginetta at Mallory park, me Dad forgot to clip the bonnet down properly, left the pit lane, got up to about 70mph and the entire front end bodywork backflipped off the car, smashing me in the face (wearing a helmet obviously) as it did so, that rather made me almost shyt myself.
Quote from ATHome :... and stupid.


Was just an error of judgement, he didn't realise he had kicked the back end out that far.

Was a good night though, only span once, which is good considering we started off with 80% tread at 8pm, and by the time we got home (3am) it was down to the belts.
"Let me check that wheel again cuz" I said, as the sound of knocking from the wheel we'd just had put on at the tyre depot got louder.

"We're almost there now" she said as we entered a busy Clacton roundabout.

>bang< >crunch< >scrape< was the rough adiology as we watched our wheel take the exit before the one we wanted.

With the car beached on the inside of a big roundabout and traffic coming all around us. Then having to explain to the nice police officer man that the reason the car was being moved was to get an M.O.T. and please don't do us for it please please please.


Me, scared of heights as I used to suffer quite cronic vertigo, climbing a mountain in a quest to conquer my feer, I found myself on my hands and knees crawling along a 1ft wide ledge with a 1000ft sheer drop one side and an 800ft sheer drop the other. This was not the most composed moment of my life.


Back in my nefarious youth being stopped by old bill carrying a rather large quantity of drugs. Realising the game was up, I lobbed them as far as I could in plain view.

"What did you just throw?"

They never found it and no evidence equals no arrest. It was blazen, and cost me a small fortune, but a scary moment none-the-less.

On another ocassion I decided to swallow (dope), I slept for a very long time... big waste.


Being planted in a club raid, thought I was going down for that but fortunately somebody else witnessed the plant. Still... handcuffed again... not pleasant.


Decided to be a hero when I saw my neighbour getting mugged and gave the mugger a piece of my drunken mind, then got mugged. Then talked my way into getting my stuff back "do you know who I am?" and my neighbour came round the next day with the old bill and I had to explain "who I am". 'It was just an act' I proclaimed.


Numerous ocassions of being out numbered, and/or out-armed in a hostile situation.


Almost hitting a tractor head on at 90mph, my fault.


Having an eye operation fully awake. I'll spare you the details.


But the most scarriest of all has already been told here in another thread. Getting my car shot up by submachine gun with me inside it.


That's all I can think of right now. It's a wonder anyone goes outside at all.

#20 - CSU1
Seeing my first born...born
scariest thing i have ever experienced was when i took my old honda crf 150r of a jump at about 90 km/h and (not really sure why) kinda let the bike get away from me in the air....a shattered ankle broken colar bone and a dislocated shoulder later....that was the moment for me

would definetly do it again :P
Was pedalling down a quite steep gravel road on my BMX and out of nowhere the front brakes came off the body. With the cables still attached, it was a real ohhhhhh shii--- moment waiting to fly over the handlebars
Becky wins this thread so far then!

Most of those would make me not want to go outdoors very much ever again, especially the last one.
was driving one night in my own car, i dont have a licence, and a few of my friends thought it would be a great idea to play cops..

i saw a car 400 meters behind me, without lights, so i pulled out of the road and behind a house...and almost crapped in my pants when i saw a **** flashing blue-light in my face!!
Quote from danthebangerboy :

Most of those would make me not want to go outdoors very much ever again, especially the last one.

But it's not like you regularly face the threat of being shot at with a sub machine gun in your car is it?

Post your scary moments thread!!
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