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22- today :frosty: its coming atleast 2 cm of snow next week still we have to go to school
I hate it when it all turns to slush.
Yeah, the slush is not nice. It's horrible to drive on, especially when it's slightly iced over, and I'm fed up of getting sprayed by passing cars when walking my dogs.

Over here (West Midlands), there was a substantial ammount of snow last night. Luckily, it hasn't iced over, so it only took me a hour or so to shovel and grit my drive. Atleast it means i can finally get my cars back onto the drive and that they don't get hit.
Especially when it mixes in with the brown grit and tuns into a giant blanket of turd.
None of the roads have been gritted here.

Luckily, the main roads are drive-able as all the cars driving over the snow and ice slowly turn it into slush anyway, so it's just like driving on a rainy road.
Barely a flake here now, there was a half hearted attempt at wet sleety stuff earlier but nothing worth mentioning really, all melted away now.

I don't mind the snow, its the bloody salt on the roads that annoys me lol, the inner lip of both rear arches of the roadster have started to get orangy brown edges, the salt has got in and rust has started, hence why i have gone out with buckets of warm water every single evening since it started to wash the bloody stuff off!

As soon as there is a dry enough day it will be time to take the inner lips back to clean bare metal, lots of body sealer and even more paint, i dont want my baby to die of car cancer!
I just removed about about 40 CM of snow from my car (It had been standing still since December 30th )


and yes, they cleaned the driveway next to it
You added all the snow?

Your doing it wrong :P

(you got them the wrong way round)
Friday I cleared the last snowstorm from my driveway (4-6 inches, nothing much.) The neighbor isn't home in the winters, but her daughter stops by to check on things so I figured I would clear it out. Wish I took the camera with me as it hadn't yet been cleared since the first snow. Had about 20-24 inches (50-60 cm) of snow I cleared out.
Very little left up here now, surprisingly it's colder on the south coast than it is up here atm.
Sludge everywhere but bloody freezing, they've heaped so much grit on the roads and pavements that its slipprier than when it had snow on it.
Quote from 5haz :Sludge everywhere but bloody freezing, they've heaped so much grit on the roads and pavements that its slipprier than when it had snow on it.

My feet keep flicking back when I walk on the ice and sleet, it must look like I'm moonwalking.. LOL
Quote from Jakg :You added all the snow?

Your doing it wrong :P

(you got them the wrong way round)

No, I was trying to like 'before the snow' - 'after the snow'. I figured you would be looking at it the wrong way

The first picture has been taken earlier. The second was taken yesterday
It's snowing heavily here, and I have pictures of the little demented snowmen I made last week. I can't be arsed to put pictures up of the big one, because it was too well sculpted to be funny. By the way, if the snows sets I will be making a few hundred of these snowmen and putting them all over my street.

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demented snowman.jpg
demented snowman2.jpg
Icy roads ftl...

...wait, no, not a road *facepalm*

(click for larger)
recent? in your area?
Recent, but in Scottish-land (Lothian).

I always said there was something in the water up there... never thought it was 406 estate, mind!
Snowing here at the moment....Great!
Had another smattering overnight, about 2-3 inches. Got a pyhsics exam this morning which I'll be fine getting in for but would have thought that quite a few people will struggle to make it in.
got half way to school and gave up. Sure if we had a 4x4 we could get but my mum's picanto stands no chance. It hardly got up a hill on the way back.
Snowing here too now.

School cancelled again. Biology exam tomorrow, and having missed (or not had...) around 4 Biology lessons, I consider my self screwed.
Didn't get any more snow, but the stuff that had melted has now frozen solid. Unpleasant.
Hole in the front bumper of my dads RS, Due to a manhole basically sticking out of the ground which we didnt see.
Got a few cm overnight, which of course has caused the usual London crap. So we have traffic doing 15mph on obviously-clear roads and total wheelspin chaos on the side roads that haven't been cleared by the traffic. It still makes me angry how useless people are even on this amount.

I've got a costume fitting this afternoon and a pitiful little covering of snow isn't going to stop me getting there.
got about 5 inches overnight. the previous snow hadn't melted at all so we now have just below knee hight snow (i'm 6 foot 2). Still snowing too and predicted to untill 4. Should be a fun day. Also driving to Basingstoke to the cinema later, Always intresting

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