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The Rfactor thread. (rF & rF2)
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85$ ??????????????????????????????

^ that is for lifetime? regular is much less. i wish icould find an open multiplayer server :/
lol wtf|!!!!
Have to say, I absolutely love the Clios! Had some great races in them, including one race starting 26th and ending up 3rd with fastest lap. I usually qualify in the top 4, so sometimes as a challenge I skip quali and start at the back.
i think i was in that race. i got flipped over :/
The sound bug is a bit annoying with the clios. Have they released a patch for it yet?
AFAIK they will patch it with the next build.
Apart from the sound bug those Clios are the best FWD''s I have driven until now. They're even better than Kunos Abarth IMO
Still haven't given the Clios a go (too busy with my lovely F2s) but maybe I'll get a chance to sometime soon... (probably not.. )
And it is epic in the Clio (and a beast in the 370) if you haven't tried it yet!

Nice little preview.
Quote from PMD9409 :
Nice little preview.

I did really saw Westhill on this gif?
You need your eyes checked sir.
Quote from baSh0r :Absolute Blast.

I can say the Clio is probably the closest car to reality that i've ever driven in a sim. Just amazed how intuitive it is.

That's because the tire model is the closest to reality that's available right now. Why people seem surprized by this I still don't get, this SIM is shaping up to be great. Patience will actually pay off over there considering the sim is based off of taking advantage of the community, and has a solid foundation already.

Quote from Si Mclaren :I did really saw Westhill on this gif?

Croft / Westhill
Quote from PMD9409 :You need your eyes checked sir.

He probably meant this one, reminds of Westhill a bit.
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A front straight with pits on the left?
Also the tire chicane thingy, looks very similar.
Sue them Eric. Someone stole some of your hard work.
The whole tarmac line segment on grass thingy looks kind of similar too
..and yet, so different, but it has been said Westhill is going to be updated. Maybe teh enviroment will become a bit more like croft; meaning less boring.

The Rfactor thread. (rF & rF2)
(431 posts, started )