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Second Car...
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Quote :Get an old Mini. Should be cheap to insure, easy to maintain and they're bags of fun, not to mention timelessly stylish.

Don't get one if you're especially tall, but I'm recommending one because I picture you as a shortarse.

a man who speaks sence
Quote from Jakg :Preface - I love my car to bits, and it's worth about £700. Passed it's MOT not long back, dependable and great to drive...

...but it's fudging expensive to run! It gets 34MPG and is insurance group 11, and I am paying for everything this year (i.e. when the insurance comes in - I'm paying for it).

I've just got a quote, and when I renew it (putting all the details in like 1 years NCB, Pass Plus etc) it'll be £900 for TPF&T - Which I can deal with (less than £85 a month)

I have also been trying to get quotes on other cars - so far i've just got a quote on a 106 Rallye from 1998, with the mods it's £1040 to insure, without it's £900 - the same price as my bloody Proton!

Open to suggestions here - needs to have more than 84hp, needs to be quicker to 60 than 12.4 seconds, needs to be reliable and cheapish to insure, and needs to be FUN Will add more when I think about it...

1 liter diahatsu charade.

extremely light and powerful even the 1.3 gti's can be picked up for around 800-1000 and even i can insure one ( only 150 more then my current banger... )

50-70 mpg depending how good a driver you are so they tick all the box's
#28 - Jakg
Oh it's fun, but it's quite thirsty, I love it to bits - but i'm just wondering why i'm spending the same on a Proton as a Rallye...
Pug 106 Rallye or a Fiat Cinquecento sporting
Yer go for a Rallye if it really doesn't cost much more. Doubt you could have much more fun for the price
the rallyes are great, but they like all 106's begin to understeer quite heavy past 80 mph.... if you can get her up that high....

arguably one of the best handling cars ever made.... by mistake
#32 - robt
go for a family car! Mitsi carisma 1.8 gdi, 40+ mpg, 125bhp, 0-60 sub 12 secs.
Or go classic and get a capri, my 2.0 capri does over 34mpg
#33 - AMB
Saxo VTR? or VTS.
#34 - robt
...and not crumple into a ball when he hits a stray carrier bag. Oh wait that rules out a 106 too then...
metro gti / 205 gti/ fiesta xr2i
Quote from pb32000 :...and not crumple into a ball when he hits a stray carrier bag. Oh wait that rules out a 106 too then...

What you on about? These are French cars. The bag'll punch a hole straight through the bodywork, through the engine block, and then delicately fold around the drivers leg.
I may have missed something but you seem to be defining better as faster?

p.s. The cd player with mp3 aux can be brought from Halfords for £40.
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Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am, Holden Monaro, Holden Commodore.

Or a pickup truck.

Or a bike. I know you've already got one but if you want something quick and fun, nothing beats a nice bike. Maybe S14 will sell you his.
Why do you need or want a faster car? You should have more than enough power there to have some fun and cruise quite competently down the motorway. A faster car will only get you into trouble and cost more to own and insure. A faster car will not provide greater entertainment on the road, most likely the total opposite and more powerful front wheel drive cars are going to provide little driving enjoyment even when you can let them loose.

If the Hyundai is boring then I would suggest you either aren't driving it properly or its fat and bloated and dynamically incompetent, probably a mixture of both which doesn't require more power.

I drive a Lada Riva, the reasons why you don't want one are well documented and too numerous to go into, but mostly based on misconceptions. It has got a few things going for it though, it is full of character and is certainly not a common site and it appeals to your sense of humour you can get a lot of car for the money. It cost me £350 for a mechanically sound, tidy car with only one spot of surface rust and only the odd easily rectifiable fault. Insurance was £450 third party with no NCB and 2 years of driving experience, tax is £120 a year (may be worth getting a pre-2001 car for tax brackets). Simple to work on, spare parts are cheap, very tough and it glides over rough roads without a fuss. Apart from being cheap, practical and reliable it also isn't as dynamically incompetent as it first appears with the correct wheels driven, five link rear suspension and a lovely gear change with no faffing about with long linkages it is a great hoot to drive it quickly and has lots of potential to become stupidly quick for what it is with well documented inexpensive modifications.

I'm not suggesting it's the right car for you but think about what you actually want and need from a car. Think about the practicalities of running it, it is easy to assume fuel bills and insurance are the major costs but they aren't necessarily, you've got to consider purchase/resale price, the likely running and servicing costs, will you do the work yourself? Also if you buy a pretty average recent car you could inadvertantely end up paying a fortune in tax. Think outside the box and whatever you do don't just aimlessly go for cars popular with young drivers, the more that drive and crash them the higher the insurance will be.
#41 - Jakg
I don't neccesarily want a faster car - but i don't want anything slower, but I would like something "different". My current car is very expensive to insure, and drinks fuel like Charles Kenedy drinks Whisky - I could run a big-ol' Volvo 460 for what my Wira costs.

The other issue with it is tax - it's 2002 and as such costs £210 a year for road tax (ouch).

Either way i'm not saying "oh i'll sell it" i'm just looking at my options (and in all honesty is my car suddenly blows up and will cost £1k to fix am i honestly gonna keep it or go for a Rallye? :P)
Quote from Forbin :Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am, Holden Monaro, Holden Commodore.

Or a pickup truck.

He said he wants a car that does more than 5 mpg I dont think a Mustang or a Monaro fits his criteria
I vouch for what AJP said about powerful FWD's =) A slow car is just as fun, especially since most corners are spaced far enough apart for you to reach the speed limit again anyways! And faster than that really isn't an option. The road surfaces are too bumpy and too many cars/animal life to really open anything up. The times I do actually open'er up I usually have problems skittering the fronts from being thrown around under the brakes. Nevermind no traction in 1st in the dry and sometimes 3rd in the wet... Just on the dry my fronts don't settle into the pavement until I am mostly through about 40-45MPH...

The thing is the car you have now, you know the history, you know that it's never been run through a plowed field and the undercarriage bent up or something else totally crazy. If your dad drove chances are he wasn't extermely hard on, at least nowhere near as hard a 17 year old kid! =)

If it honestly would cost that much to fix it's time you took your Dad's toolbox out and learned how to do a headgasket =) You would probably have to get the head planed, but even then it would be nowhere near what a garage will give you as an estimate.

£900 is peanuts for a first year driver and a great price, you won't find much less I don't think. Mine was £2,000 back in 02.

Check out what a neon insurance would be, they are insurance group 8. A 306 is 6 IIRC.
lol at the road tax especially when you consider our m reg dicovery 1 with a 3.9 litre v8 in it costs £195
#46 - Jakg
I would love an XRG (or perhaps an FXO) IRL...

XFG is just too... hatchey :P
lol i would love to get a car similar to one of the lfs cars and paint/graphic it to lok like one of the lfs skins, or even the ukct skin, now thats an idea
I'm lucky I don't live in the UK :P. I can insure a MR2 mkII through my dad for less than 500-600€/year tax
Well, insurance for young British males is high based on mountains of damning evidence of what shit drivers they are.

And yet they still want to buy faster cars and drive them like twats. Good luck Jakqui.
Something different - a Toyota Sera

Second Car...
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