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Moto GP skin
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Moto GP skin (XFR)
I did numerous searches for moto gp skins and did find some such as the rizla suzuki and such but noticed there was a lack of them.

So far iv seen alot of the old camel yamaha bike but iv not seen a skin yet for the fiat yamaha bike, so I decided to start with this one! Also doing the skins on the XFR being one of my favourite cars at the moment

At first it seemed pretty awkward at first as trying to fit a motorbike skin on a car is is pretty hard to replicate spot on so a bit of imagination is on hand Obviously I cant replicate it exactly but I can atleast show it

I also have a tendency to never finish skins so thought a bit of critique and ideas and opinions could help so far having a hard time of making the roof and back look less empty and more exciting

ps is there any way to edit the thread title?
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You should put logos on the "boot" and on the fender to make those areas look less empty. maybe you could also add more grey to the overall design.
Thanks for the input I have added some more to the skin, to be honest im not keen on the back and should probably change the roof maybe, what do you reckon? Also I cant believe I just realised that Valentino Rossi actually switched to bridgestone tyres the beginning of the season... Was so caught up at looking at the old more common reference material . oh well I may change that another day.

By the way would any one be so kind as to make a render of this if I posted the skin public?
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i could if you send me skinfile
Cheers, its not quite finished yet just experimenting some some different variations and colours. Keep checking back soon and I will post the skin file
Quote from BastianB :i could if you send me skinfile

Heres the skin! if you want it in a lower file size just ask. Please keep me updated on how it goes
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ok it is rendering now, i hope you like
here you go hope you like the render

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Could you do one from the front with that same angle and maybe with michelin tyres if its not any trouble?

That one looks amazing! Thank you!

I must learn how to do that
can´t render e front cause it is not has no lights
and what do you mean with michelin tires?
Well the skin has michelin advertisments on it and in the render it uses goodyear tyres . But just me being picky.

Either way im still extremly happy with the render you have made!!! its made my day! Thanks Again

Think I may post this skin in the completed section for people to have you wont mind if the render is occompanied by it do you? I will give credit where its due
no problems you can post it if you want
its a very nice skin btw

Moto GP skin
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