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sign me up, sounds like fun

also sign up kickasskyle (my bro)
Quote from haz :I'd be tempted to come, how well do you all know each other? Just wondering cause I know no-one at all!

Don't worry mate, lots don't know eachother (yet). We are a friendly bunch so you will be fine
I'm gonna see if a couple of our team wanna make it down there, I know at least 3 of us are keen racers!
Excellent! Also we hope the price will come down as well, which is always good news
Hi folks,

I got permission from the wife to go ( ) I will be coming via Dover, so if anyone needs a ride and you live along the route from Dover, drop me a message.

You have about 7 months to think about it!
i might even make this one myself

it'll give me an excuse to use our wonderfull subsidised assembly members transport system also known as the anglesey to cardiff air service. if you can confirm dates before the cheap seats go its better value than driving for one
I've had what I hope is the first of two positive changes in financial circumstances and hope that I will be able to attend, but cannot put my name down yet.

/me wonders if we should have a sub forum for all these meeting threads !
I'm interested, however I'll have to find out how much a train to Wales costs...

£100 for a LOT of karting sound pretty good value!
Put me has a 50/50, work conditions have changed (Promotion, more money, more responsability) but it means that bascialy my works diary for 2009 is filling up rapidily with farm vists, meeting with customers and potential new suppliers vists (from Feb I'm in the office for only 2 days)

If the date works out for me, I'll definately make it, loved the toon event and the crack was good.
very very interested.

i hope in the next week to say yay or nay, so please pencil me in.
Quote from anttt69 :This event looks very promising. I have a few ideas to put forward that I hope will greatly increase the fun factor of the go-karting. (& afterwards)

Seems that you are going to hire the track for a whole day, why not run two events on that day. It seems a waste just to run one, long & possibly boring enduro. How about a Grand Prix style event in the morning, heat racing every man for himself type of thing. Then a team enduro event in the afternoon?

Also what would be the general concensous on a 5 a side torny &/or a tug o war competition for afters?

+1 for May/June as the British summer is so completely screwed these days, also we wont have to wait as long for it to come around.


the guy is doing his hardest to set this up......if you dont like what you see, then do your own weekend........
Quote from mr grady :plzzzzzzzzz

the guy is doing his hardest to set this up......if you dont like what you see, then do your own weekend........

That was hardly a criticising comment. I like his ideas. I'll bring my iron underpants for some extra leverage in any tug-o-war.
Quote from Bob Smith :That was hardly a criticising comment. I like his ideas. I'll bring my iron underpants for some extra leverage in any tug-o-war.

sorry if i saounded a bit harsh.

i know how hard it is to run something, and having everyone wanting their say in it.
Quote from haz :I'd be tempted to come, how well do you all know each other? Just wondering cause I know no-one at all!

I went this year without knowing a single person and I had a great time!
I'm interested, sign me up pls. (starts saving now, hmm maybe as a christmas/Bday pressy)
Sorry for the big bump, but i was about to start a 2009 karting thread and this one popped up. I would love to be involved and wish to throw my name into consideration, if there is still any free spaces that is. Despite the bit after 'dan' in my user name, i can race without contact, just to put your minds at rest.
No worries, there should be space left. Now the New year is out of the way we will hopefully get moving on this
Down to Llandow then! I think i roughly remember the way form a few years ago, although i wasnt driving as i was too young. The Autograss (Grass-track) Nationals were held at llandow in about '97 which i went to so i think i could find it again.
#94 - CSF
Still very much interested... only problem would be bloody train.

(And getting home again, as I'm sure I would live up to my reputation amongst SR members, get wasted and not remember much... )
I'm (hopefully) going to England to buy a car next summer, if by some stroke of luck this coincides with the weekend I go over (if I can, I'll pick the same weekend), count me in. Otherwise it's unlikely at the moment
When ive got time at that date i should be there with a few mates. Coz we're planing a road-trip with our bikes to Wales this summer
Sorry for the bump but......

Having just shelled out £200 plus for tickets at the up coming NFL game down in London village, then add on travel and hotels it's going to be a for the money. However if it's at least a month before the game I should still be ok, just that I may be a bit poor for the event and not so willing to buy the drinks this time around (no change then )
I think I'm interested. Depending on date, obviously.
We haven't forgotten about this, but are working hard on it.

First the bad news

We were hoping to get a track for the whole day at LLandow, which is a great track but this has turned out not to be possible. After agreeing to do this back in September, and asking us to come back after Christmas, they have gone back completely on the deal, even though we have email evidence saying they would do it. They even have refused to let us to 2 endurance races, and basically are being completely uncooperative with us. They also want to charge us full price (£70) for not alot of track time, so we have no choice but to drop this venue...

Now the good news

I have a karting centre much closer to my house and they have been extremley receptive to us in my initial contact with them. The track is quite small, but still outdoor, but not as good as the Llandow one. But there are lots of advantages...

They are willing to let us have the whole track for the whole day, and charge us a flat fee, which will mean it could work out quite cheap, depending on the numbers, and even if the numbers are not that big, it will just mean more track time for each of us for a decent price. Also, we can run any format we like, like heats, grand prix's, endurance, anything we come up with. The only thing missing is they have no live timing there, but they do keep track of laps manually.

Also, as I mentioned the track is very close to my house. So this solves another issue we would have had at LLandow, accomodation. For those who want to stay at mine, you are welcome. You can even pitch up tents in my garden if you want, I have plenty of space. I could probably accomodate around 20 in my house, you would just need to bring a sleeping bag... and more if you brought tents. Also we can have a proper party type thing after the karting. I have a Full size pool table, Wii, lots of PC's (with LFS of course), projector and of course there will be plenty of beer and a BBQ.. I will even set up a Gazeebo thingy outside, so it should be good fun

For those not wanting to stay at mine, there are plenty of cheap hotels close to the karting.

Overall, I think this could turn out for the better, and it should certainly be MUCH cheaper than all the other kart meets we have been to, as the karting price will be about the same (or less) for MUCH more track time, and the accommodation is free....

I am going to hopefully sort out the details on Monday, and will get back to you all then.
whereabouts do you live?

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