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LFS goes TV once more
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LFS goes TV once more
German TV-station GIGA will have one hour of pure LFS racing tonight from 19 cet (18 GMT) on. There will be a review of the ESL EPS Relegation of last week, and one race will be shown. I personally hope, that they continue broadcasting some more of those leagueraces, so we might get our weekly LFS hour @ TV

You can watch it either via satellite or via LIVE-stream:


Astra digital 19.2 ° Ost
Transponder: 103
Freq: 12.460,5 MHz
Pol: H
Symb: 27.500
FEC: 3/4

Have Fun!
I need some entertainment tonight Can we expect to see you Vykos?
anyone know if you can tune that station into your sky digibox?
damn... it will be 1500 here in brazil, so no show for me (and what makes it tougher is that i'm on dial up at the office).

Anyway, enjoy guys.
Quote from nikimere :anyone know if you can tune that station into your sky digibox?

Dunno, but I'm gonna try tonight... I'll let you know if I manage it.
Quote from MrGrumpy :Dunno, but I'm gonna try tonight... I'll let you know if I manage it.

nice one
#7 - ORION
Vykos, great Job as usual

Im wondering if there will be the whole thing as a file to download, again.
is there any live german->to->english websites out there?
#9 - ORION
I guess it's rather impossible to parse the sound and translate it, you`ll need a human for that.
Would anyone be able to capture this and post a torrent for those of us who can't watch it live?
live now

I haven't the slightest idea of what they are speaking about

German is hard to understand for me
Quote from KiDCoDEa :live now


link is not complete, use:


Nice so far
Was really a pleasure to watch this! Well done Vykos, convincing and bright comments, you got precisely to the points that make this game so thrilling and special...
#16 - SamH
My friends and I watched the stream from beginning to end. Being Brits, we didn't understand a bloody word of it. BUT.. adding to the stream count, we are hoping GIGA will notice an interest revolving around the LFS slot

It did look like a good and positive promo for LFS.. we caught the occasional sentence with English sounding words in. I think "physics" got a mention, so we kinda gathered the general content. Brits suck at being European, by and large. The sea is not the only thing that separates us.
thanks Vykos (again) for a great evening in front of the box!!

great show!!!

please consider enabling 'names over cars' next time for even better spectating!
.avi, anyone? Didn't have time to watch that stream.
Quote from nikimere :nice one

Sorry, I had a problem at work, so didn't get home until way after it finished. I will still have a go at finding the channel for future runs though.

LFS goes TV once more
(19 posts, started )