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Nice. But be careful with skinning the side of some cars. All the decals and mainly noticable the numberplate on the side looks stretched. To fix that, decrease the horizontal size of the logos and stuff on the side. Its just better. And I bet you, as a professional artist doesnt want that effect.
Just a small tip for future projects.

read more here: ... lay&thread=1135206271
Thanks for comment Anathema. I like it.

But this effects I see when I was view on LFS viewer but I liked this effect and don't change it.

For future I will loock this things. Thanks.

"Loock at my english" "for learn".
I guess i semi modeled this skin off on of the Gumball Lambo's, i took some creative liceness and added my touch and well i came to this conclusion.

Im wondering if i should add a number on it though i suck at numbers and was also wondering whether to make it public or not.

Oh well all advice welcomed
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Gumball semi lambo.jpg
Nice, Gumball schemes fit good on the RAc (made one myself once)
Lfs forum skin. Yes, i was really bored.
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haha nice i like the idea with the screens on the car
My first try skinning this car, a pepsodent livery .

Remove 1024 from filename, don't uploaded to LFSW
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looks pretty good, clean and simple
Based on the Peugeot 905 from the early 90s...
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ohhhhh, i like it alot, it's already in my skins folder
Yeah very nice!...

*wishes LFS had WSPC cars (Sports cars) *
Rac F-35
Here's the product of my afternoon in front of the computer Thanks beefy for the render
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wo really like this one
Links dont work for me, can you please post the skin as attachments, or on photobucket?
cant you just post the skins on photobucket or something like that?
I made a simple skin based on an AC Cobra.

It's utter tripe.

Skin might still be uploaded to LFSworld, remove 1024 from filename before use if you're a low-res peasant.

P.S. There's not much RAC love. No surprise.
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nice skin i like it.

but the car must be magic or something it has no shadow?
All cobras are magic. Did you not know?

Nah, I turned shadows off for better FPS

RA Skins
(334 posts, started )