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FORMULA Skins (XR & V8)
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FOX Skin team KTM
With this skin the car looks better, because I think the car with the standard skin is quite ugly. Hope you like it

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F08 - F1 2013 Ferrari
Just finished ferrari skin for the 2013 f1 season.
Hope u like it!

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Ferrari F138 2013 F1
Another F138 skin for the Formula V8. I made it as exact as possible. Hope you enjoy it

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damn thats sexy
Here is the FOX skin:
Pic 1
Pic 2
Forgot to tell you guys to save the FO8 skin under FO8_E21
Toleman TG185 replica for Formula V8 car.

As I said that I'm working on new skins, I just finished Toleman TG185 car skin for Formula V8 car.

I hope you like it. Enjoy!

- Justinik
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FO8 TG185 preview.JPG
FOX F1 Aryton Senna Mclaren
I've just finished this MP4/6 Mclaren F1 car.

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F08 Lotus E21

Pic 1
Skin - uploaded with name FO8_LotusE21

Some fixes made to F1 maniac's skin -- stars and lotus logo stretched to fit good in game. Also letters "Clear" and "Renault" logos in the top of the car changed a bit.

Big thanks to F1 maniac for the skin and for the permission to edit it. Keep it up man.
uhm.. Wut O.o No point of them chages....
Quote from F1 mainiac :uhm.. Wut O.o No point of them chages....

I forgot to say that stars and, most important, Lotus logo was stretched and I fixed it. And stuff on the back doesn't look any worse (and it looks better for me)

1920x1200 render
F1 2013 Force India VJM06
A Force India 2013 replica.

Download 4096x4096

yes I should really go to bed now
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Ferrari Skins 1997 and 2001
Skins made by MrRigu98

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FO8_Ferrari 310B.jpg
FO8_Ferrari F2001.jpg
Oh how so little things change in so much time.
Who have Mclaren Honda Marlboro - 90th A.Senna for FO8 ?? post here please

Very nice skin!
Hi guys, does anyone have any Indycar skins? Preferably for the F08
Another Formula Renault....

This time the prototype livery for the Formula Renault 2.0, it's not perfect as the newer car is very different shapewise to the formula XR, but I hope I got reasonably close.

DOWNLOAD (4096x)
(Uploaded to LFSW, FOX_Formulareno)
can i haz mouse?
Quote from Gobby :Updated my F1 skinpack. Mainly Jordan but also Williams and McLaren are updated. [EDIT] Minardi also updated, haven't updated the preview pic. ... ex.php?act=view&id=30

Thanks to every1 who has used/commented on/thanked me for these skins.
Sorry to any1 who are now sick of seeing FO8s in F1 liveries.


p.s 1mb upload limit on forum sux Wink

i cant download your skin pack for someone reason

FORMULA Skins (XR & V8)
(1422 posts, started )