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movie: teh CARL is BACK in LFS S2!
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Quote from XCNuse :didnt the second one have traffic though?

Maybe, I don't remember it very well ( sorry DoN ) but with S2 traffic can be quite good because of max 22 players.
that was a brilliant movie. i for one, want to see more
#53 - JJ72
Geez...I want to join a traffic crusing room like that if there's one.
Fantastic movie..!!! LFS is doing mirracles in peoples imagination!!
Quote from Misko :But... only after watcing it the 3rd time I noticed you all drive on the right side in the English town of South City and measure speed in kph.

Ah sorry, silly me, its alright. It must have been the Škoda that made me forgot what happened before.
To be honest I didn't expect much from this sequel, without doubt it exceeded my expectations, good job Don. :up:
that was really entertaining, but it ended too soon.
we want more~ :P
Yeah, a biiger video next time...and more funny!

That skoda.....argh!
Very good, loved it!
Nice movie DoN.
Yeah, Brill movie well done!
Nice movie! I like it, although it's getting a bit boring when the police is in persuit. But for the rest it's cool.
It's definately very nice! I did really enjoy it..

Links to the "older" Carl movies..

1. CARL - the movie


3. CARL - the sequel

4. Teh Carl vs F&F ricers.
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thanks for the links Mikkel, much appreciate it!
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Oh, teh Carl is back

Oki, gonna check it out
Big up, DoN

€: godlike but maybe the end comes too suddenly ^^
i still remember the old ones from s1, looking forward to this one
What do i need to do to view this vid. my media player comes up and i hear thats going on but, i cant see it.
install the newest DivX codec on your system and it will work
#69 - SamH
That's bucking frilliant!!
Grrrrr, 71 posts about these movies, I want to watch them!!!! Is there anywhere else to download them as for some reason LFSMovies Pits doesn't work at work where I have a fast connectison. At home I'm on dialup so it would probably take me a month to download them. I get a "can't find server" error anytime I try to DL from the Movies Pits at work.
wuouw :bowdown: absolutly fantastic.
Quote from VorTeX3k :install the newest DivX codec on your system and it will work

Where would i get it and how do i install it?
Alright, my other PC in my office was able to DL them from the Movies Pits. Watched the first 2 on lunch, really enjoyed them. Nice work there. I'll DL the other 2 plus the new one tomorrow morning and watch them at lunch tomorrow.

Great movies!
uuhm just one q misterX.... Why tha heck did u use a swedish police radio in original and the sequel? Just wondering because the "radio" is about a black and a red car streetracing in stockholm

movie: teh CARL is BACK in LFS S2!
(138 posts, started )