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It helps a lot if people post their version of Flash here. Otherwise there's little I can do or say about it.

and the first thing to do when it doesn't work is a ctrl-f5 to make sure you download the latest swf file.

EDIT: Also does the same with 10,0,1,218 Pre-release though.
ok odd, i have that version too and have no problems.

care to post the url of the remote when you get that error?
right, what I thought, .com

i've now allowed the domain to be used with the remote, so it should work now.
Sorry for being such a retard Vic and using an obscure domain.
Mine is fixed, because like I said before, Im a moronic, drooling half-wit.
I forgot I was @ university and the eduroam network had most problably the ports closed.

Anyhoww - that error is created when you cannot open a socket to connect to the insimrelay.

Victor - any chance of using a http port? so it goes under the radar for business firewalls?
Hi. The spectator password cannot be provided in a link.
Thanks Victor
Sorry for bump, but remote download (for Win) from is outdated and wheni I run it keeps on telling me to download the latest one, which turns out to be outdated as well.......and so on........

Nothing vital anyway...
hmmm, well I've just updated the file to be sure, but it appears (my) firefox is a bit too happily caching things, because when i download it with firefox, it still saves the previous version. If I test the download with another browser I do get the new file.
So if you keep having the same problem now, please try the download with another browser. The new version definitely is there now though.
In fact I use FireFox

Downloaded with IE, and problems are disappeared...never thought I'd say something like that !!
Is it only me that stupid that I can't click'n' join server or you do have the similar problem too guys?

When I want to join server, it in 97% ask admin password or not connect /nothing happen at all. I joined server 2 times, then I was not that successful.
Can you guys help me a bit? It seems that I can't "click" properly :-/
Refresh button does nothing. Nothing = clears hosts and that's all. No updates, no refreshed views.

Chromium (Ubuntu build 29114)
Firefox 3.5.5pre (shiretoko) (seems that it works by random :-/ )
is Live For Speed "Remote" dead ?
it is very very usefull to follow our team-mate in Enduro racing for example !

so what happens with Remote ?
is it dead cause the new LFS version ?
will it back in future ?

@Scawen :-)

LFS Remote
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